Memoir '44 [Updated October 2006]  

2006 WBC Report  

  2007 Status: pending 2007 GM commitment

Joe Harrison, KY

2005-06 Champion

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Event History
2004    Steve Lollis     91
2005    Joe Harrison     93
2006    Joe Harrison     70


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Robert Eastman     NV    06     68
  2.  Joe Harrison       KY    06     90
  3.  Steve Lollis       MD    06     54
  4.  Harrison Anderson  PA    06     26
  5.  Jonathan Miller    DC    06     24
  6.  Benoit Groulx      QC    05     20
  7.  Scott Sirianna     NY    04     20
  8.  Frank Hastings     MD    05     15
  9.  Bob Heinzmann      FL    04     15
 10.  Mark Guttag        VA    06     10
 11.  Scott Edwards      SC    04     10
 12.  Matthew O'Conner   NJ    05      5
 13.  Paul Bean          MA    04      5

2006 Laurelists

Jonathan Miller, DC

Harrison Anderson, PA

Mark Guttag, VA

Robert Eastman, NV

Steve Lollis, MD

Past Winners

Steve Lollis, MD

Joe Harrison, KY

 Although its simplicity often dismisses as a serious game of skill in the judgement of some, Memoir refuted that by returning four Laurelists despite a large field.

 One wonders whether this event's format of always using the newest nationality releases adds to or detracts from the attendance. What's next after the Japanese?

 Andy Lewis checks out the competition. The GMT VP plays games by all publishers as his wife will attest. Those Lewis kids have a lot of games to grow into.

Germans Dominate the East Front

In its third year, the Memoir '44 tournament featured its third different format. This year players could advance to the second Round on Friday by winning their match during the Mulligan Round on Thursday morning or the first Round on Friday. As in 2005, in each round, players played a two-game match of the scenario for that round, with players switching sides between games. Players advanced to the next round based on most total medals earned with enemy figures eliminated during the two games serving as a tie-breaker.

The theme of this year's tournament was the Eastern Front from Barbarossa in 1941through Stalingrad in 1942. Days of Wonder provided a handout with four new scenarios for the Mulligan Round and Rounds 1-4. Scenario 39 - [Typhoon] Gates of Moscow was used in the semi-final (Round 5) and Scenario 41 - [Stalingrad] Red Barricades Factory Complex was used in the Final (Round 6). Scenario 39 and 41 are two of the most popular and balanced Eastern Front scenarios based on reported games on the Days of Wonder website. All scenarios featured the Russian command rules which required the Russian player to choose the card to play each turn during the previous turn. This rule often severely limits the Russian player's ability to destroy exposed German units or react to crises.

Scenario 57 - [Barbarossa] Russian Breakout was used in the Mulligan Round and Round 1. Scenario 57 is based on an attempt by the Russians to break out from a German encirclement during the opening weeks of Operation Barbarossa (July 21-31, 1941). In the scenario a large Russian infantry force with just two armor units faced a German force with six armor units. Due to the relative lack of terrain, the Germans generally dominated during the Mulligan Round (24-2 in reported games) and 1st Round games (39-9 in reported games). A total of 28 games were played in the Mulligan Round (14 matches) and 52 games (26 matches) were played in the 1st Round.

Scenario 58 - [Barbarossa] Lipovec was used in Round 2. Scenario 58 is based on the German advance on the Ukrainian town of Lipovec on July 22 1941. Although the Germans once again dominate the Russians in armor in this scenario (3 to 0), the Russians have three forward units set up in dug in forest hexes, with the remaining defenders set-up behind the fordable River Szob around the town of Lipovec. Although, the Germans still dominated (26-11 in completed games), the Russians fared better than in Scenario 57. A total of 40 games were played in the second Round.

Scenario 59 - [Barbarossa] Sea of Azov was used in Round 3. Scenario 59 is based on the 3rd Panzer Corps encirclement of the 9th and 18th Soviet Armies on September 26, 1941. In the Scenario, the Russians start out with a superior infantry force that is eventually ambushed from behind by a German armor force of up to four units that appear on the Russian baseline as reinforcements. The Germans dominated this round as well (12-4).

The quarter-finals, Round 4, featured five top players from previous years: Joe Harrison (defending Champion), Steve Lollis (2005 Champion), Robert Eastman (2005 Runner-Up), Benoit Groulx (2005 3rd Place) and Harrison Anderson (2005 5th Place). The Scenario for Round 4 was Scenario 47 - [Barbarossa] Battle for Rostov based on the Russian counterattack against the German held town of Rostov on November 25-26, 1941. Once again, the Germans dominated winning all eight games played, meaning that each player won a game in each match. Joe Harrison and Benoit Groulx tied with eight total medals for their two-game match, but Joe advanced to the semi-finals based on killing 39 enemy figures to Benoit's 34. Steve Lollis also tied Harrison Anderson in medals with nine, but Harrison advanced with 40 kills to Steve's 38. Mark Guttag beat Robert Eastman ten Medals to nine in their match while Jonathan Miller beat Darin Morley ten Medals to eight.

In the Semi-finals (Scenario 39 - [Typhoon] Gates of Moscow), Joe Harrison as the Germans beat Harrison Anderson as the Russians 7-2 in their first game, and Harrison conceded to Joe when Joe scored three Medals in the 2nd game of the match, giving Joe an unbeatable score of 1ten medals. Jonathan Miller also swept his semi-final opponent, Mark Guttag, winning 7-6 as the Russians and 7-4 as the Germans.

Unfortunately, Jonathan Miller had to resign during the first game of the Final (Scenario 41 - [Stalingrad] Red Barricades Factory Complex) to handle an emergency at home, thereby handing the championship to Joe Harrison. Up until Jonathan had to leave, the 1st game had been closely fought and Jonathan led 7-5 as the Russians.

The GM wants to thank his assistants John Vasilakos, Daniel Broh-Kahn and Stuart Hendrickson for all of their help. The early rounds of the tournament went much smoother than last year and the Mulligan round finished in just 1 hour and 45 minutes. The GM also wants to thank Days of Wonder for all of their support in printing scenarios for the tournament and providing extra Eastern Front terrain as needed. Fortunately, we seldom had to use the extra terrain pieces, because almost half of the players in the tournament brought the Eastern Front expansion with them. Well over half the players at least brought a copy of the base set of Memoir '44, if not the Eastern Front expansion. So I want to extend a big "Thank You" to all of the players who brought a copy of the Eastern Front expansion and supported our doing an Eastern Front campaign this year. In 2007 we are planning to do a Pacific Theatre campaign. So everyone who hasn't done so already should pick-up a copy of the Pacific Theatre expansion.

 GM      Mark Guttag  [2nd Year]   NA   NA

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