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2006 WBC Report  

 2007 Status: pending 2007 GM commitment

Martin Sasseville, QC

2006 Champion

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Event History
2004    Richard Irving     34
2005    Pierre Paquet     40
2006     Martin Sasseville     36


 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Pierre Paquet      QC    06     48
   2.  Martin Sasseville  QC    06     39
   3.  Richard Irving     CA    04     30
   4.  Michael Holmquist  WI    05     24
   5.  Peter Staab        PA    04     18
   6.  Craig Moffitt      NJ    06     12
   7.  Mario Veillette    QC    05     12
   8.  Keith Altizer      FL    04     12
   9.  Charlie Kersten    OH    06      9
  10.  Ilan Woll          CT    04      9
  11.  Charlie Hickok     PA    06      6
  12.  Franklin Haskell   NH    05      6
  13.  Alex Bove          PA    06      3
  14.  Andy Joy           MD    05      3
  15.  Doug Smith         PA    04      3

2006 Laurelists

Pierre Paquet, QC

Craig Moffitt, NJ

Charlie Kersten, OH

Charlie Hickok, PA

Alex Bove, PA

Past Winners

Richard Irving, CA

Pierre Paquet, QC

 Conestoga 3 is abuzz with rail games as the first heat gets underway.

 Second heat action allowed 12 to qualify for the Semi-Finals Saturday evening.

 Finalists (left to right): Paquet, Kersten, Moffit, and Sasseville.

Northern Invasion Continues

As in the prior two years, the tournament had a sizable turnout of about 40 gamers, including six French Canadians who drove 13 hours from Quebec to Lancaster just to play in this tourney. The first heat on Friday afternoon saw seven games played, most taking the full three hours alloted with players carefully plotting their moves in this gamer's game. Given the Advanced rating of the tournament, there were no bankruptcies in the heat, which saw play of not only the standard Rust Belt map, but two Germany and one England map as well. Later that evening, several players tried one of the new maps from the Steam Brothers, map 'R'

The second heat at 9 AM Saturday saw five games contested, two of which were played on the tricky Germany map. One of the games on the German maps claimed the first bankruptcy of the tournament, on Turn 4. Two of the players won both of their heat games, Charlie Kersten and 'gandpapa' Mario Veillette. They were looking invincible going into the semi-finals late that evening and 'grandpapa' took a nap to rest up. Several others took the opportunity to try another new Steam Brothers map, map 'N', in the break between the heat and the semi-final at 6 that night.

The semi-final saw three Rust Belt map games played and the competition was brutal with one player going bankrupt on Turn 5. Last year's champion, Pierre Paquet, emerged victorious as did fellow Steam Brother Martin Sasseville. Charlie Kersten enjoyed his third straight win and Craig Moffitt entered the Final with the highest second place seed from the semi-final round. Charlie Hickok, Alex Bove and Mike Holmquist were the top alternates.

Sunday morning saw Pierre, Martin, Charlie and Craig begin the Final with an audience of about ten spectators. Play was cutthroat from the very beginning, with both Martin and Charlie connecting Evansville to Cincinnati through Indianapolis! Pierre placed track from Evansville to Chicago through Terra Haute and Craig built from Cincinnati to Detroit, urbanizing Toledo with the purple New City. The second turn, Martin extended his track westward from Evansville to St. Louis. Charlie abandoned the Evansville - Cincinnati slugfest, placing track from Duluth to Minneapolis, heading toward LaCrosse and Chicago. Pierre urbanized Milwaukee, placing three track out of Chicago, effectively locking up the city. Craig continued north from Detroit to Toronto.

By the fifth turn, Charlie was clearly in trouble, with three disconnected networks, one in the central map, one in the Northwest and the last in the Southwest. All of Pierre's track lay in the western half of the map and all of Craig's in the east. Martin built a strategic disconnected network, urbanizing Cleveland and building south to Wheeling and then north to Pittsburgh, denying Craig the Lake Erie loop.

On Turn 7, disaster struck for Charlie. Unable to extend his Uncompleted Track Sections from Green Bay toward Rock island and from Des Moines toward Rock Island, he lost both Track Ownership markers and entered bankruptcy. On Turn 8, Martin was able to secure the Urbanization Action, urbanize Rock Island and claim both of Craig's former track as his own. That was the margin of victory, with Martin besting fellow French Canadian and defending champion, Pierre. Craig came in a close third. Charlie Kersten was voted the Sportsmanship award for his positive attitude during this hard fought game. My thanks to all participants and my special congratulations to the two Steam Brothers for sweeping first and second place in the Age of Steam tournament at the World Boardgaming Championships. See you next year!

 GM      John Bohrer (1st Year)   NA   NA

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