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2006 WBC Report     

 2007 Status: pending December Membership Vote

Bob Runnicles, FL

2005-06 Champion

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Event History
2001    Jeff Paull     27
2002    Bob Runnicles     46
2003    Dan Dolan Sr     42
2004    Dan Dolan Sr     48
2005     Bob Runnicles     47
2006    Bob Runnicles     50


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Bob Runnicles      FL    06     56
  2.  Jeff Paull         OH    06     42
  3.  Dan Dolan Sr       NJ    04     38
  4.  Rebecca Hebner     CO    06     18
  5.  Bill Edwards       VA    06     16
  6.  Dan Dolan Jr       NJ    06     14
  7.  James Carvin       PA    05      8
  8.  Dave Meyaard       CT    06      6
  9.  Vince Frattali     WA    01      6
 10.  Lance Fogel        PA    05      4
 11.  Alex Bove          PA    04      4
 12.  Roger Taylor       VA    03      4
 13.  Lynn Ribeiro       NH    01      4
 14.  Roy Gibson         MD    02      3
 15.  Kevin Youells      FL    02      3
 16.  Phil White         MD    05      2
 17.  John Tighe         NC    04      2
 18.  Steve Cameron      PA    03      2
 19.  Robert Eastman     NV    03      1
 20.  Nicholas Kramer    PA    02      1

2006 Laurelists

Rebecca Hebner, CO

Dan Dolan Jr, NJ

Dave Meyaard, CT

Jeff Paull, OH

Bill Edwards, VA

Past Winners

Jeff Paul, OH

Bob Runnicles, FL
2002, 2005-06

Dan Dolan Sr, NJ

 Economy size elk ...

 Two of the more seasoned competitors.

grand strategy on a titanic scale ...

The waters were rough that evening my friends. The 2006 Elchfest tournament flicked off with 50 contestants vying for the title of Big Moose. Defending champion Bob Runnicles was there to defend his crown and there were many who would try to wrest it from him in the tepid waters of Lancaster.

This year's event was highlighted by having to keep the tablecloths on the tables due to smaller tables being duct taped together to make one whole one (what - you never heard of rapids? This is championship caliber river crossing. No meek elk need apply). The ripples in the tablecloths threw the competition wide open as past champions fell early on and a new younger generation of flickers rose to the challenge and competed for the glory of WBC's premier event.

However through it all one man kept up a steady pace. The man whose consistency over the years has made him the most feared moose flicker on the planet—Bob Runnicles. Would one of the new flickers rear up and snatch his crown from him?

The rounds went longer than usual due to the rough surface and many a moose took a dip into the roaring waters that night. Past champion Dan Dolan (The Elder) was beaten in his team event by his son Dan Dolan (The Younger) in the first round. Team X took a body shot early on.

Showing that Elchfest is not a sport dominated by males, Rebecca Hebner beat some tough competition on her way to a spot in the final. But waiting for her on the other side of the river was none other than Bob Runnicles.

It was late and the waters were rough when the two started their final trek across the waters and glory awaited one on the other side. When the mud settled Bob Runnicles had captured his third ELCHFEST title.

Next year . Next year. ... was the cry of the vanquished as they made their sodden retreat from the river until 2007 when they'll be summoned again to prove their mettle.

The big demo elk were a major hit with the pint-sized elk movers.

 Elchfest Junior

22 Elk calves tried to cross the river. The three most successful were:

1st: Aurora Pack

2nd: Kaleigh Jaeger

3rd: Ben Gardner

 GM      Dan Dolan Sr  [4th Year]   NA
    Phlegm@Warwick.net   NA

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