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2005 WBC Report  

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Bill Salvatore, MD

2005 Champion

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Event History
2004    Jeff Mullet     123
2005    Bill Salvatore       48


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.   Bill Salvatore    MD    05     30
  2.  Jeff Mullet        OH    04     30
  3.  Bill Murdock       NY    05     18
  4.  Tom McCorry        VA    04     18
  5.  Eric Brosius       MA    05     12
  6.  Nate Hoam          OH    04     12
  7.  Eric Lenhart       PA    05      9
  8.  Alan Kaiser        OH    04      9
  9.  Trevor Bender      WA    05      6
 10.  Rob Kircher        RI    04      6
 11.  Jennifer Scancella PA    05      3
 12.  Chris Kamm         NY    04      3

2005 Laurelists

Bill Murdock, NY

Eric Brosius, MA

Eric Lenhart, PA
2001 - 2002

Trevor Bender, WA

Jennifer Scamcella, PA

Past Winners

Jeff Mullet, OH

Swiss Elim halves Field

On the island of Puerto Rico there is a small town by the name of San Juan. In this town workers gather to find work for the day. Some are engineers, some specialists and others laborers. Each day the Governor of San Juan sends out a call for people to handle the work needed to keep his island thriving. To attain his goal, he hires five masters of craft to Build, Trade, Produce goods, Prospect the mines and Council him. Though only four of these masters are needed at any one time, the laborers are always in constant need. In the public square, on this fine Saturday morning, 48 laborers were found waiting to be the hopeful hires of the day. All were fine and acceptable to carry out the work load. Broken down into groups of three and four, they were sent to the fields, smithy and other destinations.

While some achieved their goals, many others were not so fortunate. No despair fell upon any of the workers, however, as they knew they had more opportunities to elevate themselves to new and better position. Many laborers gave fine showings, building their section of the island with a great flourish. Most notable was Phil Rennert. Mr. Rennert had a perfect score of 12 points going into the semifinal round only to fall to a powerful Bill Murdock fresh from his victory in Puerto Rico in the semifinals. My congratulations nonetheless for being the only player with a perfect preliminary score.

When the semifinals ended, four finalists were placed head to head for the honor of being named the new Governor. Our finalists were Eric Brosius, Bill Murdock, Bill Salvatore and Eric Lenhart. Using the sparse raw materials given to them at the start of the day, our four intrepid laborers set out to the task of building the village in San Juan. The smell of coffee was in the air early, while a vein of silver was found on the outer reaches of the island. Indigo crops were abundant and the faithful built chapels. The councillor's helper, the Prefecture, was an early arrival while the guilds-men worked their magic in the later part of the day. By mid-day the tobacconist was drying his wares for market and the traders were out getting the best deal. A gold mine was found and the vein was large.

In the end, Bill Salvatore created the finest city on San Juan. His palace the largest, his guild hall filled with admirers. Water was brought to his city by the grand aqueduct. In a tie for second, won by tie breaker of more cards in hand, was Bill Mudock, a fine smith hall and many happy workers, Bill showed a fine display. In third was Eric Brosius, Eric had a fine dwelling as well including towers and monuments to show for a hard days work. In a very close fourth, only four points behind the tie, was Eric Lenhart. Eric showed grace under fire, while his opponents found the resources needed at every turn, Eric persevered with the cards he was dealt.

Thanks to all who played, I hope you enjoyed your time in San Juan.

 GM      Paul Weintraub  [1st Year]   NA   NA

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