stock car championship racing [Updated October 2006] 

2006 WBC Report    

 2007 Status: pending 2007 GM commitment

Seth Gunar, NJ

2005-06 Champion

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Event History
1999    Rebekah Garton     37
2000    Tim Dolan     68
2001    Devin Flawd     60
2005    Seth Gunar     47
2006    Seth Gunar     42


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Seth Gunar         NJ    06     60
  2.  Devin Flawd        PA    01     30
  3.  Tim Dolan          NJ    00     30
  4.  Jim Bell           MD    06     18
  5.  Keith MacFarland   NJ    05     18
  6.  Dan Hoffman        NC    01     18
  7.  Andy Lewis         DE    00     18
  8.  Kevin Brown        CA    06     12
  9.  Phillip White      MD    05     12
 10.  Steve May          MD    01     12
 11.  Bill Place         PA    00     12
 12.  Rebekkah Garton    VA    99     10
 13.  Chad Gormly        MA    06      9
 14.  Stuart Tucker      MD    05      9
 15.  Adam Gugliemini    PA    01      9
 16.  Darren Velez       NY    00      9
 17.  Mike Buccheri      MD    06      6
 18.  Steve Caler        OH    05      6
 19.  Dan Dolan Jr       NJ    01      6
 20.  Bob Olivere        AZ    00      6
 21.  John Weber         MD    99      6
 22.  Ken Sheffield      VA    99      4
 23.  Mike Garton        VA    06      3
 24.  Rex Lehman         FL    05      3
 25.  Dave Bohnenberger  PA    01      3
 26.  Brian Carr         VA    00      3
 27.  Carol Caler        OH    99      3
 28.  Steve Cameron      PA    99      2
 29.  Joe Sposito        NJ    99      1

2006 Laurelists

Jim Bell, MD

Kevin Brown, CA

Chad Gormly, MA

Mike Buccheri, MD

Mike Garton, VA

Past Winners

Rebekkah Garton, VA

Tim Dolan, NJ

Devin Flawd, PA

Seth Gunar, NJ

 The oval track requires an active GM in Mike Garton and his son Josh to move the cars for drivers who are seated along the perimeter of the track.

 Even the Goodyear Blimp circles overhead at the WBC 250. We spare no expense to give you the best coverage of the premier boardgame racing in the land.

Boys with Toys ...

The three heats resulted in nine preliminary races and the opportunity for a full field of racing for the Final, the WBC 250.  Of the 16 slots, 14 appeared at race time.  The WBC 250 was set as a Super Speedway wide track race of 250 laps with two lanes.  Two house rules were added.  The first, the Slingshot Draft allows drivers to play a Draft card as an action to slingshot forward diagonally into an empty space in the opposite racing lane.  The second, the Pit Time modifier requires drivers to add time to their pit stop time, based on number of positions behind the leader, to get a modified exit time from pit lane.  This second rule makes the first part of the race, before pitting, just as important in moving towards the front to be in position for a chance to win.  For the Final, the big racing oval was set up, the 1/24th die cast cars distributed, and the Goodyear blimp was overhead.  All in all, the WBC 250 was a sight to be seen.

Defending champion, Seth Gunar - Valvoline #6, took the pole position for the start of the race.  Turn 2 brought out the yellow flag for a crash.  Luckily, all drivers were able to pass through the crash without incident.  The race continued apace for about six turns with Jim Mehl, #57 Slim Jim and Mike Garton, # 71 Vermont Teddy Bear taking turns swapping the lead.  On lap 75, pit stops were required for all drivers.  Slim Jim went in second and came out eighth whileChad Gormly #99 Exide went in eighth and came out fourth for the worst and best pit stops.  Right after the pit stops on lap 79, Steve Cameron, #8 Red Dog had transmission problems and dropped out.  By lap 119, handicapped by the bad pit, Slim Jim had fallen from first to last.

The second half of the race brought trouble for Doug Porterfield, #23 John Deere, as he lost traction and fell back six positions. Joshua Garton, #34 Kodak, found the same slick spot on the track and lost six positions as well.  Neither was able to recover from their mishaps.   Vermont Teddy Bear, having led for about 75 laps wore his tires out on lap 148.  Without the ability to challenge other cars for position effectively, he faded to sixth.  At least it was in front of his upstart son, Joshua, who finished eighth.

In the last 60 laps, the field caught up with some slow traffic.  While this slowed down the inside lane, the outside lane used the slower traffic effectively to draft and pull up even with the inside lane.  Valvoline was the beneficiary of the outside lane and moved from eighth to second in two turns.  A 30 lap count card came out next and John Deere couldn't make the count from his hand and ran out of gas to become the second and last DNF (Did Not Finish).

All through the race Kevin Brown, #94 McDonalds quietly and steadily improved from last to second place.  On the last turn, Seth Gunar having moved to the inside, pulled in to the lead.  Jim Bell, #23 Bayer in an attempt at a photo finish, moved to the outside lane and pulled up even with Valvoline.  McDonalds held third with traffic between his car and the leaders.  Unfortunately, no help stayed in the outside lane for Bayer and he faded at the finish.  Valvoline won easily and Seth Gunar became the first repeat and back to back WBC champion.

 2006 is the 1st year that no female drivers made the WBC 250.  Where are all the up and coming 'Danicas'?  Next year, maybe we can convince Rebekah Garton, the Inaugural Year Champion, to come out of retirement and show the 'bad boys' of Stock Car Racing a thing or two.

 Mike Buccheri, Jim Bell, and Chad Gormly have pit seats for the WBC 250.

 I haven't had this much fun since slot car racing. Where are the controls?
 GM     Michael Garton [5th year]  NA  NA 

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