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2006 WBC Report     

2007 Status: pending 2007 GM commitment

John Elliott, MD

2005 Champion

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Event History
2005    Chris Striker     45
2006    John Elliott     44


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Chris Striker      PA    06    36
  2.  John Elliott       MD    06    30
  3.  Tom Pavy           OH    06    30
  4.  Paul Weintraub     MD    06    21
  5.  Lauren Vessey      VA    06    18
  6.  Bob Jamelli        PA    05     9
  7.  Chris Gnech        PA    05     6
  8.  Ruth Mayhan        PA    06     3
  9.  Stephen Fitchett   PA    05     3

2006 Laurelists

Lauren Vessey, VA

Tom Pavy, OH

Paul Weintraub, MD

Chris Striker, PA

Ruth Mayhan, PA

Past Winners

Chris Striker, PA

 Captain Larry quells a mutiny ... err, answers rules questions. Well, rules were made to be broken anyway. Next year we'll get it right ... aw, we don't need no stinkin' rules!

 Forest Speck (left) shows Tom Pavy where he'll walk the plank. Don't you just hate guys who can still wear their old Medium Avaloncon shirts?

Arrgggh... we don't need no stinkin' rules!

A total of 44 pirates sailed the seas this year in quest for glory including eight wenches who threw in their lot to follow in the footsteps of Anne Bonney..  That's six moe lasses than last year.  It's getting so a guy just can't get away from them. Anyway, Lauren Vessey was the top lady pirate, winning a game in heat 3.  Ruth Mayhan won in heat 2 and came in second behind Lauren in the same semi-final, besting two mates.  In all fairness, Stephen Fitchett was sunk five times this game.  Stephen is our most consistent pirate, coming in SECOND in all three heats!  That elusive win will come, Stephen.  Hang in there.  Back to Lauren, she won her semi-final game and lost in the Final to John Elliott by one lousy point!!!  That is what you call CLOSE!! 
Defending champ Chris Striker, went empty handed until he won on his third try in heat 3.  His spirited title defense came to an end in the semis where he finished second - good enough for fifth place overall.
Returning laurelist Tom Pavy was the frontrunner with two wins and a second in three heats.  He won his semi by three points over Forrest Speck to sail into the Final.   
Paul Weintraub, another returning laurelist, won his first heat and made a miraculous comeback in his semi.  He was in last place with three turns to go.  Fighting [he actually won a battle!], fame cards and burying loot gave him a meteoric rise at the end to join the Final crew. 
Linda Pattison, Mary Ellen Powers and Vinnie Sinigaglio all qualified for the playoffs with wins but were apparently shanghaied to other ports. This allowed John Speck, Stephen Fitchett, Ed Bielcik and Tracy Graf to join the semis as alternates.  Tom Pavy's second win left the last slot open.  Ah, Tracy.  The MOST unfortunate pirate of them all.  His crew had a mutiny, throwing 13 chests, three gold and him overboard. Did they really throw the loot overboard?  Nah!  Just that cowardly captain Tracy!
Other heat winners were;  Kevin Shaud, Brendan Coomes, David Albin, Lyle Wenger, Mike Coomes and Forrest Speck. 
The "Pack" clan, a motley crew if ever there was one, John, Marie and David all finished third in their respective heats.  I wonder who will lead the way next year for their first win?  
Of special note, the Flying Dutchman was really sunk by Bill Crenshaw and Mike Coomes in heat 3.  The GM will award a special honor to them next year.  Also noteworthy, in semi action, every legendary pirate was sunk  by John Elliott, David Albin, Tracy Graf and Mike Coomes in a joint effort.  Way to go guys.
Rules:  There was conjecture about parrots and section damage.  Page 6 states: mastercraft card, then parrot take first hits; and then section.  Days of Wonder confirmed we were playing correctly.  The island, pirate's cove: page 8 is specific, did this wrong.  End of game:  There is refit on last turn, did this wrong.  Tavern cards:  Reshuffle when depleted, did this wrong.
Having read the rules more than 12 times, I cannot believe this many mistakes.  Goes to show that house rules are hard to break for tournament play.  I apologize.  
Next year, the only proposed change I would like is to randomly roll for legendary pirate location on turn 12, before navigation, to allow burying of gold on treasure island.  We can vote on this next year in truly pirate democratic fashion.
Next month I will work on new sequence of events charts.  If you would like one, drop me an email below 

 GM      Larry Lingle [2nd Year]   218 .West Spruce St, Palmyra, PA 17078-1011 
    Napoleonll@gmail.com   717-838-8733

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