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Gary Mei, NJ

2006 Champion

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Event History
1991    Mike McGrath        91
1992    Perry Cocke      112
1993    Mike McGrath      120
1994    Gary Fortenberry      130
1995    Gary Fortenberry      130
1996    Tom Morin      110
1997    Jeff Coyle        81
1998    Bret Hildebran        81
1999   Steve Pleva        43
2000   Bret Hildebran      42
2001   Paul Sidhu      32
2002   Paul Sidhu      35
2003   J. R. Tracy   

2004   Gary Mei      36
2005   J. R. Tracy      27
2006    Gary Mei     24


 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Gary Mei           NJ    06    228
   2.  J. R. Tracy        NY    06    210
   3.  Paul Sidhu         NJ    04    204
   4.  Steve Pleva        OH    06    132
   5.  Brett Hildebran    OH    00     96
   6.  Kevin Valerian     MD    03     84
   7.  Jim Stahler        VA    03     48
   8.  Mark Pitcavage     OH    06     36
   9.  Ron Duenski        NJ    04     24
  10.  John Stadick       VA    00     24
  11.  Aaron Cleavin      PA    99     24
  12.  Lance Roberts      AK    06     18
  13.  Zeke Crater        VA    05     18
  14.  Jim Mehl           VA    03     18
  15.  Ken Mioduski       MD    06     12
  16.  Bill Stoppel       VA    05     12
  17.  Gary Trezza        NY    04     12
  18.  Tom Ruta           MA    01     12
  19.  Rich Summers       WI    00     12
  20.  Scott Romanowski   MA    05      6
  21.  Vincent Alonso     VA    03      6
  22.  Ray Woloszyn       NC    02      6
  23.  Andrew Robin       NY    00      6

2006 Laurelists

Steve Pleva, CT

JR Tracy, NY

Lance Roberts, AK

Ken Mioduski, MD

Mark Pitcavage, OH

Past Winners

Perry Cocke, MD

Mike McGrath, VA
1991, 1993

Gary Fortenberry, TX

Tom Morin, MA

Jeff Coyle, VA

Bret Hildebran, OH
1998, 2000

Steve Pleva, CT

Paul Sidhu, NJ

JR Tracy, NY
2003, 2005

Gary Mei, NJ
2004, 2006

 It's gotta be ASL if the storage compartments tower over the board. Mark Pitcavage (left) and Greg Schmittgens.

 A former Centurion tries to reclaim past glory in the last ASL WBC Pre-Con . Next year's event returns within the WBC week.

Recon Ends its Run

RECON 2006 marked the third year of ASL action in the WBC Pre-Cons. While year 3 may have seen a decline in number of players, the level of play was as high as ever. Three former champions and many other perennial tournament sharks descended upon Lancaster, PA for three days of non-stop gaming and gunning before the main attraction got underway. Expectations were met as all of the top players (and many new faces) swarmed near the top, all vying for top wood.

When the smoke had cleared, 2004 champion Gary Mei returned to glory with a 4-1 record, besting tourney favorite Steve "The Plevinator" Pleva. Steve entered the final round as the last unbeaten player, but Gary thwarted Steve to take the win and the wood based upon a head-to-head tiebreaker. Defending champ JR Tracy had to settle for third, while Lance Roberts, Ken Mioduski, and Mark Pitcavage rounded out the wood in places 4 through 6.

This year's tourney departed slightly from past years as only one column of five scenarios was offered in each round. The result was a greater shared experience as the room always featured multiple playings of several scenarios. In addition, MMP was in attendance with copies of ASL Journal 7. As a result, several players opted to go off-list (by mutual consent) to sample some of the new offerings. Most players felt comfortable with the scenario choices, as the GM attempted to sprinkle a variety in each round. Some expressed conceren about scenario length and balance, and rest assured that all input is appreciated.

Of particular note was the strong showing by grognard but ASL newcomer Doug Smith. Doug has only been playing ASL for about a year (getting into the game via ASL Starter Kit 1), but he managed to win his first two games and was seen hanging tough with Steve Pleva in a titanic playing of White Tigers. Way to go, Doug! It looks like the ASL Starter Kits are working

Recon is ending its three year run as a Pre-Con. The noble experiement to restore ASL to its former WBC glory has come to an end. ASL will return to the main convention week next year under the watchful eye of MMP. They intend to revamp the tournament into a quicker playing format featuring new, unpublished scenarios. Stay tuned for more details!

 GM       Jeff Evich  [3rd Year]    NA     NA 

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