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2006 WBC Report  

 2007 Status: pending 2007 GM commitment

Jim Eliason, IA

2006 Champion

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WBC Event History
1994    Jim Doughan      50
1995    Bill Edwards      48
1996    Hank Burkhalter      54
1997    Jim Doughan      53
1998    Don Greenwood      52
1999    Michael Rinella     48
2000    Phil Barcafer     32
2001    Jim Doughan     34
2002     Alan Applebaum     26
2003    Jim Eliason     28
2004    Nels Thompson     33
2005    Andrew Cummins     27
2006    Jim Eliason     19

D-Day Mini-Con Event History
1998    Don Greenwood      17
1999    Alan Applebaum     19
2000    Bryan Esleman     18
2001    Andrew Cummins     17
2002     Marvin Birnbaum     23
2003    David Wong     15
2004    Andrew Cummins     15
2005    Don Greenwood     20

PBeM Event History
1999    Jim Doughan      34
2001    John Crabtree      36
2003    Bruno Passacantando      48
2004    Don Greenwood     47
2006          50


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Andrew Cummins     UK    06    268
  2.  Don Greenwood      MD    06    258
  3.  Alan Applebaum     MA    02    180
  4.  Jim Eliason        IA    06    164
  5.  Nels Thompson      VA    06    154
  6.  Bryan Eshleman     NC    06    153
  7.  Marvin Birnbaum    NY    02    151
  8.  Jim Doughan        PA    05    143
  9.  Mike Rinella       NY    06    120
 10.  Henry Jones        PA    05    120
 11.  Brun Passacantando CT    04     96
 12.  Mark Gutfreund     KY    06     92
 13.  Phil Barcafer      PA    01     84
 14.  Tom Dworschak      GA    04     76
 15.  Scott Fenn         MD    06     61
 16.  Michael Kaye       MD    04     54
 17.  Ken Nied           KS    05     51
 18.  David Wong         NJ    03     50
 19.  Tom Pavy           OH    03     48
 20.  Steve Andriakos    TX    06     37
 21.  Clyde Longest      VA    05     36
 22.  Bill Edwards       VA    99     36
 23.  Bryan Stingley     NC    03     24
 24.  Anthony Daw        UT    06     12
 25.  Chris Byrd         CT    05     12
 26.  Anders Egneus     Swed   99     12
 27.  Ron Fedin          PA    04     11
 28.  John Crabtree      CA    01     10
 29.  Tom Drueding       MA    04     10
 30.  Tom Gregorio       PA    06      7
 31.  John Grant Jr      CT    99      6
 32.  Chris Roginsky     PA    04      5
 33.  Dennis Nicholson   NY    03      5
 34.  Hank Burkhalter    GA    99      2

2006 Laurelists

Andrew Cummins, UK

Scott Fenn, MD

Mark Gutfreund, KY

Nels Thompson, NY

Micheal Rinella, NY

Past Winners

Jim Doughan, PA
1994, 1997, 2001

Bill Edwards, VA

Hank Burkhalter, TX

Don Greenwood, MD

Michael Rinella, NY

Phil Barcafer, PA

Alan Applebaum, MA

Jim Eliason, IA
2003, 2006

Nels Thompson, NY

Andrew Cummins, UK

 GM Ken Nied (right) "overlords" his invasion beaches against Nick Anner ... a top CDW player trying to make the transition to the impulse system games.

 Three-time champ Jim Doughan (left) trades notes with Steve Koleszar (a five-time champ of Storm Over Arnhem trying to make the transition to its later sister game.

 Scott Fenn (left) reached the elimination portion unbeaten but was stopped short of his first Championship in the Semis by Andrew Cummins.

Still hitting the beach 13 years later ...

When the last die came to rest, Jim Eliason claimed the 2006 title, his second in four years. The theme of this year's tournament could well have been Comeback Kids. After the first three rounds of play, defending champion Andrew Cummins had a 1-2 record, while Jim Eliason stood at 2-1. Both had to win their respective Round 4 matches to advance and both did, eventually to meet in the Final.

The number of players this year dropped significantly from prior years to 19, with only 16 playing in the first round. The experience level of those 16 was extremely high, though, averaging 5608 in AREA ratings. The top 12 players averaged a remarkable 5823 with three players exceeding the 6000 level.

Four rounds of play winnowed the field to six contenders for the four semi-final spots. Scott Fenn and Mark Gutfreund, both 3-0, advanced as did Jim Eliason at 3-1. Andrew Cummins, Nels Thompson, and Michael Rinella all stood at 2-2. Andrew filled the final slot by virtue of the second tiebreaker, strength of opponents, holding a razor thin one victory margin over Nels.

This year's secondary theme could have been Year of the Hun. While play balance has always favored the Germans, this year they hammered their Allied foes by a margin of 16-8 including all three of the elimination contests.

In the semi-final between Andrew and Scott, Scott's Allies foundered on the beaches, losing three of the five invasions. He could have used the Advantage for a reroll of the crucial Omaha Beach invasion, but Scott had been playing the Germans for so long he forgot that he held it. He did surrender it later in the day when Andrew seized the critical Montebourg-St. Mere Eglise bridge, only to see Andrew roll his second consecutive six. June 6 ended before Andrew could reinforce the area across the newly acquired bridge.

Even with these early setbacks, Scott's position still had possibilities: a single spent German unit held the VP area of Villars-Bocage, and Scott had units in position to hit it hard. If Andrew used his first impulse of June 7 to reinforce St. Mere, Scott could hammer Villars. If Andrew reinforced Villars, Scott could assault St. Mere and clear it before Andrew could respond. Instead, Andrew did both, first packing St. Mere with German units, then surrendering the Advantage for a Double Impulse to advance units of Panzer Lehr into Villars-Bocage.

And yet Scott did not give up. With the Americans stopped cold on Omaha and Utah Beaches, Scott relied on his British forces. He cut off the key city of Caen (worth a decisive 4 VPs) with a pincer attack that converted all the areas around Caen and cut it off from German supply. Given enough good bombardment results followed by successful assaults, the city would eventually fall. But Andrew successfully counterattacked and restored his supply line into the city, saving the game.

Jim Eliason describes his championship match with Andrew Cummins: "In the finals I played Andrew for the second day in a row. I took the Germans this time. Andrew was hot early and by the end of the 8th had a very strong position. On the 9th, wary of possible lucky German counterattacks giving me back the edge (or even the Advantage), he pushed into the bocage in the center, leaving Isigny and Catz for the sunny 10th. I think this was an error. He took Balleroy, but the bocage VP areas held. He started the campaign to reduce Carentan on the 11th, but his hot dice turned cold and Carentan held easily after Andrew whiffed on several bombardments."

After this year's first round turnout of 16, the GM is seriously considering a switch to single elimination format. Feedback on this suggestion is welcome and strongly encouraged.

PBeM Tournament:

BREAKOUT NORMANDY #4: Don Greenwood has won the 4th rendition of the PBeM tournament, outlasting 47 players in a five-round Single Elimination tournament. The victory came in a close contest as Bryan Eshleman's Allies fell one VP short when a snake-eyes roll ended their last chance on impulse 5 of the last day. Steve Andriakos, Scott Fenn, Anthony Daw and Tom Gregorio also earned laurels while finishing third thru sixth respectively. Details are available at

 GM      Ken Nied  [4th Year]  14924 W. 124th Terrace, Olathe, KS 66062   NA

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