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2007 WBC Report  

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Jon Lockwood, VA

2007 Champion

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Event History
1993    Bruce Reiff        8
1994    Ken Gutermuth      32
1995    Bruce Reiff      28
1996    Bruce Monnin      32
1997    Ken Gutermuth      16
1998    Cliff Ackman      28
1999    George Sauer     26
2000    Kevin Wojtaszczyk     39
2001    Arthur Field     34
2002    Bruce Reiff     40
2003    David Brooks     44
2004    Ray Stakenas II     42
2005     James Tyne     36
2006    Bruce Reiff     30
2007     Jon Lockwood     33


 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Bruce Reiff        OH    07     70
   2.  Arthur Field       SC    04     38
   3.  George Sauer       OH    06     34
   4.  Jon Lockwood       VA    07     22
   5.  James Tyne         OH    05     20
   6.  Ray Stakenas II    MI    04     20
   7.  Andy Gardner       VA    04     20
   8.  David Brooks       TN    03     20
   9.  Kevin Wojtaszczyk  NY    02     20
  10.  Jeff Mullet        OH    05     18
  11.  Andy Joy           MD    07     16
  12.  Luke Koleszar      VA    99     14
  13.  John Schoose       IL    07     12
  14.  Nate Hoam          OH    06     12
  15.  Davyd Field        SC    04     12
  16.  Doug Galullo       FL    05     12
  17.  Lisa Gutermuth     TX    03     12
  18.  Mary Kratz         ID    00     12
  19.  Steve Cuccaro      MD    99     12
  20.  Tom Browne         PA    07     10
  21.  Debbie Bell        MD    02      8
  22.  Nick Benedict      ON    01      8
  23.  Debbie Gutermuth   TX    00      8
  24.  Nick Smith         UK    01      6
  25.  Cliff Ackman       PA    00      6
  26.  Jason O'Donnell    OH    99      6
  27.  Sean McCulloch     OH    07      4
  28.  Ben Shanks         SC    04      4
  29.  Ken Gutermuth      TX    00      4
  30.  Tim Kelley         SC    05      2
  31.  Beth Zhao          VA    03      2
  32.  Debbie Otto        MO    99      2
  33.  Kate Taillon       SC    06      2

2007 Laurelists

John Schoose, IL

Andy Joy, MD

Bruce Reiff, OH

Sean McCulloch, OH

Tom Browne, PA

Past Winners

Bruce Reiff, OH
1993, 1995, 2002, 2006

Ken Gutermuth, TX
1994, 1997

Bruce Monnin, OH

Cliff Ackman, PA

George Sauer, OH

Kevin Wojtaszczyk, NY

Arthur Field, SC

Dave Brooks, TN

Ray Stakenas II, MI

James Tyne, OH



 Cabbies Jeff Mullet (left) and Sean McCulloch (right) usher the Lancaster Room into its first WBC tournament.

 Bruce has a fan in daughter Nicole at the Final but apparently the hand signals didn't work as dad finished last.

Collecting by another name ...

When our illustrious GM, George "Bud" Sauer couldn't attend this year's WBC due to the pregnancy of his assistant soccer coach (no it's not Bud's) I was pressed into duty. But since I've played in this event every year since it's been around (1993) and ran it for several years in the 90s I was not too concerned.

The Tuesday evening mulligan round is always the traditional first games of WBC for us Cabbies. A nice easy to manage 20 players showed up with regular Arthur Field scoring $9540 to take his board. Jim Garvey, another regular, brought his young daughter this year. He won his table over another youngster, 12 year old Michael Wojtaszczyk who was second. Jim's daughter Patty wasn't so lucky finishing 3rd at the table where I won through lucky play. Kevin Wotjazczyk, a former champ, dominated the CABS board (literally) and Steve Shambda. In the final game Kate Taillon kicked more Cabbie butt while droppng Ken Gutermuth and Sean McCulloch. In a game where you start with $2000, Sean ended with $2020. Nice game Sean!!!! These five players earned a trip to the semis. The rest would have to try tomorrow.

24 people, including 13 repeaters, posted for the regular SE round on Wednesday. Natey Boy Hoam showed to redeem himself, and shockingly enough, he did. Jason Levine's second place score from this table got him through to the semis as well. John Schoose, 17-year old son of three-plaque winner Bert, amassed the high score of the tournament - $9620. Ken Gutermuth avoided "2 and through" status and Patty Garvey's second place was good enough to advance her as well. Steve Shambeda made good on his second chance opportunity advancing with a second place to Tom Browne. Andy Joy beat Jon Lockwood and they both advanced. It wouldn't be their last game together. In the last game to finish, Sean McCulloch also redeemed his prior performance and avoided the ignomy of being the only Cabbie to fall and finished second behind Brian Schott.

Normally, at this point, the random draw for semi-final seating puts me in the same game with Arthur and Ken, but this time we all made separate boards and visions of meeting in the Final crossed more than a few minds. But, twas not to be. In the first semi, Andy "jump for" Joy won handily and Arthur was out. In semi #2 John Schoose used Tapastry, Queen Anne and Glassware to advance. At semi #3 Jon Lockwood kicked Gutermuth and the CABbies to the curb. In final #4 I somehow managed a win with only $5920 in the lowest winning score of the tournament.

So the Final was set. John made an early move and got some cash but also got burnt by a "bank refuses to pay" which Jon gobbled up. Andy managed a quick purchase of miniatures. And then Jon took over. He sold a couple of items for 100% and the special value deck bought his jewelry. Suddenly he had over $5000 in cash and a set of tapestry. By Turn 5 it was over in the quickest Auction Final since I won in four turns in 1993. My performance here? I made Sean look good and ended with what I started with - $2000. Congrats to longtime Auction player Jon Lockwood who improved 26 places to fourth on the laurels list with his win!

 GM      Bruce Reiff  [1st Year]  NA
    NA   NA 

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