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2007 WBC Report  

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Rob Winslow, NY

2007 Champion

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Event History
2006    David Burkey     104
2007     Rob Winslow     116


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Rob Winslow, Rob   NY    07     20
  2.  David Burkey       PA    06     20
  3.  Nick Page          ON    07     12
  4.  Jay Fox            NJ    06     12
  5.  Jordan Flawd       PA    07      8
  6.  Legend Dan Hoffman MD    06      8
  7.  Lance Fogel        PA    07      6
  8.  Steve Cameron      PA    06      6
  9.  Patrick Shea       VA    07      4
 10.  Matthew Amitrano   VA    06      4
 11.  Nate Hoam          OH    07      2
 12.  David Fritsch      VA    06      2

2007 Laurelists

Nick Page, ON

Jordan Flawd, PA

Lance Fogel, PA

Patrick Shea, VA

Nate Hoam, OH

Past Champions

David Burkey, PA

The McCullochs, Lisa Gutermuth and Chris Entwistle seem to be having fun.

There seem to be a lot of people who Can't Stop.

Who has a game?

After a triple-digit turnout in 2006 took us by surprise, we were better prepared this year.  We brought eight copies of the game this year, but even that wasn't enough since even more people showed up this year without copies.  The line to sign up looked like it might never end, but after a mild case of writers cramp, we were off and running.
Just as last year, we used "Slapshot seating".  Sit with friends or join a group with less than four players and start rolling dice.  We also had people start right away instead of waiting for over 100 players to enroll.  Even with all our copies, there were not enough games for everyone.  But by getting some boards started right away in order to use them again, we cut the tournament time from three hours to two.
Fortunately, the game only takes about 20 minutes and is very easy to learn or we would have had to turn away many of those without copies.  But with such a huge crowd and a shortage of games, we still had some groups waiting for games to become available. While the Parker Brothers version is long out of print, Fantasy Flight has reprinted this Sid Sackson design and you can pick it up pretty cheaply.  It is a fun filler game, so anyone with a copy, please bring it next year.  Thanks to those who brought their own copies to enable themselves and others to play.
When all the shouting, laughter and dice rolling was done, former wargamer Rob Winslow came away with the coveted wood.  I say former, because Rob had an epiphany while refusing to stop rolling dice as he went for the win.  He used to think games like Wilderness War took lots of skill.  But Rob realized his true calling was rolling dice in Can't Stop!  He vowed to practice all year and dared anyone to stop him from defending his title next year.

 GM      Jeff Mullet (1st Year)  NA  
    NA   NA

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