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2006 WBC Report  

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Bruce Young, SC

2006 Champion

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Event History
2003    Roy Gibson     26
2004    Scott Moll     16
2005     Geoff Allbutt     17
2006     Bruce Young     16

WAM Event History
2003    Don Greenwood     12

Waterloo Event History
2003    John Emery     14
2004    John Emery      8
2005    Ken Gutermuth     12
2006    Kevin Sudy     32

PBeM Event History
2005    Steve Pleva     64


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Kevin Sudy         VA    06     93
  2.  Ken Gutermuth      TX    06     87
  3.  John Emery         SC    06     82
  4.  Scott Moll         VA    06     75
  5.  Steve Pleva        CT    05     60
  6.  Don Greenwood      MD    05     53
  7.  Bruce Young        SC    06     48
  8.  Roy Gibson         MD    03     46
  9.  Tasos Tsoufis    Greece  05     36
 10.  Geoff Allbutt      ON    05     30
 11.  Richard Beyma      MD    04     30
 12.  Chris Byrd         CT    04     30
 13.  Rob Beyma          MD    04     28
 14.  Rich Shipley       MD    06     24
 15.  Pete Reese         VA    05     24
 16.  Ben Knight         MD    04     24
 17.  Lane Hess          PA    05     18
 18.  Seth Fine          WA    05     18
 19.  Henry Russell      PA    06     12
 20.  Scott Pfeiffer     SC    06     12
 21.  Scott Fenn         MD    05     12
 22.  Ken Schultz        IN    05     12
 23.  Ken Richards       SC    05     12
 24.  Rob Beyma          MD    05      9
 25.  Keith Hunsinger    OH    04      9
 26.  Nick Frydas        UK    03      9
 27.  Dave Gantt         SC    06      6
 28.  Michael Isgur      NY    05      6
 29.  Phil Bradley       IL    03      6
 30.  Marvin Birnbaum    NJ    03      4
 31.  Ralph Gleaton      SC    06      3
 32.  Jim Lawler         NY    05      3
 33.  Jesse Boomer       KS    04      3
 34.  Alan Sudy          VA    04      3
 35.  Jason White        VA    03      3

2006 Laurelists

Scott Moll, VA

John Emery, SC

Ken Gutermuth, TX

David Gantt, SC

Ralph Gleaton, SC

Past Winners

Roy Gibson, MD

Scott Moll, VA

Geoff Allbutt, ON

 Scott Pfeiffer. Rob Beyma and Scott Moll (left to right) in Round 1 action.

 Dave Gantt, Scott Moll, and Ralph Gleaton (left to right) in Semi-Final play.

 Lane Hess, Ed Rothenheber and Dave Gantt (left to right) fight it out in Round 1.

a pox on multi-player ...

Full campaign games were the norm in every round with a six-hour time limit on the first round, which I'm glad to say wasn't needed as all games finished on the victory roll within the time limit. I hate adjudicating Nappy games and so far I've only had to do it once in four years. The field remains relatively small but extremely qualified. A spectator for the first round made the comment that he thought hje had happened on the shark tank at the National Acquarium. Lots of CDW talent on display. A question that comes up every year is the format. Although called the 2 p-player Napoleonic Wars event we will use 3-player games as required to complete the tournament within three rounds. The Napoleonic 5-player game also plays 4-player games if necessary but neither event overlaps the other in the number of players per game. Most importantly, the two-player and three-player games share the important characteristic of being less prone to player diplomacy since camp flip flops do not occur as is the case in the 5-player version.

16 players began the contest Tuesday evening many returning from previous years plus a number of new faces. The standard of play was universally high with everyone reporting hard fought campaigns and nail biting finishes. A strong contingent from the Greenville Mafia was here to get a little practice at their favorite game and promote the Napoleonic Wars Waterloo event they will host in Greenville this month. Good players all, we split them up for the first round to avoid it seeming too much like a regular gaming session for our friends from the south. Fat lot of good it did. The later rounds looked like a Mafia meeting.

The first round broke down into four 3-player games and two 2-player games. Assuming I had done the math correctly that would give us two 3-player semi-finals and a 2-player Final and be complete in three rounds as per the program. The honors in the first round were pretty evenly split with every side winning a least one of the games. Every match was hotly contested and included several with French invasions of Russia. In my playing circle Russian Winter rolls are uncommon and here we had two games with 1812 style campaigns - way cool. This is the best reason to play at WBC ... to see other styles of play and get away from your regular protagonists' stratagems.

After the caissons had trundled off, we were left with six players and a heavy dose of "You alls" - four players of the six hailing from the gaming capitol of the south. So Wednesday morning the six set up camp at two tables and the fate of Europe was determined. all over again. The first game to finish was won by past champion Scott Moll showing the Greenville boys that his past victories were no fluke. The other contest was longer with Bruce Young prevailing as the French despite the best efforts of John Emery and Ken Gutermuth who harried Bruce with all manor of ploys but he hung on and finally rolled a victory. So the Final was to be 2004 Champion Scott Moll and Greenville hopeful Bruce Young who had previously not taken any NW2 laurels.

The Final showed the other extreme of Nappy with Bruce playing the French. Bruce was apparently using the draw good cards strategy and with a hand of card stealers proceeded to beat on Scott. The end of 1805 gave the dice roll to Bruce and he needed a 6 to win. Scott I'm sure was considering the very many ways he would be able to stag a comeback on Turn 2 if only Bruce didn't get that 6. However Bruce had a secret weapon. His strategy was to draw good cards AND roll good dice - so a "6" and the Napoleonic Wars 2-player crown for 2006 had been decided quickly, if not painlessly. Better luck next year Scott.

Thanks to all you who played, a great bunch of Nappy players with whom I look forward to crossing swords again next year.

2005 PBeM Tournament

After 34 games and 64 players, the ACTS tourney of 3-player Nappy is now complete. In the last game the France of Steve Pleva continued her sweep of all the semifinal games into the Final by beating the Coalition (Pete Reese as Britain and Tasos Tsoufis as Austria/Russia. The final score after Turn 4 was: France +6 = Dublin + Lisbon + Naples + Salzburg + Venice + SPAIN + TURKEY - Budapest; Britain -2 = SWEDEN - Dublin - Lisbon - Naples; Austria/Russia 0 = +KEY + Budapest - Salzburg - Venice".

 GM      Roy Gibson  [2nd Year]   NA   NA

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