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2007 WBC Report  

 2008 Status: pending 2008 GM commitment

Bob Heinzmann, FL

2007 Champion

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Event History
2007    Bob Heinzmann      48


 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Bob Heinzmann      FL    07     40
   2.  David desJardins   CA    07     24
   3.  Chris Storzillo    NJ    07     16
   4.  Ray Stakenas       MI    07     12
   5.  Bruce Young        SC    07      8
   6.  Dennis Nicholson   NY    07      4

2007 Laurelists

David desJardins, CA

Chris Storzillo, NJ

Ray Stakenas, MI

Bruce Young, SC

Dennis Nicholson, NY


Ray Stakenas seems to be enjoying his foray into CBC

The event was the largest for a new wargame that was not a CDW in many years.

Balanced and Clear ...

Combat Commander was a big hit in its inaugural showing at WBC, drawing 48 players who competed over a Mulligan (win and advance but no problem if you lose) round and six Single Elimination (one loss and you're out) rounds. Overall, 50 games were played. Here are some fast facts and highlights:

First, the event format allowed players to play any scenario they chose if both agreed, with defaults if they could not agree. With that, here is the breakdown of Scenarios played and Won-Loss:

Scenario 1: Played 16 times, Axis 8 Allies 8

Scenario 2: Played 6 times, Axis 3 Allies 3

Scenario 3: Played 20 times, Axis 11 Allies 9

Scenario 5: Played 1 time, Axis 0 Allies 1

Scenario 6: Played 2 times, Axis 1 Allies 1

Scenario 7: Played 1 time, Axis 1 Allies 0

Scenario 12: Played 3 times, Axis 0 Allies 3

Generator: Played 1 time, Axis 1 Alies 0

Rather more even than I thought.

Second, in order to even out rounds, an eliminator was used instead of awarding byes. Basically the odd player had to defeat the eliminator to advance. Eliminator duties were split between a close friend of mine and myself. As it turned out, those who played me effectively got practise and a bye, as I lost every time (oh well).

Third, this was a big test of the tightness of the rules as we had a lot of games played by a large field of players. I am happy to report that not one rules question got posed that was not quickly answerable by direct reference to the rulebook. Hat's off to Chad and to John Foley on quite possibly the tightest set of wargame rules out there.

The games themselves were quite entertaining, and in fact in the semi-finals we had a hilarious (and very sportsmanlike) event. The scenario had just ended via sudden death, with David DesJardins the winner. David also held the initiative. He surrendered the initiative to allow his opponent to reroll the Sudden Death roll (funny and sportsmanlike). The new roll had the same result, putting David into the Final versus Bob Heinzmann.

Ultimately, Bob took first place and David took second. That meant Bob got the Combat! Season One DVD set and David got the Cross of Iron DVDs I added as extra prizes.

Even now a group consisting of myself, my assistant GMs and other players are reviewing the results and looking for ways to tweak the format for 2008 to result in an even better event. If you want to get in on the process we are in the Combat Commander folder on ConsimWorld.

 GM      Joel Tamburo [1st Year]  NA   NA

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