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 2006 WBC Report  

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Kevin Hillock, VA

2006 Champion

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Event History
1991    Steve Rareshide      43
1992    Kevin Quirk      48
1993    Brian Sutton      58
1994    Chuck Kaplan      67
1995    Steve Koleszar      65
1996    Ben Foy      66
1997    Dave Finberg      72
1998    Jung Yueh      78
1999    Dave des Jardins     51
2000    Rich Atwater     60
2001    Steve Koleszar     55
2002    Ed Rothenheber     51
2003    David Finberg     60
2004    Aaron Fuegi     39
2005    David des Jardins     51
2006     Kevin Hillock     38


Rank  Name             From  Last  Total
  1.  Aaron Fuegi       MA    06    133
  2.  David des Jardins CA    05    110
  3.  Dave Finberg      MA    06    109
  4.  Rich Atwater      WA    05     98
  5.  Brian Sutton      MD    06     91
  6.  Kevin Hillock     VA    06     80
  7.  Steve Koleszar    VA    03     78
  8.  Ed Rothenheber    MD    04     70
  9.  Jason Ley         GA    05     51
 10.  Dan Strock        PA    00     48
 11.  David Gubbay      TX    05     36
 12.  Chuck Nail        GA    01     36
 13.  Michael Pustilnik NY    06     35
 14.  Tom Johnston      IL    06     30
 15.  Joe Harrison      KY    04     30
 16.  Andrew Gross      WA    03     30
 17.  Arthur Wines      NJ    05     24
 18.  Kevin Quirk       FL    00     20
 19.  Russ Cleaveland   WA    04     15
 20.  Kyle Moore        WA    04     10
 21.  Justin Childs     FL    99     10

2006 Laurelists

Tom Johnston, IL

Brian Sutton, MD

Mike Pustilnik, NY

Aaron Fuegi, MA

David Finberg, MA

1991: Steve Rareshide, VA
1992: Kevin Quirk, PA

Brian Sutton, MD

Chuck Kaplan, IL

Steve Koleszar, VA
1995, 2001

Ben Foy, VA

Dave Finberg, MA
1997, 2003

Jung Yeah, MA

David des Jardins, CA
1999, 2005

Rich Atwater, WA

Ed Rothenheber, MD

Aaron Fuegi, MA

 Rich Atwater (right) takes a break from his Titan 2-player GM duties to play the multi-player version. Most Titan fans play both.

 Long out of print and a prized collector's item, Titan's ranks have been depleted - this year's field being the smallest ever.

Always a Titanic Struggle ...

Things went smoother this year. No adjudications were needed, people didn't let things get to them for the most part and the extra flexibility in starting games helped keep waiting down. There was a bit more at stake this year as Kevin Hillock chipped in a set of one hundred dice to go to the winner. Though in the end he decided winning his own dice back wasn't appropriate and gave them to Tom Johnston who finished second after a close battle.

Participation was down slightly this year. We went from 51 players playing in 36 preliminary games with 135 seats to 38 players playing in 33 preliminary games with 122 seats. While we still mostly played 4-player games this year the breakdown was split more evenly than before. This year 19 of the preliminary games were 4-player, 12 were 3-player and two were 5-player.

It turned out exactly 16 players had at least one win this year. This worked to Mike Pustilnik's advantage, as he wasn't able to arrive until Friday evening and only had time to win one game. The game he got placed in had three players who had already qualified for the semis and he personally dispatched each one of them. After the game he still had to wait to see the outcome of another game to see if he would make the semis. But Bob Masso, who had no chance to qualify himself as he hadn't won any of his first six games, eliminated his sister, Peg Meacham and David Gubbay, leaving Mike as the16 seed. Mike went on to win his semi-final but was the first casualty in the Final. Still, he did pretty well playing only three games (and winning two out of three against tough competition) and taking home the 4th place plaque.

The Final had an interesting ending. It was set up by Kevin Hillock attacking Brian Sutton (via titan teleport) with an 11-die titan, two serpents, two behemoths, two warlocks and an angel versus an 8-die titan, dragon, warlock and three unicorns in the plains. Kevin won and ended up with a16-die titan, warlock and angel.

Kevin wasn't able to pick up any recruits on his next four turns. At which point Tom Johnston attacked him (via titan teleport) with a 9-die titan, two warlocks, three gorgons, a cyclops and an angel to call in the swamp. Tom had declined an attack two turns earlier when he rolled a 6 while Kevin's titan stack was in hills.

Kevin needed to fight the battle aggressively, even though he was the defender, because of Tom's edge in rangestrikers. And he also had to avoid losing a piece while doing so to keep Tom's angel out of the battle. He was able to do this successfully and by the time Tom had killed something the battle was down to titan and warlock versus titan and warlock. It looked like a mutual was likely, though Kevin had an edge. However, before Tom got his turn Kevin's warlock rolled 5 out of 5 on Tom's Titan; taking it from four hits to nine and killing it exactly.

And as usual, some odd events happened in the preliminary games.

* In one game David desJardins had a seven-high stack at the start of Turn 3! (Note this requires getting attacked and having the net result of the attack be that you gain one piece.) Another odd event in this game was that David ended with four giants and two dragons, in each one of six different stacks.

* In another game Art Wines rolled a 6 on Turn 1 and took a warlock in the midst of Joe Delany's stacks. But Joe was able to turn the tables on Art by recruiting warlocks on Turns 3 and 4 and then dispatching Art on Turn 5.

* Steve Koleszar was almost able to pull out a win in a game he was prepared to concede, when the remaining two players, David desJardins and Art Wines, had a titan on titan battle. However, after Art killed David's titan, David conceded rather than striking back with his Titan, preventing the mutual and Steve had to settle for second.

 GM     Bruno Wolff III  (12th year)   NA 
    bruno@wolff.to   NA

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