fire in the sky [Updated October 2006]  

2006 WBC Report  

 2007 Status: pending December Membership Vote

Bill Burch, MD

2006 Champion

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Event History
2006    Bill Burch     20


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Bill Burch         MD    06     20
  2.  Peter Muenker      NJ    06     12
  3.  Andrew Wright      MA    06      8
  4.  Paul McGuane       DE    06      6
  5.  Ken Dunn           MD    06      4
  6.  Gary Phillips      MD    06      2

2006 Laurelists

Peter Muenker, NJ

Andrew Wright, MA

Paul McGuane, DE

Ken Dunn, MD

Gary Phillips, MD

 David Metzger and Jim Eliason, holders of many WBC plaques, failed to advance out of the first round.

David Metzger (left) engages Bill Burch in the opening round. David's large plaque collection got no larger as Bill advanced.

Good Start

Fire in the Sky was played at the World Boardgaming Championships for the first time in 2006 and we had 20 players in our debut. For a first appearance, the interest was very gratifying to see. I had decided to use the Short Campaign game scenario playing only Turns 2 through 5 for the tournament with some additions to prevent any "end of the world" strategies. The Allies won if the victory point total was 17 or less, and the Japanese won if it was 18 or more. Standard victory point rules applied. I also give points to the Japanese for eliminating USN Aircraft Carrier units and the Allies got points for low Japanese oil stocks. Play time ran about 2-3 hours for each game.

In the first round, there were ten comparative veterans of the game and ten who were giving it a go for the first time. Thankfully, all the vets were more than happy to give a brief tutorial to the new players of the game. I did run a demo of the game just before but ran out of time before the entire game was covered. The willingness for old timers to show off the game filled in this gap.

After this was completed, competitive play began. 

We were left with six players at this point. Each game offered a unique tension. Peter Muenker defeated Ken Dunn on an oversight. Ken had an autovictory in his grasp but neglected to save enough transport points to send in the final coup de grace and couldn't send in an air unit after a hard fought battle of Fiji. Bill Burch defeated Gary Phillips in a game that saw a bad luck opening by Gary's Japanese and Bill doing a great job thereafter of sealing every avenue to a Japanese victory. Andrew Wright outlasted Paul McGuane in the most attritional struggle of the three.

The next round offered one game between Andrew Wright and Peter Muenker. I had felt that Burch's play had been the strongest and I gave him the bye. Peter's Allies managed to win a narrow victory against Andrew but he had to leave anyway so this set up a Andrew Wright versus Bill Burch Final.

Bill continued his strong Allied play while Andrew's play continued to improve with each passing game. Andrew conserved his oil well and looked at the board for his knockout attempt on Turn 5. Andrew decided to go into the teeth of the Allied defense and launched a massive attack on Port Moresby. Andrew hoped to lure out the American carriers and defeat them. In the end, Andrew's luck didn't hold out and Bill fended off the attack and took the championship.

My personal thanks to all that played. This was my first GM experience and watching players grown in skill and ability in the game as the rounds went on was a joy to see. I hope to see you guys all next year with an added year's experience! 

 GM      Adam Starkweather [1st year]   NA
   NA   NA

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