mystery of the abbey [Updated October 2006]  

2006 WBC Report     

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Chuck Halberstadt, IN

2006 Champion

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Event History
2003    David Wenstrup     98
2004    David Burkey     31
2005    Lisa Gutermuth     27
2006     Chuck Halberstadt     31


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  David Wenstrup     SC    03     30
  2.  Lisa Gutermuth     TX    04     22
  3.  Chuck Halberstadt  IN    06     20
  4.  Alexandra Henning  CT    06     20
  5.  David Burkey       PA    04     20
  6.  Brandon Bernard    PA    06     18
  7.  Eyal Mozes         NY    03     18
  8.  Natalie Beach      MD    06     12
  9.  James Allaire      CT    05     12
 10.  Ted Drozd          IL    03     12
 11.  Brian Schott       MD    03      9
 12.  Ellen Hoam         OH    06      8
 13.  James Kendrick     UK    04      8
 14.  John Kratz         ID    04      6
 15.  Verity Hitchings   DE    06      4
 16.  Kathy Hitchings    DE    05      4
 17.  Andrew Bremer      NE    04      4
 18.  Gary Noe           FL    03      3
 19.  Jordan Halberstadt IN    06      2
 20.  Lauren Vessey      VA    05      2

2006 Laurelists

Natalie Beach, MD

Ellen Hoam, OH

Alexandra Henning, CT

Verity Hitchings, DE

Jordan Halberstadt, IN

Past Winners

David Wenstrup, SC

David Burkey, PA

Lisa Gutermuth, TX

Finalists (clockwise from left) Natalie Beach, Chuck and Jordan Halberstadt, Ellen Hoam, Alexandra Henning and Verity Hitchings solve the Final murder.

a better whodunit ...

As the bodies were found, 31 would be detectives gathered at the Abbey to try and solve the Mystery of the Abbey and determine which of the monks committed murder. Ladies proved to be the most successful detectives with four advancing. Indeed, ladies seem to love a mystery as 40% of the field was composed of the fair sex. Five 5-player games and one 6-player game would advance six wannabe detectives to the Final crime scene.

In the only 6-player game of the first round, Ellen Hoam successfully identified the murderer in a game that saw no Revelations. Alex Henning made the only revelation, which was accurate, before identifying the killer in her game. While in Penance for an incorrect accusation of Father Matthew, Benoit Groulx saw his detective career evaporate as Verity Hitchings, despite making a false revelation, was able to identify the culprit.

In another closely contested game, Ken Gutermuth used the advantage of skipping mass to position himself for the win but was thwarted as Jordan Halberstadt went to the Crypt and found the secret passageway to sneak across the board and identify the killer before Ken could move. Natalie Beach easily outdistanced her rivals in Round 1 as she had three successful revelations before correctly identifying the murderer. In our longest mystery, Chuck Halberstadt proved that detective skills run in the family as he joined the other finalists with his successful solution to the murder.

The Final proved to be a close affair with seven revelations occurring during play, the most of any game in the tournament. Revelations, however, proved to not be enough as Chuck Halberstadt, correctly identified the killer despite being the only player not to make a revelation. His successful accusation of Novice Philippe earned him four points which put him in a tie with first round revelation queen, Natalie Beach, as well as Ellen Hoam. Chuck emerged victorious in the tiebreaker since he successfully identified the murderer. Natalie edged out Ellen for second due to Ellen's penance requirement during the Final.

Congratulations to Chuck Halberstadt for his great detective work in finding the murderer and more importantly, the wood, at the Abbey.

In all seven games that were played, the winner never had the opportunity to visit the Bibliotech. Lisa Gutermuth and Eyal Moses were the only two players who managed to visit the Bibliotech twice. There were nine trips back to the chapel to serve Penance, one for a wrong accusation and eight for failure to perform the duty of ringing the bell that all monks are required to do at some point in their career. There were a total of 22 revelations of which 15 were correct.

 GM      Ken Gutermuth  [1st Year]   NA
   NA   NA

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