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2005 WBC Report  

 2006 Status: pending December Membership Century Vote

David Hood, NC

2005 Champion

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Event History
1997    Gregory Crowe      22
1998    Kevin Wojtaszczyk      20
1999    Brooks Beyma     14
2000    Bill Navolis     13
2001    Brooks Beyma     14
2002    Bob Runnicles     19
2003    Bill Lenoir     18
2004    Erica Kirchner     15
2005    David Hood     17


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Brooks Beyma       MD    01     30
  2.  Bob Runnicles      FL    05     22
  3.  David Hood         NC    05     20
  4.  Bill Lenoir        VA    03     20
  5.  Paul Bolduc        FL    05     17
  6.  Verity Hitchings   DE    05     14
  7.  Don Tatum          MD    03     12
  8.  Kathy Stroh        PA    99     12
  9.  Eria Kirchner      KY    04     10
 10.  Jonathan Tivel     VA    03     10
 11.  Bill Navolis       PA    00     10
 12.  Kathy Hitchings    DE    04      9
 13.  Mary Ellen Powers  VA    05      8
 14.  Jennifer Duke      MD    03      8
 15.  Dan Farrow         PA    99      8
 16.  Victor F. Hogen    CA    05      6
 17.  Paul Saunders      VA    00      6
 18.  Alice Trumble      ID    04      4
 19.  David Metzger      VA    01      4
 20.  Joe Abrams         CT    00      4
 21.  Peter Pollard      TN    99      4
 22.  Cliff Ackman       PA    04      3
 23.  Steve Scott        CA    01      3
 24.  Larry Lingle       PA    00      3
 25.  Brad Jones         FL    01      2
 26.  Russell Chilcote   NC    00      2
 27.  Jim Fardette       GA    99      2
 28.  Randy Sands        PA    04      1
 29.  Bill Duke          MD    02      1
 30.  Harry Flawd        PA    00      1

2005 Laurelists

Bob Runnicles, FL

Mary Ellen Powers, VA

Victor F. Hogen

Paul Bolduc, FL

Verity Hitchings, DE

Past Winners

Gregory Crowe, MD

Kevin Wojtaszczyk, NY

Brooks Beyma, MD
1999, 2001

Bill Navolis, PA

Bob Runnicles, FL

Bill Lenoir, VA

Erika Kirchner, KY

Harken oh heroes to the days of yore

We had 17 entrants this year. "Orcbait" and "Dragonfood" certificates were offered to the players in each game most beset by the orcs and dragon respectively. An "Orcbait" and a "Dragonfood" plaque were awarded to the player most beset in the tourney. The "Blank Card" option was available to the players.

Some Tourney Stats:
Number of returning players from 2004: 6
Number of other repeat players: 2
Number of Ladies playing: 5
Number of rookies: 9
Initial Castle success rate since 1999: #3 (6); #2 & #4 (5); #1 & #5 (3); #6 & #8 (2); #7 (1).

Tourney Report:
All too early on the morning of 4 Aug 05 five audacious warladies and twelve bold warlords assembled to vie for the Throne of Marnon. Tourney Director Lord Bolduc, with the mighty Ms Nar assisting, divided the field, which included Queen Kirchner and ex-Kings Crowe and Runnicles, onto three boards to establish which six would advance to the final contest.

On BOARD 1 did ex-King Crowe, Lords Bolduc, Fisher, and Metzger, and Ladies Hood and Powers contend. Although both Lord Metzger and ex-King Crowe captured a treasure on the first turn, 'twas Lady Powers that emerged victorious on Turn 9. Lord Bolduc soon scored his third treasure to qualify for the final. Lord Fisher was Dragonfood with five men lost to the dragon and ex-King Crowe was Orcbait with eight men lost to frenzying orcs. Lord Bolduc did displease the Wizard four times in the first five turns.

On BOARD 2 Queen Kirchner, Lords Duke, Hogen, Humbert, and Koski, and Lady Verity Hitchings met to decide which two would advance. The first treasures were claimed on Turn 2 by Lords Duke and Hogen and by Lady V. Hitchings. Lady V. Hitchings again proved her mettle by winning the round on Turn 6 and advancing again to the Final. Lord Hogen captured his third treasure on Turn 7 to also qualify. Lord Duke was both Orcbait and Dragonfood with seven and nine men lost respectively.

On BOARD 3 ex-King Runnicles, Lady Katherine Hitchings, and Lords Haba, Hood, and Leader met to eliminate three. Lord Hood scored first, capturing his Ring on Turn 2, but ex-King Runnicles claimed the victory on Turn 7 and Lord Hood qualified on Turn 8. Ex-King Runnicles was Orcbait with 17 men lost to the slavering beasts. Lady K Hitchings was Dragonfood, having lost 11 men to that rapacious maw.

So it was that ex-King Runnicles, Ladies Powers and V. Hitchings, and Lords Bolduc, Hogen, and Hood were left to qualify for the Crown. Turn 1 saw ex-King Runnicles lead off by capturing his Ring from Lord Hood's minimally defended Castle. Lord Bolduc and Lady Hitchings also captured their Rings. On Turn 2 Lord Hood captured his Crown and ex-King Runnicles his Chest. Turn 3 gave Lady Hitchings her Chest. Turn 4 witnessed Lord Hogan capture his Crown, Lady Powers capture her Ring, and then Lord Hood capture both his Ring and Chest using an extra attack campaign and boat privileges to cross the Sea of Marnon. Ex-king Runnicles scored his Crown immediately afterwards to show that but for the lack of a tempo, he would have recovered the throne. Further squabbling established the Royal pecking order for the year.

And so Lord Hood becomes the new King of Marnon, ex-King Runnicles placed second, Lady Powers third, Lord Hogen fourth, Lord Bolduc fifth, and Lady V. Hitchings sixth. Ex-king Runnicles won the Orcbait plaque, Lady Katherine Hitchings won both the Dragonfood and Orcslayer (28 orcs slain) plaques.

But plans are afoot to constitutionally unseat King Hood early in August 2006....

Be there. Marnon needs you.

See http://hometown.aol.com/WizQuest/wzqhome.htm for more details on the land of Marnon ...

 GM      Paul R. Bolduc [7th year]   NA
    NA   NA
Beyma, Brooks

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