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2007 WBC Report  

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Marc Beauregard, QC

2007 Champion

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Event History
2006    Chris Czyrca     13
2007    Marc Beauregard     19


 Rank Name               From  Last  Total
   1. Marc Beauregard     QC    07     20
   2. Chris Czyrca        MD    07     18
   3. Andrew Fedin        PA    07     12
   4. Fred Gosnell        VA    07      8
   5. Evan Seary          NY    06      6
   6. Bruno Passacantando CT    07      4
   7. Frank Cunliffe      PA    06      4
   8. Sean Druelinger     MD    06      3
   9. George Deutsch      MD    07      2
  10. Tom Pavy            OH    06      1

2007 Laurelists

Andrew Fedin, PA

Chris Czyryca, PA

Fred Gosnell, VA

Bruno Passacantando, CT

George Deutsch, MD



 BPA treasurer Buno Passacantando (left) finds time to sink a few ships en route to 5th place laurels.

 Andrew Fedin (left) faces off in the final round. Unlike most "shoot the leader" naval games, this event pairs off players in head-to-head matches.

Big Fish in a Small Pond

Battlegroup™ was expanded to four qualifying heats this year. Fred Gosnell qualified in the first heat, turning in three straight wins. Marc Baeuregard qualified in the second heat with two wins and a loss to the designer, Jeff Billings. Chris Czyryca, the 2006 champion, qualified in the third heat. At this point all three finalists were expert players but Battlegroup™ is easy to learn and capricious and the fourth heat was won by a player new to the game, Andrew Fedin. Positions 5 and 6 on the leader board went to Bruno Passacantando and George Deutsch, who had the best non-qualifying scores.

The semi-finals were full games requiring the extra skills of fleet management and target selection in early rounds to eliminate capable enemy ships such as the Yamato and the Essex. At the end of the semi-finals Fred Gosnell and Chris Czyryca had been eliminated. Although both players kept it close, Fred's dice deserted him against Andrew and Marc survived a perfectly timed airstrike by Chris to narrowly end the former champion's title defense.

The Final opened with Marc Baeuregard playing the Allies vs Andrew Fedin's Axis. Marc opened with a night base raid that sank the Ise and the Kirishima. Andrew responded with an air strike that took out the Lexington. With Marc still refitting his forces, Andrew successfully launched a night invasion sortie and sank the Texas and the Maryland. Now in serious trouble, Marc chanced a submarine attack on Zuikaku and sank the big carrier . From then on both players were looking for any advantage they could get with Marc sinking the Soryu and Hiryu, seriously denting the Axis carrier capability. Andrew sank the Nelson, Hermes and King George V in a series of counter punches. Finally Marc knowing he was behind, made a last minute night sortie against the Japanese battleship Yamashiro and sank same. The score for Round 1 was 60 to 57 with Marc snatching the win.

The second round saw Andrew shift his target selection with devastating effect. Neither side was able to win any sorties, the round slid into an attrition fight that Andrew won. Marc sank the Haruna, Conte di Cavour, Caio Dulio, Guilo Cesare and the aircraft carrier Kaga. Andrew sank the Hornet, Hood, Bearn, Washington and the Enterprise. It was a bad week for the US Fleet. With the match tied at one win each, the championship was coming down to the last hand.

Marc opened the third hand with a day convoy sortie that quickly sank the Roma and the Zuiho. Andrew managed to sink the Bretagne in the exchange. From that point on Marc began to dominate the daylight sorties with precision airstrikes from his remaining big carriers. Over the course of the game Marc sank the Andrea Doria, Mutsu, Shokaku, Nagato and Littorio. Andrew picked off the Alabama during a night sortie and the Mississippi and Warspite. But in the end it was Marc gaining control of the air that was the source of Andrew's demise

 GM      Jeff Billings  [2nd Year]   NA   NA

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