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2006 WBC Report     

 2007 Status: pending 2007 GM commitment

Robert Lightburn, VA

2006 Champion

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Event History
1999    Rob Lightburn     30
2000    Craig Melton     14
2001    Steve Dickson     29
2002    Phil Rennert     45
2003    Rob Lightburn     33
2004    Eric Wrobel     35
2005    Steve Dickson     27
2006     Robert Lightburn     38


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Rob Lightburn      VA    06    108
  2.  Steve Dickson      CA    05     50
  3.  Phil Rennert       MD    02     40
  4.  Eric Wrobel        VA    04     30
  5.  Craig Melton       VA    00     30
  6.  James D. Long      PA    05     26
  7.  Robert Paul        AZ    03     24
  8.  Alan Hayes         IL    04     21
  9.  David Rynkowski    NY    05     20
 10.  Scott Fenn         MD    06     19
 11.  Andrew Wilson      NJ    06     18
 12.  Matt Mason         FL    04     18
 13.  Frank Easton       ON    03     18
 14.  Ken Samuel         VA    01     18
 15.  William Place      PA    00     18
 16.  Tito Lightburn     VA    99     18
 17.  James Allaire      CT    06     15
 18.  Daniel Long        NJ    06     12
 19.  James H. Long      PA    05     12
 20.  Matt Evinger       PA    01     12
 21.  Marion Hazel       SC    99     12
 22.  Bill O'Neal        NY    02     11
 23.  Tom Agostino       CA    04      9
 24.  Keith Butler       CA    03      9
 25.  Scott Bowling      IN    01      9
 26.  Stephane Dorais    QC    99      9
 27.  Andrew Long        PA    06      6
 28.  Greg Berry         VA    01      6
 29.  John Rinko         VA    00      6
 30.  Rod Morris         MD    99      6
 31.  Brandon Bernard    PA    05      4
 32.  Tom Stokes         NJ    02      4
 33.  Rebecca Hebner     CO    03      3
 34.  Carl Olson         CT    99      3

2006 Laurelists

Andrew Wilson, NJ

Daniel Long, NJ

James Allaire, CT

Andrew Long, PA

Scott Fenn, MD

Past Winners

Robert Lightburn, VA
1999, 2003, 2006

Craig Melton, VA

Steve Dickson, CA
2001, 2005

Phil Rennert, MD

Eric Wrobel, VA

Almost Everyone's First Wargame ...

In the eighth year of Risk at WBC 38 players gathered for the third largest field to date. There were four 6-player games and four 5-player games. Six players played in both preliminary heats: Andrew and Dan Long, Alex Gregorio, John Schoose, Andy Wilson, and Greg Zegalia. Each got one win in these two tries; Andy Wilson's came in dramatic fashion with a winning offensive campaign with inferior numbers ousting the former GM, Keith Levy.

The six finalists, in order of advancement, were Daniel and Andrew Long (to these two gentlemen I apologize for confusing their first names), Scott Fenn, Robert Lightburn, James Allaire, and Andy Wilson (who filled in for the absent Darrell Houston). 


Andrew Long placed his Yellow armies in New Guinea.

Rob set all his Gray forces in Central America.

Scott plunked down all his Green units in Brazil.

James put most of his Blue men in Madagascar, but also a few in Afghanistan.

Andy Wilson deployed his Black troops in North Africa.

Daniel put two-thirds of his Red horde in Siberia, the rest in Indonesia.

Turn 1: Andrew opened the game by conquering Australia, but he suffered very severe losses in doing so, with only three of 16 armies left to occupy Indonesia. Rob tried to talk Scott into abandoning South America, while taking Venezuela, then Peru. Scott moved from Brazil to Venezuela. James took South Africa, splitting his Madagascar forces. Andy took the Congo with a small force. Daniel took his Mongolian horde and drove south to crush Andrew and (in his turn) conquer Australia.

Turn 2: Andrew set up shop in Scandinavia and took Iceland. Rob moved from Peru to Brazil via Argentina. Scott strengthened Venezuela, took Peru, and free-moved back to Venezuela. James took Ural from Afghanistan. Andy strengthened North Africa and took East Africa. Dan placed a troop in China and took Mongolia, leaving one after free-moving back to China.

Turn 3: Andrew placed in Scandinavia, took Great Britain, and free-moved to Iceland. Rob placed troops in Irkutsk, then took Mongolia. Andy's large force in North Africa made Scott decide to free-move from Brazil to Argentina. Scott strengthened Venezuela, then took Central America with a small force. He told Rob that he was "worried" for Rob's safety and that he would stay in South America to "protect" Rob. James placed troops in South Africa, took East Africa, then free-moved there from Madagascar, bringing his numbers to ten armies. Andy strengthened the Congo and took South Africa. Dan strengthened Siam and took India.

Turn 4: Andrew turned in the first card set, placing troops in Iceland and taking Greenland. Rob put reinforcements in Mongolia, but took Peru from Brazil. Despite Rob trying to convince him to leave South America, Scott put reinforcements in Venezuela; he also took the Eastern United States from Central America. James placed armies in East Africa, taking the Middle East and the Ukraine; he then free-moved back to the Middle East. Andy completed his conquest of Africa, taking Madagascar and East Africa. Dan reinforced India, took Afghanistan, then free-moved back to India. 

Turn 5: Andrew placed his reinforcements in Greenland, taking the Northwest Territories with his nine armies. Rob placed reinforcements in Mongolia (bringing his numbers to seven there), then occupied Siberia. Scott placed men in the Eastern United States, taking Ontario before moving back. James took the second card set (gaining two extra in the Middle East) and reinforced the Ukraine. He used his Middle East force to take Afghanistan, then free-moved to the Ukraine, gathering a large horde there. Andy added to his North Africa force, taking Western Europe before free-moving back to North Africa. Dan reinforced China and took Ural, then free-moved from India to Siam, raising his numbers there to 12.

Turn 6: Andrew reinforced Alberta, took the Western United States, then free-moved from the Northwest Territories to Alaska. Rob decided to oust Scott by force from South America, taking the third card set; he placed his other reinforcements in Peru and attacked the large Green army force in Venezuela. Scott suffered poor dice and Rob routed him from the game, gaining his five cards. This enabled Rob to complete the fourth card set and place the resulting armies in Mongolia. More diplomacy ensued: Rob and Andy agreed to a three-turn truce between Brazil and North Africa. Andrew asked Rob to put a blocking force in Greenland to protect him from James's large force in the Ukraine. Rob moved five armies (left over from his victory over Scott) into Greenland. James reinforced the Ukraine, building his force to 30 armies, and moved into Ural. Andy took card set 5 (with two bonus armies in Western Europe). He reinforced North Africa (bringing his force there to 30), took Southern Europe and free-moved back to North Africa. Dan took the sixth card set and placed all his reinforcements in China, bringing his numbers there to 35. He made the fateful decision to attempt to wipe James out, grabbing Afghanistan, the Middle East and the Ukraine; after he attacked Ural, resulting in heavy losses on both sides, he free-moved to Afghanistan. 

Turn 7: Andrew split his reinforcements between Ontario and the Western United States, captured Kamkat. from Alaska, and free-moved from Alaska to the Northwest Territories. Rob turned in the seventh card set and split his reinforcements between Mongolia and Greenland, moving to take Andrew out of the game. Andrew's Yellow armies were substantially outnumbered by Rob's Grays, but in spite of this Andrew rolled almost well enough on defense to survive Rob's attack. Two armies were left to take the Northwest Territories, however, and so Rob succeeded in putting Andrew out of the game. Armed with Andrew's cards, Rob turned in the eighth card set, placing those 25 armies in Scandinavia and marching them to the Ukraine on the way to wiping out the last of James's forces in Ural. With the cards gained from James, Rob formed a ninth set and placed men in Ural, from whence they marched down first to Siam (taking heavy losses in China on the way) to defeat Dan's sizable force there. Rob also sent ten armies south to subdue Australia, while a dozen went west to the Middle East, wiping out Dan's Red forces. Rob then turned in a tenth card set and went after his last opponent, Andy, in Africa. Although Rob started with superior numbers, Andy rolled well and still had two armies in North Africa and one in Egypt when his foe ran out of attackers. In his turn, Andy turned in the 11th card set, dividing his 43 armies between his two territories. Andy's Egyptian forces swept through Europe, the Middle East, and Afghanistan, but sustained crippling losses on its attack on Ural. Andy turned aside to take India, and took Ural at the end of this turn; but by this time the North African force conquered all of the New World. 

Turn 8: Rob turned in a 12th card set, placing 51 armies in China, sweeping through India , the Middle East, all of Africa, and the New World, coming back into Europe and Asia. Andrew barely managed to survive with two armies in Ural. However, he had no set tor espond with, after his meager forces managed to reach Alaska. Rob was finally able to defeat Andrew, thus capturing his third championship.

I would also like to convey my most hearty thanks and appreciation to my two assistant game-masters, Ken Samuel and Keith Levy. Without their assistance I wouldn't have known what I was doing!

For a dedicated weekend of RISK play, check out the official RISK championships at http://www.risktoc.org

 GM      Alan Hayes [1st Year]   453 E. 88th St., Chicago, IL 60819
    alan.hayes@yahoo.com   773-651-3222

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