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2006 WBC Report  

 2007 Status: pending December Membership Vote

Dennis Culhane, PA

2006 Champion

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Event History
2005    Bob Heinzmann     26
2006     Dennis Culhane       8


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Bob Heinzmann      FL    06     46
  2.  John Chabonneau    NH    05     24
  3.  Steve Campbell     NH    05     16
  4.  Dave Casper        CA    05     12
  5.  Dennis Culhane     PA    06     10
  6.  John Leggat        CA    05      8
  7.  Peter Perla        VA    06      6
  8.  Paul Gaberson      PA    06      4
  9.  Frank McNally      MA    05      4

2006 Laurelists

Bob Heinzmann, FL

Peter Perla, VA

Paul Gaberson, PA

Past Winners

Bob Heinzmann, FL

Defending champion Bob Heinzmann (left) advanced over Melvin Casselberry in Round 1.

First Time Out of the Box

The Empire of the Sun tournament is now in its second year and suffered a major slide in attendance - primarily due to scheduling opposite the new heavyweight in the CDW realm: Twilight Struggle. Nevertheless, a much smaller field followed the war by playing the yearly scenarios in order (e.g., '42, 43, 44). In this single elimination tournament the winner would have to fight out the war, year by year, for the 'wood'. Sides are established by bidding with this year seeing almost all neutral bids.

The Japanese took the edge 3 to 1 in the 1942 scenario with the captain of the Peck of Pickled Peppers, Peter Perla, winning with the Allies by preventing the Japanese from taking the requisite resource hexes to establish the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. The other three matches with several newcomers in the ranks saw the Japanese reach their historical expansion and victory. The odds makers are calling for a +1 or +2 bid for the Japanese in the future.

The 1943 scenario saw total Japanese dominance through the conquest of the China-Burma-India theater. Allied counter tactics are being explored for next year, but in the future the word on the street is make the Japanese bid at least four victory points for the pleasure of the initiative. Allied players must cover Dacca in their early moves to protect against the Japanese play of one of the three sisters (West Force, Central Force, East Force) whose paratrooper capability can be devastating to Allied supply lines.

The Final saw defending champion Bob Heinzmann as the Japanese fighting a well practiced Dennis Culhane in the Allied corner. Dennis had found a strong set of early moves for the Allies for which he bid one victory point. His massive assault on Truk displaced the South Seas HQ and placed the Japanese western Pacific forces out of supply. This early loss spelled doom for the Japanese. Bob Heinzmann took his loss with class and a stiff upper lip. Dennis had dominated all three of his matches to become the second Empire of the Sun champion.

Due to attendance decline this year, Empire of the Sun will require a saving throw from the membership vote in December to come back as a Trial in a less competiive time slot. Next year the tournament will run in a similar manner with the Final being focused on a full campaign game for the 'wood'. The campaign scenario is seeing extensive play in the WBC sponsored internet tournament, so next year promises to be even more exciting than this year. The odds makers are saying that it is close to a coin toss for sides in the '42 campaign start, with a slight edge of less than one point for the Japanese. More play and the continuing development of Allied tactics should see some interesting surprises next year. See you all in Lancaster.

 GM      Mark Herman [2nd year]   NA
   NA   NA

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