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2006 WBC Report     

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Ted Simmons, NJ

2006 Champion

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Event History
2003    Lyman Moquin     14
2004     Steve Simmons     12
2005    Roger Whitney     10
2006    Ted Simmons     18


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Ted Simmons        NJ    06     30
  2.  Lyman Moquin       DC    06     25
  3.  Thomas Browne      PA    06     19
  4.  Peter Staab        PA    06     18
  5.  Paul Skrabut       FL    05     16
  6.  Steve Simmons      NJ    04     13
  7.  Roger Whitney      FL    05     10
  8.  Peter Pollard      TN    06      6
  9.  Tom DeMarco        NJ    04      6
 10.  Mike Ryan          NY    05      4
 11.  Patrick Havert     CA    06      3
 12.  Doug Smith         PA    05      2
 13.  Geof Engelstein    NJ    04      2
 14.  Al Mink            VA    04      1

2006 Laurelists

Tom Bowne, PA

Peter Staab, PA

Lyman Moquin, DC

Peter Pollard, TN

Patrick Havert, CA

Past Winners

Lyman Moquin, DC

Steve Simmons, NJ

Roger Whitney, FL

Finalists Tom Browne, Lyman Moquin, Peter Pollard, Ted Simmons, and Peter Staab battle it out at the edn of the Sampler Showcase Pre-Con.

A Pre-Con Safe Harbor

The 2006 tournament was held on Tuesday, 1 August 2006, in the hopes that holding this tournament "pre-con" would allow greater participation.  The first round consisted of two 5-player and two 4-player games.  As predicted, these 18 players which included all three former champions were more than any previous WBC Die Macher tournament.  This protected position allowed the event to qualify for the Century for the first time. The four first round winners were: Patrick Havert, Lyman Moquin, Ted Simmons and Peter Staab.  Patrick chose not to play in the 5-player Final, allowing Tom Browne and Peter Pollard, the two best runner-ups (based upon percentage of total board score), to join the three remaining winners. Moquin was the lone survivor from among the former champs to advance.

In the Final, of the seven regions, three were won by single parties and four were won by coalitions.  No victories were "by a short head".  Staab and Browne each won thrice, Simmons and Moquin won twice, and Pollard once. Pollard won the first region but had little luck drawing the desired party platform cards and was unable to usefully change his platform until Round 5. The key region proved to be Region 6 as it was both the 80 Mandate (Victory Point) region (the most in the game) and the penultimate region to be decided. This region was won by a coalition of Moquin/Simmons over a competing coalition of the other three.  Tom/Peter bid 129 to take the final opinion poll for Region 6, but were much disappointed when the poll moved both Tom/Peter DOWN and both Moquin/Simmons UP forcing them to keep the poll unpublished.  The winners naturally moved to the National Board the issues that benefited them the most, allowing Simmins to wrap up the victory over his nearest opponent, Browne.  Staab won Region 7 moving him into third, but the Region 6 victory was the key to victory.  Simmons (with 442 points) scored a narrow victory over Browne (426 points).  Staab (362) was third, Moquin (348) fourth and Pollard (344) fifth.

Ted's 442 points consisted of:
        Mandate                255 (1st)
        Medien                  27 (3rd Tie)
        Partiebasis             80 (1st)
        Ubereinstimmung   60 (3rd but 1st was 67 and 2nd was 62)
        Bonus                   10 (1st Tie)

In short, Simmons was first or close to first in everything except Medien, which reflected his decision to emphasize winning the later regions, especially the crucial, size 80, Region 6.

 GM      Steve Simmons [1st Year]   NA
   steve.g.simmons@lmco.com   NA

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