princess ryan's star marines [Updated October 2006]  

2006 WBC Report    

 2007 Status: pending December Membership Vote

Daniel Hoffman, NC

2006 Champion

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Event History
1997    John Ellsworth      36
1998    James Stevens      28
1999    Paul Bolduc     19
2000    Stephen Shedden     22
2001    Nick Henning     19
2002    Adam Gugliemini     26
2003    Christina Frattali     22
2004    David Brooks     18
2006    Daniel Hoffman     31


Rank Name              From Last Total
  1. Nick Henning       CT   06    46
  2. Paul Bolduc        FL   06    44
  3. Adam Gugliemini    PA   03    40
  4. David Brooks       TN   06    38
  5. Daniel Hoffman     NC   06    20
  6. Ashley Collinson   MD   04    20
  7. Dan Hoffman        NC   04    20
  8. Christina Frattali WA   03    20
  9. Stephen Shedden    NY   00    20
 10. Paul Saunders      VA   03    18
 11. Phil Barcafer      PA   02    12
 12. Alexandra Henning  CT   06     8
 13. Angela Collinson   MD   03     8
 14. Jeremy Gibson      MS   02     6
 15. Jeff Ribeiro       NH   00     6
 16. Abby Cocke         MD   99     6
 17. Jon Gemmell        CT   04     6
 18. Eugene Pappas      MD   04     4
 19. Jordan Flawd       PA   02     4
 20. Karl Henning       CT   01     4
 21. Brooks Beyma       MD   99     4
 22. Erica Kirchner     KY   06     2
 23. Jeff Ribeiro       NH   02     2
 24. Missy Katano       MD   01     2
 25. Matt Fagan         NJ   00     2
 26. Mike Lam           CA   99     2

2006 Laurelists

Paul Bolduc, FL

Alex Henning, CT

David Brooks, TN

Nick Henning, CT

Erica Kirchner, KY

Past Winners

John Ellsworth, IL

James Stevens, GA

Paul Bolduc, FL

Stephen Shedden, NY

Nick Henning, CT

Adam Gugliemini, PA

Christina Frattali, WA

David Brooks, TN

We're Back

After eight years as an event, last year Princess Ryan's Star Marines was bumped from the approved list—at least for the adults. That did not stop 18 adults and teens from showing up at the junior's event to run their own unauthorized, ad hoc but greatly amusing tourney. This year, they got to come back for real thanks to the membership vote and new legacy rules which thinned the competition, and while there was only one plaque (as it had to start life over as a 'trial' event), they fought hard for it - and they brought their friends.

31 people played which made it the largest rendtion of this event since its debut ten years ago. The players included all six of the 2004 laurelists. Of those 31 gamers, ten were girls - and all of them pretty at that, thus definitely either giving the lie to (or proving the exception to) the rule that girls, especially pretty girls, don't play boardgames. Well, they play Princess Ryan—and they win!

Princess Ryan also seems to be a real family game, in more ways than one, as the list of players included 13 members of six families.

Many of the winners of previous tournaments (both adult and senior) were present, including the ever popular and always amusing Paul "we got thwacked" Bolduc, the charming and helpful Christina Hancock, that grand black guardess Erica Kirchner, the legendary Hennings siblings (Nick, Karl and Alex), the high-spirited Collinson girls (Ashley and Angela), the very crafty and deep-thinking Rebecca Hebner and the only centurion in the Frattalli household, Christina.

 GM Mark McLaughlin instructs some raw recruits for the Star Marines.

 Christine Frattali lends a hand supervising some raw troopers.

 Princess Ryan's Star Marines Junior

20 pint-sized star marines showed up for the Juniors version of Princess Ryan's Star Marines, allowing Rebecca Melton to gather genuine Junior Wood as the hero. The other standouts were:

2nd - Jack Doughan

3rd - Dan Collinson

- all of whom fell just short of rescuing the princess. But as everyone who plays Princess Ryan's Star Marines knows, "It's better that way."

 GM      Mark McLaughlin  [9th Year]   NA  NA

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