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2007 WBC Report  

 2008 Status: pending December Membership Trial Vote

Brock Heathcotte, AZ

2007 Champion

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Event History
2004    Jeff Mullet     55
2005    Nate Hoam     54
2006    Bruce Reiff     29
2007     Brock Heathcotte     37


 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Jeff Mullet        OH    06     45
   2.  Bruce Reiff        OH    07     44
   3.  Jim Castonguay     PA    07     34
   4.  Nate Hoam          OH    05     30
   5.  Brock Heathcotte   AZ    07     20
   6.  Lucimara Martins   MD    04     18
   7.  Fred Minard        PA    07     12
   8.  Dan Broh-Kahn      MD    04     12
   9.  Cliff Ackman       PA    07     11
  10.  Eugene Lin         WA    05      9
  11.  Lyman Moquin       DC    07      6
  12.  Roderick Lee       CA    06      6
  13.  Andy Lewis         DE    04      6
  14.  Valerie Hill       UT    06      4
  15.  George Sauer       OH    04      3

2007 Laurelists

Bruce Reiff, OH

Jim Castonguay, PA

Fred Minard, PA

Lyman Moquin, DC

Cliff Ackman, PA

Past Winners

Jeff Mullet, OH

Nate Hoam, OH

Bruce Reiff, OH

The return to a 4-player MESE format from last year's 2-player Pre-Con proved insufficient to maintain Century status.

Fred Minard's defeat of Jeff Mullet (left) in the semis paved the way for Brock Heathcotte's ending of CABS' three-year dominance of Attika

Remaining Neutral ...

After a disappointing decline in attendence as a Pre-Con event during the Sampler Showcase in 2006, Attika was moved back to it's regular spot in 2007.  It was hoped that attendance would return to over fifty as it had in past years, but alas, it was not meant to be. But there were still plenty of sharks on the prowl and a decent field had a great time.  Instead of the two-player version used last year, we went the multi-player route.  The three-player final came down to defending champion Bruce Reiff, perrenial finalist Jim Castonguay and wargamer Brock Heathcotte.
Brock had not been to WBC for quite some time and in the past, he had played the longer wargames exclusively.  Since he brought his wife along this time, he was pressed for time and limited to a few short euros. Brock said he was more used to conflict simulations, so he wasn't really expecting to be competitive.  I explained that when Bruce and Jim play each other in Attika, it's really like a wargame, so he should do fine.
Sure enough, almost from the first turn, Jim and Bruce were going at it, blocking each other from being able to make optimal moves.  In a very short time, Brock had both of them on the ropes with some very good moves. Now was the time time for Bruce and Jim to work together and attempt to stop Brock from winning, right?  Wrong.  Both players wanted the other to stop Brock, but neither would budge.
In the shortest final of Attika ever, Brock had a cakewalk.  I had to wonder if Brock had flashbacks of tanks, artillery and broken supply lines,  as he walked away a winner while Jim and Bruce were still debating "who started it" this year.
Thanks to everyone who played.  Next year, Attika will likely have to be voted in as a Trial in December if you want it to be offered in 2008.

 GM      Jeff Mullet  [4th Year]   21683 Ringgold So Rd, Circleville, OH 43113   NA

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