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2006 WBC Report  

 2007 Status: pending 2007 GM commitment

Jeff Cornett, FL

2006 Champion

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Event History
2001    Ilan Woll     56
2002    Philip Shea     52
2003    Josh Githens     64
2004    Barry Shoults     52
2005    Robert Eastman     52
2006    Jeff Cornett     42


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Philip Shea        VA    05     54
  2.  Ben Knight         MD    06     33
  3.  Jeff Cornett       FL    06     30
  4.  Robert Eastman     NV    05     30
  5.  Barry Shoults      MI    04     30
  6.  Josh Githens       SC    03     30
  7.  Ilan Woll          CT    01     30
  8.  Jeff Mullet        OH    04     27
  9.  Greg Berry         VA    06     18
 10.  Ted Lange          AE    05     18
 11.  Lyman Moquin       DC    04     18
 12.  Bill Place         PA    03     18
 13.  George Sauer       OH    02     18
 14.  Roy Gibson         MD    04     15
 15.  David Metzger      NY    06     12
 16.  John Koskl         MD    02     12
 17.  John Elliott       MD    05      9
 18.  Ryan Duncan        MD    02      9
 19.  Jeff Evich         MD    01      9
 20.  James Terry        NJ    06      6
 21.  Chuck Stapp        NJ    05      6
 22.  Bruce Reiff        OH    04      6
 23.  Ed Kendrick        UK    03      6
 24.  Rich Ogata         VA    02      6
 25.  Brian Conlon       OK    01      6
 26.  Steve Lollis       MD    06      3
 27.  Bill Edwards       VA    04      3
 28.  Richard Moyer      MN    03      3
 29.  Gene Billingsly    CA    01      3

2006 Laurelists

Greg Berry, VA

Ben Knight, MD

David Metzger, NY

James Terry, NJ

Steve Lollis, MD

Past Winners

Ilan Woll ,CT

Philip Shea, CT

Josh Githens, SC

Barry Shoults, MI

Robert Eastman, NV

 "Why even a died-in-the-wool sports gamer like Harry Flawd will play Battle Cry" seems to be the message here.

 Having designer Richard Borg on hand with his beautiful painted terrain and miniatures is a double bonus.

 Battle Cry attendance was off but survived a double hit - Trial status due to GM error and omission from the program!

Redeemed ...

The 2006 tournament began with three rounds of Swiss, matching the leading players against each other in the second and third rounds to whittle the field down to the last eight. The battles were taken from the published game, Kernstown followed by Gaines Mill and Newmarket for the 3rd round, with players bidding for sides. The idea was that everybody would have the chance to play at least three games before the final elimination stage, allowing 60 minutes to setup and play each battle. Draws were allowed at this stage if time ran out. In practice, there was very little slow play, although there were delays as the GM attempted to collate the results and work out the match-ups for the next round in a timely fashion. Kudos to the forebearance of the players, and in particular Andy Lewis who stepped in with moral support and a loud voice to help announce the second round assignments. Next time, the administration will be optimised for speedy service!

After three rounds, 2002 Champion Philip Shea, Steve Lollis, Greg Berry, Ed Kendrick and David Metzger had three wins, with Ben Knight, James Terry and Jeff Cornett on two wins, just ahead of the pack to join the last eight by dint of a superior record of flags taken and then flags lost. Defending champion Robert Eastman was edged out by a single extra flag lost.

For the single elimination stage, each battle was played twice, with the players switching sides. The battles were taken from the Jackson Campaign supplement originally produced for GENCON 2000, and available for download on BoardGameGeek.

The 4th round saw a series of double victories at McDowell for Berry, Kendrick, Knight and Cornett, while the Semi-Final saw a a blowout 6:1 victory by Greg Berry as the Confederates at Winchester, followed by a concession from David Metzger in the rematch as Greg ran up his second flag and reached an insurmountable lead. The other Semi-Final was probably the outstanding clash of the tournament. The tense second game saw Ben Knight one down in the series, with his Union Army pulled back into a horsehoe anchored on the town of Winchester and the nearby ridgeline, daring Jeff Cornett's rebels to come and get him. In the end Ben took the fight to the rebels and pulled out a victory, 6 to 3. That left it one game each, and nine flags apiece, but Jeff had suffered fewer casualties and thereby advanced to the Final.

Richard Borg had brought along his magnificent large-scale Battle Cry settup for the Final, so it was waged with beautiful painted 28mm scale miniatures on proper wargames terrain. Unfortunately for Greg Berry his luck chose this moment to desert him, while Jeff Cornett made brutally effective use of his powerful cards, chewing up Greg's Confederates. It was over almost before it started, leaving Greg facing an uphill struggle to come back from a 6 to 1 deficit in the rematch. It was not to be however, and Greg conceded after Jeff had taken two flags.

Thanks to all the players and congratulations to Jeff on his plaque. A special thank-you to Richard Borg for his support, and the use of his splendid miniatures and terrain.

 GM      Peter Card (1st Year)  NA   NA

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