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2007 WBC Report     

 2008 Status: pending 2008 GM commitment

Jason Ley, WA

2007 Champion

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Event History
1991    Forrest Pafenberg      28
1992    Michael Anchors      28
1993    Steve Packwood      38
1994    Bernard Norton      49
1995    Steve Koleszar      43
1996    Al Bingamen      32
1997    Chuck Nail      56
1998    Justin Childs      48
1999    Gary Moss     40
2000    Justin Childs     41
2001   Justin Childs   45
2002   Jon Shambeda    86
2003   Phil Bradley    51
2004    David Gantt    52
2005    Ed Kendrick    67
2006    Matt Calkins    54
2007   Jason Ley    93


 Rank Name              From  Last  Total
   1. Justin Childs      FL    01     88
   2. Matt Calkins       VA    06     42
   3. Phil Bradley       IL    07     38
   4. David Gantt        SC    05     38
   5. Jason Ley          WA    07     36
   6. Gary Moss          MD    00     36
   7. Steve Shambeda     PA    06     33
   8. Ed Kendrick        UK    05     30
   9. Jon Shambeda       PA    02     30
  10. Bruce Reiff        OH    01     24
  11. Rich Atwater       WA    05     18
  12. Al Mink            VA    04     18
  13. Justin Thompson    VA    02     18
  14. Rob Flowers        NC    02     18
  15. Jason Levine       NY    01     16
  16. Steve Packwood     MN    02     15
  17. Malinda Kyrkos     NY    07     12
  18. Jeff Meyer         MA    06     12
  19. Don Lubreski       NJ    04     12
  20. Chuck Nail         GA    02     12
  21. Arthur Field       SC    01     12
  22. Mike Wooden        NY    99     12
  23. Nick Smith         UK    03     12
  24. Jim Garvey         NY    07      9
  25. Jason Brown        NJ    06      9
  26. David Fritsch      VA    05      9
  27. Craig Moffit       NJ    04      9
  28. John Morris        MD    02      9
  29. David Brooks       TN    00      9
  30. Davyd Field        CA    03      8
  31. Will Wible         VA    01      8
  32. Bryan Berkenstock  NJ    07      6
  33. Debbie Davidson    NE    06      6
  34. Steve Koleszar     VA    04      6
  35. Bruce Young        SC    03      6
  36. Joe Bellic         NJ    03      4
  37. Steve Wolfman      WA    01      4
  38. Ken Lee            PA    07      3
  39. Cheryl Merica      MD    06      3
  40. Bill Alderman      VA    05      3
  41. Luke Koleszar      VA    04      3
  42. Charles Goodwin    OH    00      3
  43. John Zahorsky      NJ    99      3

2007 Laurelists

Phil Bradley, IL

Malinda Kyrkos, NY

Jim Garvey, NY

Bryan Berkenstock, NJ

Ken Lee, PA

Past Winners

Forrest Pafenberg, VA

Michael Anchors, MD

Steve Packwood, MN

Bernard Norton, MA

Steve Koleszar, VA

Al Bingamen, PA

Chuck Nail, GA

Justin Childs, GA
1998, 2000-2001

Gary Moss, MO

Jon Shambeda, PA

Phil Bradley, IL

David Gantt, SC

Ed Kendrick, UK

Matt Calkins, VA

Acquire's record attendance kept the Paradise room busy.

Three former champs in this semi did not stop Phil Bradley's (left) return to the Final.

Sid's Crown Jewel Lives On

40 . . . 60 . . . 80 . . . 93

Talk about your real estate price increase. Acquire nearly doubled last year's attendance with 93 hotel magnates going at it in our 17th Acquire tournament to determine who would be Sid Sackson's latest hotel king.

Things started with a bang as 43 gamers showed up at the Wednesday night opening heat. They were distributed to 11 tables generating our first 11 winners. After a Thursday afternoon demo session, 50 players contested another 12 boards in the second heat. This produced our first double winners, John Long and Jason Ley. The third and final heat of 45 gathered around 11 boards for 34 games played. These three preliminary heats generated five double winners and 24 other game winners. The MESE tiebreaks made double winner Steve Shambeda sweat, as his first round loss placed him below the 21 first heat winners. As often happens however, many winners were no shows for the semi-finals, so Steve safely advanced.

Top seeded Jason Ley was paired with Ken Lee, Dylan Routh, and Masahide Hisanega in the first table of the semis. Previous champ Steve Packwood was matched against another previous winner, Phil Bradley, and defending champion Matt Calkins. Talk about a tough table! Another double winner Dan Henry had to face double winner Steve Shambeda, with Rob Buccheri and Malinda Kyrkos. The fourth table was manned by Brad Raszewski, Jim Garvey, Bryan Berkenstock, and David Platnick.

Jason won his third game in a row to advnce to the Final. Phil won comfortably over his table to join Jason, as did Malinda to avoid an all-male final. Jim Garvey squeaked by Bryan at the fourth table to set the finalists. Bryan Berkenstock took 5th based upon his close loss and Ken Lee was next highest runner-up to earn 6th place laurels.

Jim was the starting playe in the Final and opened Tower. Phil, playing third opened Continental. Jim started Luxor on his next turn and Mindy, not to be left out, opened Imperial. Jason finally got a founder's share as he started American on his second play. Worldwide was started on Jason's third play and Jim got the 7th and last hotel chain started, Festival, on his fourth play. Mindy caused the first merger, blending Imperial into Luxor. This netted her the $5,000 bonus, with 2nd being split between Jim and Phil. She restarted Imperial on her next tile lay. Jason got the next merger, Continental into Tower, but had to split first with Phil, each receiving $3,800. They both kept their shares, so Continental was destined to rejoin the board.

Jim was the first to run low on cash, but didn't lose his hold on Festival when it merged into American. The $3,000 was sorely needed. Mindy and Jason split 2nd for a measly $800 each. Jason used the trading to gain a dominate position in American. Phil was the next to fall victim to low cash, just as Jason merged Continental into Luxor for another first majority. Phil gathered in the 2nd bonus to replenish his cash. Jason was able to reestablish Continental. Being left out of the last two mergers, Mindy had to pass on buying for her next four turns. Jim ran short missing two buys and even Phil had to skip a turn. Jason used the time to add to his holdings in Festival and Continental. He next merged Imperial into Luxor. Phil instigated the next two mergers, Continental into Luxor followed by Worldwide joining Luxor, too. Festival was the final merger, going into American. The last three safe hotels were Tower, Luxor, and American.

By the final tally, Jason had gathered five firsts and a tie for first, a second and a tie for second to finish first with $54,300. Phil was second with a first, a tie for first, two seconds and three ties for second to finish with $41,500. Mindy's four-turn slump pushed her down to third with three firsts, a second and a tie for second, earning her $38,200. Jim, brought up the rear with a first and two seconds and three ties for second for $31,500.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Special thanks to John Pack, Marshall Daw, Steve Shambeda, and Jeff Cornett who volunteered (or were volunteered) to be assistant GM's. Regretably, I will be unable to attend in 2008 so this event will be in need of a new GM next year.

 GM      Anthony Daw  [1st Year]  11217 S. Londonderry Dr., Sandy, UT 84092  NA

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