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2007 WBC Report  

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Bruce Reiff, OH

2007 Champion

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Event History
2001    Peter Staab     54
2002    Kevin Youells     36
2003    Ken Gutermuth     44
2004     Arthur Field     44
2005     Arthur Field     48 
2006     Thomas Browne     52
2007    Bruce Reiff     40


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Arthur Field       SC    05     40
  2.  Aaron Fuegi        MA    06     38
  3.  Ken Gutermuth      TX    05     36
  4.  Bruce Reiff        OH    07     35
  5.  Kevin Youells      FL    02     30
  6.  Peter Staab        PA    01     30
  7.  Sean McCulloch     OH    07     24
  8.  Thomas Browne      PA    06     20
  9.  Barrington Beavis  UK    03     18
 10.  Jonathan Miller    DC    02     18
 11.  John Leggat        CA    01     18
 12.  James Tyne         NJ    07     18
 13.  Bill Banks         KY    07     12
 14.  Mike Nagel         NJ    05     12
 15.  Andrew Cummins     UK    01     12
 16.  Cliff Ackman       PA    01      9
 17.  Greg Kulp          NJ    07      8
 18.  Keith Schoose      CA    05      8
 19.  Jason Levine       NY    04      8
 20.  Andy Latto         MA    06      6
 21.  Richard Irving     CA    04      6
 22.  Carol Caler        PA    03      6
 23.  Kaarin Engelmann   VA    01      6
 24.  Brad Raszewski     MD    07      4
 25.  Alan Kaiser        OH    06      4
 26.  Stuart Tucker      MD    04      4
 27.  Lance Fogel        PA    03      3
 28.  Gordon Elgart      CA    01      3
 29.  Mike Stanley       OH    06      2
 30.  Tom Powell-Bullock OH    05      2
 31.  Laurie Wojtaszcyk  NY    04      2

2007 Laurelists

Bill Banks, KY

Greg Kulp, NJ

James Tyne, NJ

Brad Raszewski, MD

Sean McCulloch, OH

Past Winners

Peter Staab, PA

Kevin Youells, FL

Ken Gutermuth, TX

Arthur Field, SC
2004, 2005

Tom Browne, PA

Steve Caler plays Megan Byrd while Ron Fedin falls to Bill Banks in Pod #2.

Board members Reiff and Gutermuth face Steve Razewski and Eric Kleitz in pod #3

It's all Nate's Fault!

The 2007 tournament had 40 participants which gave us an even ten 4-player pods. The tournament uses a unique format where you are put into a group of four and you play everyone in your group. Everyone is guaranteed three games.

In group #1 Sean McCulloch went 3-0 over former champ Kevin Youells, asst. convention director Kaarin Engelman and world traveler Barrington Beavis.

Group #2 saw Bill Banks win all of his games via breakthrough to advance over Ron Fedin, Steve Caler and Megan Byrd.

Your humble GM went 3-0 in group #3 to defeat Ken Gutermuth, Steve Razewski and Eric Kleist. My win over former champ Ken was a very satisfying breakthrough ... he he.

Lisa Kleist became the first of our six lady contestants to advance by going 2-1 over Jim Garvey. Suzanne Tuch and Rick Byrens were both 1-2.

Brad Raszewski swept his games by breakthrough in group #5. His victims were Dan Henry, Stephen Buonocore and Steve Cuccaro.

Group #6 was won by Jeremy Billones with a 2-1 record over Carol Caler, Andrew Fedin and Stephen Squibb.

Kate Taillon became the second female to advance and padded her resume at the expense of group #7 with wins over Mathew Beach, Austin Walzl and Andy Latto.

James Tyne, defending runner-up, cruised through group #8 without incident over Bram Walzl, Nick Paige and Marvin Birnbaum. Former Caesar Marvin LOST all three of his games via breaktrhu in what was generally a bad year for former Caesars. Hail Caesar!!!

Group #9 was taken by Greg Kulp's conquest of Henry Jones, Charles Squibb, and Jay Roake.

And in our last group, Lyle Wenger won all three of his games via breakthrough over Bert Shoose, Lin Sun and Matt Calkins. Bert, who may have dreams of Caesar himself this year, pulled an 0-fer.

The brackets were set and since there were no former champs all byes went to the 3-0 winners. James Tyne and I were the two 3-0 players who didn't get a bye. In the play-in round James defeated Lisa Kleist and I, shockingly beat Jeremy Billones. Why shockingly? Every year since the format of this event was changed to the pod system I've managed to win my pod. The downside is I've always managed to lose in the single elim portion of the event. Usually in the first round.

That set up the quarter-finals. The first game was James Tyne vs Kate Taillon. With the win by James, South Carolina's chance for a Battleline plaque were gone. Bill Banks continued his breakthrough streak by taking #4 over the prostate Sean McCulloch. Greg Kulp took out Lyle Wenger. I was facing Brad Raszewski who knocked me out of the tournament two years ago. he had me on the ropes again, but I managed to pull out a late win to make the semis. I was sure to lose soon.

In the first semi-final Bill Banks continued his march to the Final defeating 2006 runner-up James Tyne while I ended Greg Kulp's dreams of glory. One step from the elusive first plaque of 2007. I'd already finished second in San Juan, Medici and Attika at this point, so my confidence was low. But then something strange happened. Nate Hoam who had wandered in wished me luck, rather than what Don Greenwood, Ken Gutermuth and the rest of the Cabbies had been doing. It invigorated me.

So the Final started and I looked at my hand and my highest card was a 5. I was in trouble. Bill proceeded to pound out three quick flags and had me on the ropes. He had two more he was probably going to win. It was ugly. So I went into desperation mode and went for the breakthrough. With a combination of good luck and good tactics cards I pulled out the breakthrough with Bill at four flags for my first WBC Battleline plaque. That makes 36 in all - but whose counting? Oh yeah, me!

 GM      Bruce Reiff  [4th Year]  NA   NA

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