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2005 WBC Report  

 2006 Status: pending 2006 GM commitment

Arthur Field, SC

2005 Champion

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Event History
2005    Arthur Field     125


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Arthur Field       SC    05     40
  2.  Tom DeMarco        NJ    05     24
  3.  David Fox          NY    05     16
  4.  Alan Kaiser        OH    05     12
  5.  Tom Wade           IN    05      8
  6.  Ted Mullally       NJ    05      4

2005 Laurelists

Tom DeMarco, NJ

David Fox, NY

Alan Kaiser, OH

Tom Wade, IN

Ted Mullally, NJ

Mistress & Observatory

Saint Petersburg was one of only two new games that were added to the 2005 WBC Century list, coming in fourth with 200 votes. The tournament format of three heats allowed more people a chance to enter, and two games would be played in each heat because Saint Petersburg is about a 1.25 hour game and two games fit in a three-hour block better than one game fit in a two-hour block. However, due to a schedule crunch, the third heat was reduced to one game in a two-hour block. This turned out to be very fortuitous when it came time to select the semifinalists. In an effort to avoid quarterfinals, tiebreakers were set up to advance 16 to the semifinals. The tiebreakers were: 1) most wins, 2) most 2nds, 3) head-to-head, 4) best win (% of total points of the game).

The first heat was held on Thursday at noon in the Paradise room. 58 players entered and were matched into 15 games in relatively short order. The two highest scores in the tournament were 169 points by Christian Moffa and 166 points by Eugene Lin in their three-player game with Carolyn DeMarco. Both Christian and Eugene had a Mistress of Ceremonies (M) and an Observatory (O). This game also had the highest point total for all players at 438. The highest score in the four-player games was 134 points achieved by Brian Carr in the same game with the highest total score in a four-player game of 390 points. On the other hand, Tom Wade(O) and Bill Crenshaw(O) both won games with a score of 39 points. The low score for both games was 30 points, so both ended with only nine points between last and first. Bill's game had the lowest total score of 137 points. Less than half (27) of the players stayed and manned seven tables for the second game in the heat. At the end of the first heat there were 16 winners of one game while Valerie Staton, Michael Fox, and Daniel Eppolito were the winners of both games.

The second heat began at 9 PM on Friday. 46 players from the first heat returned and joined 24 new players for the largest set of 18 games. Jeff Bowers(M) won his game by the largest margin, finishing 59 points ahead of Matthew Beach(OO) in second place. At this point (three games completed out of five possible) there were nine two-game winners and 22 one-game victors. For the second game in the heat, 43 of 70 players stayed and five players arrived to play 12 full tables. Philip Shea(M) won his game with the tightest bunching of all players, scoring 50 points to Al Mink's 49, Ilan Tadmor's 48, and Ed Beach's 46 points. And Ted Mullally won his game over Paul Lipton, who had both Mistresses and both Observatories(MMOO!). At the end of the second heat Eric Wrobel and Tom Wade led with three wins each, followed by 13 two-game and 20 one-game winners.

For the third heat at 2 PM, 31 players returned, and were joined by16 new entrants to contest12 boards. Of the 12 winners, Daniel and Ted increased their wins to three and six others increased their wins to two, ending with 21 qualifiers for 16 positions. As the GM hadn't figured out the winner's percentages for the tiebreaker of the games of the first two heats, there was an uncomfortable (at least for the GM) delay of nearly 45 minutes while the GM crunched the numbers to figure out which 12 of the 17 two-game winning qualifiers would advance with the four three-game winners to the semifinal.

In the first semifinal game, Alan Kaiser(MO) vanquished Ted(M), Daniel, and Jim McDanold. David Fox overpowered Tom Wade, Mike Hazel, and Eugene Lin at another board. Arthur Field cruised past Rodney Bacigalupo(MOO), Ken Rothstein, and Anne Norton while Tom DeMarco(MO) edged Eric Wrobel (M), Aaron Fuegi, and Michael Fox at the fourth table.

The four finalists agreed to play the final later that evening as Arthur needed to play in the Tikal final and Tom DeMarco needed to play in the Adel Verpflichtet tournament, his team game. So the finalists reconvened at about 11 Saturday night to decide the championship. But there wasn't much to tell as Arthur was able to parlay a first-turn Mistress of Ceremonies acquisition into an early and steadily-increasing lead to a comfortable win with 66 points to Tom's 40, David's 39, and Alan's 37 points to take the initial Saint Petersburg "wood".

The player who started first in the Orange Phase on the first turn won 36% of the time, while the player who started first in the Blue Phase on the first turn won less than 20% of the time. The player who won had a Mistress in 54% of the games, an Observatory in 47%, and neither one in only 25% of the games. The players who won ended with an average of 6.5 unique orange cards for an average of 25.8 points, while the player who finished 4th averaged 4.7 orange cards for an average of 14 points.

 GM      Tom DeMarco   720 Wood lane, Cinaminson, NJ 08077-3976   NA

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