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2006 WBC Report  

 2007 Status: pending 2007 GM commitment

Rob Beyma, MD

2006 Champion

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Event History
2006    Rob Beyma     16


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Rob Beyma          MD    06     30
  2.  Art Lupinacci      ON    06     18
  3.  Craig Champagne    NJ    06     12
  4.  Jim Miller         VA    06      9
  5.  Doug Richards      ON    06      6

2006 Laurelists

Art Lupinacci, ON

Craig Champagne, NJ

Jim Miller, VA

Doug Richards, ON

Not Reported

Russia Besieged generated Century status numbers in its WBC debut despite being scheduled opposite the similar Russian Campaign.

Rob Beyma (right) obliged our photographer with this posed shot as the veteran wargamer paused on the way to winning his 18th plaque.

Standing Room Only ...

The much anticipated Russia Besieged debut at WBC was a big hit this year with 16 participants on hand. There were an almost equal number of people present at the pre-tournament demo.

Close attention was paid to the play balance of the 7-turn scenario and the opening round saw only one German win. Round 2 was an even split while the semi-finals were an all German sweep. The final round, played between two veteran players of the game ended in a Russian victory. The conclusion is that without a significant negative bid for the Russian  side, the Russian has the advantage. Accordingly, adjustments will be made in the 2007 tournament rules.

Play in the semi-final round was very hard fought. In the game between Art Lupinacci and Craig Champagne, Craig put up a bitter resistance and only grudgingly gave up ground. Masterful use of reinforcements along with carefully thought out lines of defense kept the German on his toes from the opening turn. The German had to make use of every deceptive trick in the book to maintain a semblance of balance and forward momentum which included a serious feint for Leningrad that worked. A substantial number of Russian troops were diverted to the Leningrad front thereby weakening the south enough so that the Germans could make some headway in the Victory Point rich region. This game was a nail bitter up until the last turn and the Germans were lucky to squeeze out a victory.  Weather did not play a major factor in the outcome.

In the other semi between Rob Beyma and James Miller, the contest was equally tense with neither side giving quarter. The Germans got off to a good start and began assaulting Dnepropetrovsk in S/O 41 and Leningrad in N/D 41. The Germans kept attacking and cleared both cities in the Dec 41 Snow impulse. Germans captured Sevastopol in Fall 41 and hung on despite a tenuous supply situation during the winter. The Germans had 18 VPs at the end of Mar/Apr 42. A 4-1 (DE) vs Stalino in May/Jun 42 raised the VP total to 23 and clinched it for the Germans.  The Germans rolled average to poor weather.

The Final was between Rob's Russians and Art's Germans. There was no bid made to play the sides selected. This was a very tense game and the German received no favors from the die, almost from the outset. Although favorable weather was rolled in the March/April turn, it was not enough for the German to come close to making the required victory objectives. The Russian played a near flawless game, retreating where required and defending to the end the objectives needed to secure the first victory in what looks to become a classic tournament.  Weather in the final round was not favorable to the German in 1941.  The German received the best weather rolls possible in 1942, but it was too little, too late.

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