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2007 WBC Report  

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Matthew O'Connor

2007 Champion

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Event History
2005    Mark McLaughlin     14
2006    Ted Drozd     26
2007     Matthew O'Connor     24


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Ted Drozd          IL    07     36
  2.  Matthew O'Conner   NJ    07     28
  3.  Jesser Boomer      KS    06     12
  4.  Mark McLaughlin    CT    05     10
  5.  Pat Mirk           FL    07      8
  6.  Scott Sirianna     NY    07      6
  7.  David Rohde        NC    06      6
  8.  Barry Smith        NY    05      6
  9.  Philip Yaure       PA    07      6
 10.  Stan Hilinski      MD    07      4
 11.  Brian Smith        NY    05      3
 12.  Dennis Culhane     PA    06      2
 13.  Mike Nagel         NJ    05      2
 14.  Matt Daly          NY    05      1

2007 Laurelists

Ted Drozd, IL

Pat Mirk, FL

Scott Sirianna, NY

Stan Hilinski, MD

Phillip Yaure, PA

Past Winners

Mark McLaughlin, CT

Ted Drozd, IL

It was a different event this year as we ran two heats and the winner of each played for the championship. Players were allowed to play in both heats if they wanted. We hope to tweak this system a bit next year for the tournament as the format led to some close games and a challenging tournament. The tournament numbers were down just slightly from the previous year so it appears we have a core audience on which we hope to build.

A game of special note was played in the first heat, first round with the two designers facing off in Bunker Hill. Grant took his time aligning his British forces before beginning his assault on Bunker Hill. An early breakthrough of the American militia lead to Grant rolling up Mike's American line. Some timely advice from Stan Hilinski would aid Mike greatly as he fell back before Grant's rapidly advancing forces. During the assault Grant lost both of his commanders knocking his action points down by 2, greatly limiting his maneuverability. Grant Wylie would lose a nail biter as the British player when both of his commanders were killed after he had broken the Bunker Hill position and was preparing to roll up the American line.

The tournament's winner was Matthew O' Connor; the 2006 third place laurelist. Ted Drozd, the defending champ, would finish second. Ted is definitely a dominant player with a 1st and two 2nds in our three-year history. Several players of special note who had great battles in the game were Scott Sirianna, Gordon Stewart, Stan Hilinski, Pat Mirk, John Poniske, and Barry Smith.

The tournament opened with Bunker Hill in the first heat where the British were dominant in every battle. In the second heat, scenarios were substituted and Brandywine was used and came down to the final turns before a champion would be decided. Matt would win the final tournament game of Cowpens decisively to finish this year's tournament. Bunker Hill, Oriskany, Saratoga, Brandywine, and Guilford all saw action and played a hand in determining the eventual winner.

 GM      Matt Burchfield [2nd year]   NA   NA

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