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2006 WBC Report  

  2007 Status: pending 2007 GM commitment

Chris Trimmer, TX

2006 Champion

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Event History
2004    Perrianne Lurie     63
2005     Kevin Walsh     61
2006    Chris Trimmer     48

Euro Quest Event History
2004    Arthur Field     30
2005     Christian Moffa     22
2006    Alex Bove     27


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Arthur Field       SC    06     84
  2.  John Kerr          VA    06     48
  3.  Chris Moffa        NJ    06     42
  4.  Kevin Walsh        NY    05     40
  5.  Alex Bove          PA    06     39
  6.  Chris Trimmer      TX    06     30
  7.  Rod Spade          PA    06     30
  8.  Perrianne Lurie    PA    04     30
  9.  Raphael Lehrer     MD    06     21
 10.  Chris Johnson      CA    05     16
 11.  Tom Browne         PA    05     15
 12.  Jason Levine       NY    06     12
 13.  Andrew Gerb        MD    05     12
 14.  Daniel Eoppolito   CA    05     12
 15.  Lee Sensabaugh     VA    04     12
 16.  Peter Staab        PA    05      9
 17.  Mario Lanza        PA    04      9
 18.  David Norman       UK    05      8
 19.  Charlie Kersten    OH    06      6
 20.  Brian Reynolds     MD    04      6
 21.  Rob Flowers        MD    05      4
 22.  Michael Fox        IL    06      3
 23.  Andrew Greene      VA    04      3
 24.  Phil Rennert       MD    04      3

2006 Laurelists

Rod Spade, PA

Jason Levine, NY

Alex Bove, PA

Charlie Kersten, OH

Raphael Lehrer, MD

Past Winners

Perrianne Lurie, PA

Kevin Walsh, NY

 As with most Euro events, attendance shrinks as the game ages but the skill level increases.

 Aha! Photographic evidence that Bruce Reiff did not win every game he played at WBC.

A New Class of Laurelists

The two preliminary heats of Goa produced a total of 14 individual winners in 16 games. GM Rich Meyer and Alan Kaiser each won twice, and Alan also notched two of the four highest scores (the top score of 53 and 50) in the process. Rod Spade (52) and Alex Bove (51) also turned in top drawer first round performances. As in 2005, the trade winds of the East Indies did not favor last year's laurelists. Defending champion Kevin Walsh did not make it out of the preliminaries, and runner-up Arthur Field would fall in the semi-finals, leaving four new faces to contest the Final.
This year the tournament used the game designer's rule modification on expedition card draws requiring discards to be made prior to a draw that would put a player over the maximum number of cards he could hold. Results suggest that this change certainly helped to bring the power of the expedition card track back in line with other strategies. Out of the 21 games contested in the tournament's three rounds, the winner built all four colonies thirteen times, scored the highest points from expedition cards twelve times, scored the most points from tile bonuses nine times, and had the most money ten times, a very balanced mix.
Nonetheless, the expedition card track still appeared to be heavily favored by the players advancing to later rounds. In the heats, the high expedition point score averaged 7.4 points, and the entire table averaged 16.5 points in expedition card bonuses. In the semis, however, the high expedition point score rose to 9.5, while the table average grew even more dramatically to 26 points, suggesting that nearly all of the final sixteen incorporated late-game card hoarding into their overall strategy.
Two of the semi-finals were extremely close, while the other two victors held comfortable margins in the final scoring. Alex Bove beat Raphael Lehrer by eight points (53-45), with double winner Kaiser third at 43. Chris Trimmer (47) beat both Davyd Field and GM Meyer by six points. At the other end of the spectrum, Rod Spade won his semi-final by tie-breaker over Charlie Kersten by a final margin of 10 ducats. Finally, in the closest match overall, Jason Levine (46) used nine tile bonus points to edge Steve Shambeda (45) by one, with Arthur Field (43) and Jeff Mullet (42) close on their heels.
The Final began with an unusual board set-up, as two of the four orange tiles generating rewards each turn (the money and spice tiles) were left out of the mix. When Chris Trimmer won both the one colonist per turn tile in Round 1 and the one ship per turn tile in Round 2, the material advantage he gained would prove extremely significant. Rod moved quickly up the expedition card track, and exploited this advantage immediately, drawing cards six times during the Phase A action rounds. Alex, after purchasing an early white plantation, went the shipbuilding route, maximizing that track by Round 4, but lagged badly in other development areas. Jason won all three of the Phase A auctions where ships or colonists were put up for sale, but also wound up spending two actions taking cash to replenish his money supply. At the halfway point, the table consensus was that Rod and Chris had moved out to a lead over the other two. Interestingly, the two had gotten there in almost absolutely reverse fashion. Chris had been the most active bidder (winning seven of the 20 Phase A auctions), while Rod had won only three.
Entering Phase B, it seemed as if Rod had a larger war chest of funds available, but that is not how matters played out, as Jason's periodic visits to the money track "ATM" would leave him just enough cash to thwart a couple of Rod's highest bids for Phase B tiles. Typically, it was Chris who was the beneficiary of the escalating bidding. As a result, he was able to extend his auction dominance through Phase B as well, winning eight bids while his three opponents won only four each. While Rod made a strong leap forward in Round 5, thanks to three extra actions, his latter game expedition card draws would not prove as helpful as his early game performance. Chris maxed out the colonist, ship, and harvest track in successive rounds (6, 7, 8), pulling away from his pursuers, and ending the game with a tournament high score of 54. Rod remained solidly in second (47), while Jason's late game wins of tile bids for two extra actions (won with a 22 bid) and the Swap tile (won for 28) propelled him into third with 41 points.
Champion Chris' performance throughout was dominant, as he handily won all three games he played by seven, six, and seven points. But can he survive the defender's curse in 2007? Only time will tell.

2006 Euro Quest Laurelists

Alex Bove, PA

Raphael Lehrer, MD

Arthur Field, SC

John Kerr, VA

Christian Moffa, NJ

 GM      Richard Meyer  [2nd Year]   52 Mill St, Franklin, MA 02038
   mvmoles@comcast.net   NA

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