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2006 WBC Report  

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Greg Tanner, AZ

2006 Champion

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Event History
1991    Bart Rigg      12
1992    Johnny Hasay      10
1993    Tom Kearney      12
1994    Johnny Hasay      12
1995    Dave Giordano      10
1996    Eduardo De Nuccia      14
1997    Dave Giordano      20
1998    Chuck Leonard      16
1999    Dave Giordano     16
2000    Bill Scott     20
2001    Bill Scott     12
2002    Marty Musella     18
2003    Bill Scott     16
2004    Chuck Leonard     34
2005     Marty Musella     21
2006    Greg Tanner     19
PBeM Event History
2005    Eduardo DeNucci     19


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Bill Scott         VA    05    121
  2.  Marty Musella      VA    06    101
  3.  Chuck Leonard      PA    06     64
  4.  Dave Giordano      NJ    01     47
  5.  Greg Tanner        AZ    06     30
  6.  Eduardo DeNucci Argentin 05     26
  7.  Johnny Hasay       PA    05     21
  8.  Donald Webster     MD    05     21
  9.  Tom Cooper         OH    05     15
 10.  Rich Northey       MA    06     12
 11.  Peter Bertram      GA    05     12
 12.  Dave Talmage       VA    01     12
 13.  Jay Zollitsch      WI    00     12
 14.  Alan Arvold        IL    06     12
 15.  Bert Schoose       IL    06      9
 16.  Joe Avinger        GA    05      8
 17.  Matt Spitznagel    MD    03      8
 18.  Tim Greene         TN    00      8
 19.  Bert Schoose       IL    06      6
 20.  Randy MacInnis     NJ    05      6
 21.  Kurt Kurtz         OH    03      6
 22.  Steve Andriakos    TX    01      6
 23.  John Sharp         FL    05      5
 24.  Fred Schwarz       MI    05      4
 25.  Mark McBride       OH    02      3
 26.  Bill Riggs         VA    03      2
 27.  Tom Shaw           MD    02      1

2006 Laurelists

Marty Musella, VA

Rich Northey, MA

Bert Schoose, IL

Chuck Leonard, PA

Alan Arvold, IL

Past Winners

91: Bart Rigg, KY
Tom Kearney, NC

Johnny Hasay, PA
1992, 1994

Dave Giordano, NJ
1995, 1997, 1999

Eduardo DeNucci, ARG

Chuck Leonard, PA
1998, 2004

Bill Scott, VA
2000-2001, 2003

Marty Musella, VA
2002, 2005

The first "hit" wargame

The Panzers Keep Rolling

The PanzerBlitz tournament followed a similar format to last year's event with two notable exceptions: 1. Competitors could play either Panzerblitz or Panzer Leader in the preliminary rounds in order to build points to qualify for the single elimination round and, 2. Tournament play began during the Pre-Con. The location of the event, close to where most of the "classic wargames" were being played, allowed players to participate in numerous "iron-man" events and generated many opportunities to play while avoiding the need to seek out an opponent or awaiting the completion of the "next round."

Gamemaster Tom Cooper's recent employment change and subsequent thousand-mile relocation in July made it impossible for him to attend the session but Bill Scott, veteran GM of yore, temporarily came out of retirement to fill in through Wednesday, when he was forced to head home because of familial obligations. Bruno Sinigaglio, surely one of the most experienced Gamemasters in the history of gaming, then took over for a day before passing the reins to Chuck Leonard, one of Tom's originally scheduled assistant Gamemasters.

Through the Grognard Pre-Con and the WBC, 19 players completed 36 games that included both veterans and newcomers. 34 of the 36 games were Panzerblitz. Two-time champion Marty Musella beat Bert Schoose in one Semi to get to the Final for the fifth time while WBC rookie Greg Tanner from Arizona defeated Rick Northey to gain the other seat. Both games were closely contested.

In the Final, Scenario 14 from the PanzerBlitz Wargamer's Guide was the game of choice. This situation had a German Recce Bn commanded by Greg Tanner, assaulting a Russian Command Post with a large relief force coming to the CP's rescue. Greg's Germans immediately assaulted and killed the CP complex in Bednost while his fast armored car units delayed the onrushing Russians and denied the key firing hilltop on Board #1.

Marty anticipated the immediate withdrawal of Greg's Germans onto Board 3, so he tried to turn both flanks and trap the escaping Germans. However, correctly diagnosing the impending trap, Greg withdrew the bulk of his forces to the opposite side of Board 2 and skillfully used his fast armor to delay the Russian tank platoons. This tactical maneuver took Marty by complete surprise and, while Marty's Russian infantry and assault gun mopped up the residual German platoons remaining in Bednost, Greg successfully united his dispersed forces on nearby hill 129, picking off several Russian units in the process.

At this stage accumulated victory points were even, but Greg subsequently eliminated two units and Marty's Russian tanks could not concentrate quickly enough. On the last turn, despite the Germans being pocketed against the edge of the Board, Greg expertly placed his units where it was impossible for Marty to score the kills needed to win. A very close Final all the way to the end!

It was a week of excellent gaming with a group of great guys all with fun on their minds. Our only disappointment was that Tom could not come and Bill had to leave before the end. We are looking forward to next year.

Submitted by Chuck Leonard, with the assistance of Bill Scott, Bruno Sinigaglio and Marty Musella

2005 PBeM Tournament Results

Eduardo de Nucci of Argentina defeated Peter Bertram of Georgia in the fourth and final round of the First BPA PBeM tournament to claim the championship of the Single Elimination event over 18 other entrants. Both players bid for sides using S-4b: Panzer Attack ( Peter bid 7 turns to cross the board with 25 units for the Germans. Other laurelists were Joe Avinger (GA), Randy McInnis (NJ), Fred Schwarz (MI) and John Sharp (FL) who claimed third through sixth respectively.

 GM      Chuck Leonard [1st Year]   NA 
    NA   NA

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