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2005 WBC Report   

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Tim Dolan, NJ

2003-05 Champion

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Event History
1991    Tara Greenwood        8
1992    Mike Fitzgerald      16
1993    Bruce Harper      25
1994    Megan Brophy      16
1995    John Saunders      16
1996    Don Greenwood      22
1997    Tim Dolan      26
1998    Dan Schulman      33
1999    Dan Dolan Jr     19
2000    Tim Dolan     18
2001    Lee Cohen     26
2002    Dan Dolan Jr     17
2003    Tim Dolan     22
2004    Tim Dolan     18
2005     Tim Dolan     16


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Tim Dolan          NJ    05     96
  2.  Dan Dolan Jr       NJ    05     50
  3.  Vincent Collura    PA    04     20
  4.  Lee Cohen          NJ    01     20
  5.  Charlie Kibler     MD    05     19
  6.  Don Greenwood      MD    01     18
  7.  Wendy DeMarco      NJ    05     16
  8.  Dan Dolan Sr       NJ    03     14
  9.  Joshua Githens     SC    05     12
 10.  Ray Stakenas       MI    01      8
 11.  Paul Weintraub     MD    00      8
 12.  Kevin Youells      FL    99      8
 13.  Carol DeMarco      NJ    05      6
 14.  Steve Williams     CA    04      6
 15.  Nick Kramer        PA    03      6
 16.  Devin Flawd        PA    01      6
 17.  Steve Williams     CA    04      4
 18.  Robert Woodson     NV    04      4
 19.  Joe Burch          MD    03      4
 20.  Jessica Greenwood  MD    00      4
 21.  Joshua Garton      VA    99      4
 22.  Brian Kirchner     KY    02      2
 23.  Ted Simmons        NJ    01      2
 24.  Dan Schulman       MD    99      2
 25.  Mike Bailey        VA    02      1

2005 Laurelists

Joshua Githens, SC

Dan Dolan Jr, NJ

Carolyn DeMarco, NJ

Charlie Kibler, NJ

Wendy DeMarco, NJ

Past Winners

Tara Greenwood. MD

Mike Fitzgerald, CT

Bruce Harper, BC

'94: Megan Brophy, NY
John Saunders, NY

Don Greenwood, MD

Tim Dolan, NJ
'97, '00, '03-04

Dan Schulman, MD

Dan Dolan Jr, NJ
1999, 2002

Lee Cohen, NJ

Tiny Tim Triumphant ... Again

Another year of Wrasslin has passed with the greatest champion of all time retaining the title. It wasn't an easy road for me as my first match was against one of the Flawds. My men were the Champ, Flying Phil and Brent the Enforcer Hurt. This unstoppable trio had no problem and easily advanced to the next round. In other first round matches both Demarcos advanced as well as my brother, Dan Dolan and Josh Githens.

It was only fate that me and my brother had to go toe to toe in wrasslin so by Random Selection in the second round it was the Demarco sisters and the Dolan boys in a match to advance to the 3rd round. I was on the ropes and down to my last wrestler against my brother and the Champ showing that he truly is an unstoppable force destroyed all three of his wrestlers in a row including his own self-proclaimed Champ. Obviously, an impostor.

In the semifinals it was Josh Githens vs. Carolyn Demarco who had a great match to see who would advance to meet the four-time defending Wrasslin champion of the world. Josh thought it was his lucky day by beating Carolyn and entering the Finals to face me for the championship, but he was dead wrong. The Final was in the Greenville mafia arena where there were six special guest referees to keep a close eye on the action and make sure everything was totally legal. Josh's wrasslers came out with so much fire like they wanted to take my championship belt right away from me. I was down to my last wrestler - that unstoppable force called the Champ. Experience and talent was all I needed to take down three of his wrestlers in a row to become the five-time World Wrasslin Champion. The Final match was one of the greatest of my wrasslin career and Josh almost took away my pride and my title. However the fact still remains, "I m the best there is, best there was, and the best there ever will be."

At least until next year.

 GM      Tim Dolan [3rd Year]   NA 
    dolan@hotmail.com   NA 

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