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2006 WBC Report  

 2007 Status: pending December Membership Vote

Jay Fox, NJ

2006 Champion

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Event History
2004    Andrew Greene     32
2005     Ray Pfeiffer     23
2006     Jay Fox     24


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Andrew Greene      VA    05     34
  2.  Ray Pfeifer        MD    05     29
  3.  Jay Fox            NJ    06     20
  4.  Steve Simmons      NJ    04     18
  5.  Matt Calkins       VA    06     12
  6.  Bill Murdock       NY    05     12
  7.  Travis St Denis    ON    04     12
  8.  Charles Faella     RI    06      8
  9.  Steve Cameron      PA    05      8
 10.  Rob Olsson         MD    06      6
 11.  Jay Greer          MD    05      6
 12.  Jason Matthews     VA    04      6
 13.  Brendan Tracey     RI    06      4
 14.  Roderick Lee       CA    04      3
 15.  John Faella        RI    06      2
 16.  Anne Norton        NJ    05      2

2006 Laurelists

Matt Calkins, VA

Charles Faella, RI

Rob Olsson, MD

Brendan Tracey, RI

John Faella, RI

Past Winners

Andrew Greene, VA

Ray Pfeiffer, MD

 The final board position of the Final game.

 Finalists Charles Faella, Matt Calkins, Rob Olsson and Jay Fox

Quick Diplomacy

Over half of this year's entrants were players returning to the Web of Power tournament, including two of last year's laurelists. Among those missing from this year's contest was our esteemed Sponsor, Andy Lewis, who was GMing Command & Colors: Ancients at the other end of the hotel. We hope to see you next year, Andy.

The format of the tournament this year consisted of one heat consisting of four games in a row. Each four-player game scored five points for the winner, four points for second, two points for third, and one point for fourth. Each three-player game scored five points for the winner, three points for second, and one point for third. Only the contestants with the top four total placement scores would advance to the Final.

In Round 1 the winners were Keith Corbino, Jason Levine, Mike Farrington, Jay Fox, Matt Calkins, and Tom DeMarco. In the second set of games only Jason managed to repeat, making him the tournament leader with 10 points. Jay took second in his game, giving him nine points; he was followed by Dvd Avins, who won his second game, and Anne Norton, who had gotten two seconds, to score eight points. In her game, Anne earned more points from cloister chains, 11 points, than anyone else in the tournament was able to achieve.

In Round 3, John Faella and Tom both earned 33 points from advisors in their games, the most achieved in the tournament. Both won their games, with Tom earning the highest point total in the tournament., 76, Rob Olsson won his game with the lowest total, 43. After three games, Jason was still leading with 12 points, followed by Brendan Tracey and Mike, with 11.5 points, and four players (Charles Faella, Jay, Matt, and Tom) tied at 11 for fourth place.

First place finishes in the final set of preliminary games were achieved by Alan Farrington, Lance Fogel, Bruce Bullion, John, Matt, and Rob. Matt's three wins gave him the lead with 16 points, Mike finished with 15.5 points, but could not stay for the Final. So Matt was joined by Jay, Charles, and Rob, who each earned 15 points. Finishing fifth and sixth with 14.5 points were Brendan and John.

For the Final, random seating resulted in Matt (playing yellow) as the starting player, followed by Rob (red), Jay (green), and Charles (blue). Matt started by opening up Franken with a cloister on its western border. A couple of turns later he was able to extend a chain of three more cloisters west into Lothringen and then north to theNorth Sea. Rob opened Frankreich to stop Matt's chain from extending in that direction, while Jay filled in the rest of Lothringen. At the end of the first scoring Matt was in the lead with 17 points, but with no advisors placed yet. Jay was second with 12 points and three advisors out, Charles had 10 points and four advisors, while Rob had nine points and three advisors. During the second pass through the deck Matt was able to construct a five cloister chain, all in Frankreich, while Jay completed a four cloister chain from western Burgund to southern Bayern.

Five of the nine countries ended up with a tie in advisors, Aragon had none, Charles had sole control in Lothringen, while Matt was exclusive in England and beat out Rob for control of Frankreich three advisors to two. For the final cloister scoring Charles, who had a sole lead in three countries and tied in two others, scored 26 points. Rob had control of Italy, tied for control in two others, and got five points for second place in Frankreich on his way to 25 cloister points. At this point, Matt still had a slim lead, now followed closely by Charles, then Jay. But for advisors, Matt was only able to earn six points for the England-Frankreich connection [2]. Rob earned 14 points on the Franken-Schwaben-Burgund-Italien route [10,13&14], and Charles got 15 points stretching along the Lothringen-Franken-Bayern-Italy route [9,11&15]. Jay, though, earned 28 points in advisors, all on the eastern end of the board [10,11,12,13,14&15] to take the lead over Charles 63 to 51 points, with Matt at 49 and Rob at 48. The nine points Matt earned from his two cloister chains were not enough to catch Jay, who got four points for his cloister chain. The final scores were:

Jay Fox: 67 points

Matt Calkins: 58 points

Charles Faella: 51 points

Rob Olsson: 48 points

Jay wore a 2006 WBC shirt with the Web of Power box art on it, and captioned "Royal Advisor (Second Class)". He'll have to get a new shirt for next year showing his promotion to "Royal Advisor (First Class)".

Web of Power will undoubtedly need a lot of voter support or another sponsor if it is to return to WBC next year. If you would like to see it return, be sure to become a 2006 BPA member during the December signup period so that you can cast your vote for the return of this challenging, yet easy to learn game.

 GM      Anne Norton  [1st Year]   720 Wood Lane, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077-3976 
   TomAnneTim@Comcast.net   NA

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