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2006 WBC Report  

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Ted Drozd, IL

2006 Champion

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Event History
2005    Mark McLaughlin     14
2006    Ted Drozd     26


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Ted Drozd          IL    06     24
  2.  Jesser Boomer      KS    06     12
  3.  Mark McLaughlin    CT    05     10
  4.  Matthew O'Conner   NJ    06      8
  5.  David Rohde        NC    06      6
  6.  Barry Smith        NY    05      6
  7.  Philip Yaure       PA    06      4
  8.  Brian Smith        NY    05      3
  9.  Dennis Culhane     PA    06      2
 10.  Mike Nagel         NJ    05      2
 11.  Matt Daly          NY    05      1

2006 Laurelists

Jesse Boomer, KS

Matthew O'Conner, NJ

David Rohde, NC

Philip Yaure, PA

Dennis Culhane, PA

Past Winners

Mark McLaughlin, CT

 David Rohde (right) on his way to 4th place laurels.

 Apparently, there was a shortage of rectangular tables on Saturday.

No Sophomore Jinx

This year's tournament nearly doubled its field in our second year at WBC. 26 players sat down to play the first round Battle of Guilford Courthouse. The results were balanced with the British players winning seven of 13 games. Five of these matches were decided by a margin of one victory point. This made for some tense and exciting first round play.

The Round 2 scenario was the famed Battle of Bunker Hill. The American position proved a tough nut to crack as the Continentals held a four to two edge in win totals. Peter Yaure gained a desperate victory by denying Andy Finkel's British Regulars one more victory point.

Round 3 saw the scenario shift to the French and Indian War Battle of Fort Duquesne. After some debate over the correct pronunciation of the aforementioned fort, players were ready for battle. Young Matthew O'Conner scored a bloody victory over Dennis Culhane's embattled British force. Dennis was a mere turn away from taking the momentum when Matthew used his Indian unit's movement abilities to inflict quick losses and gain vital victory point markers. David Rohde continued his solid play by defeating the aforementioned Peter Yaure in a hotly contested 12-turn match. Jesse Boomer and Ted Drozd dueled evenly until the very end, with Ted pulling out victory on Turn 18

Play was adjourned for dinner and rest breaks. The Round 4 semi-final Battle of Quebec would begin later that evening. Ted Drozd, the defending third place lauelist, would face David Rohde. Jesse Boomer would advance as a wildcard based on victory points and number of turns lasted. He would face Matthew O'Conner.

Matthew had purchased the game here last year. Since then he had played all 15 scenarios multiple times. He lost his first round match by one victory point but advanced as a wildcard. He made the most of the second chance by scoring two strong victories in subsequent rounds. But his luck would run out against Mr. Boomer. Jesse's Redcoats isolated a good portion of Montcalm's men and destroyed them for a victory point win on Turn 17.

Ted Drozd continued his stellar play by defeating David Rohde's British Regulars six victory points to none in 20 turns. He would go on to face Jesse Boomer in the final scenario, the Battle of Brandywine.

The battle began with careful movement and positioning by both. Ted played the Americans and did his best to hold onto key terrain until he could reinforce with more commanders and gain more action points. Jesse moved his British right flank onto the American left and Ted took first blood by eliminating a British Dragoon unit. Mr. Boomer was quick to respond by eliminating two units himself. The fighting became fierce. The Redcoats rushed the main American hill position and began to clear hexes with the careful use of artillery and infantry close combat. By Turn 13, British infantry and artillery had a hard foothold on the hill, with more artillery support coming up to clear the rest. The Americans would not give up without a fight. With all leaders now on the board as reinforcements, Ted could now match Jesse in action points. This enabled him to make a spirited assault on the encroaching British units. By Turn 15, savage close combat had pushed the British back toward their lines. The score was now tied at four victory points. The first side to six would win. On Turn 16, Ted caught weakened British infantry and artillery in the open. American artillery fire eliminated two units to secure the win.

Matthew O'Conner was granted third place laurels based on victory point totals.

It was a fitting end to an exciting tournament. There were tfive rounds of play with many matches came down to the wire. It should also be mentioned that competition included five younsters under the age of sixteen. This included Revcon Clash Champ Daniel Ruhnke. Thank you to everyone who came out and made it an exciting tournament!

 GM      Matt Burchfield [1st year]   NA   NA

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