stock car championship racing [Updated October 2005] 

2005 WBC Report    

 2006 Status: pending 2006 GM commitment

Seth Gunar, NJ

2005 Champion

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Event History
1999    Rebekah Garton     37
2000    Tim Dolan     68
2001    Devin Flawd     60
2005    Seth Gunar     47


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Seth Gunar         NJ    05     30
  2.  Devin Flawd        PA    01     30
  3.  Tim Dolan          NJ    00     30
  4.  Keith MacFarland   NJ    05     18
  5.  Dan Hoffman        NC    01     18
  6.  Andy Lewis         DE    00     18
  7.  Phillip White      MD    05     12
  8.  Steve May          MD    01     12
  9.  Bill Place         PA    00     12
 10.  Rebekkah Garton    VA    99     10
 11.  Stuart Tucker      MD    05      9
 12.  Adam Gugliemini    PA    01      9
 13.  Darren Velez       NY    00      9
 14.  Steve Caler        OH    05      6
 15.  Dan Dolan Jr       NJ    01      6
 16.  Bob Olivere        AZ    00      6
 17.  John Weber         MD    99      6
 18.  Ken Sheffield      VA    99      4
 19.  Rex Lehman         FL    05      3
 20.  Dave Bohnenberger  PA    01      3
 21.  Brian Carr         VA    00      3
 22.  Carol Caler        OH    99      3
 23.  Steve Cameron      PA    99      2
 24.  Joe Sposito        NJ    99      1

2005 Laurelists

Keith MacFarland, NJ

Phillip White, MD

Stuart Tucker, MD

Steve Caler, OH

Rex Lehmann, FL

Past Winners

Rebekkah Garton, VA

Tim Dolan, NJ

Devin Flawd, PA

Back With More Varoom ...

The Stock Car Championship Racing Card Game made a triumphant return to the WBC this year. Three heats were run with 16 drivers being awarded spots in the Final. The Final was a 250 lap SuperSpeedway race, two racing lanes, normal width track, one round of pit stops and a new house rule. A draft card could be played as an action to slingshot diagonally forward from one racing lane to the other.

Qualifying for the final race put a husband and wife team, Steve and Carol Caler, in the pole positions. They were driving the #6 Valvoline and #71 Vermont Teddy Bear, respectively. The first half of the race was pretty much uneventful as drivers built their hands as they waited for pit stop cycling to occur.

Pit stops reorganized the field around lap 75 and nothing much happened until Lap 160. On Lap 160, Kaarin Engelmann driving the #37 Kmart car was the first casualty of the race with a blown engine. With the race entering the last quarter, activity started to heat up as drivers vied for a chance to contend.

On lap 187, Phillip White driving the #99 Exide pulled away from the field leaving four car lengths between him and the next car. Drivers immediately realized a little cooperation, and effective use of the new draft rule would be needed to reel in the leader. Steve Lollis (#23 Bayer) and Stuart Tucker (#24 Dupont) joined forces to slingshot draft to close the gap to two car lengths.

On lap 202, David Albin (#3 Goodwrench) played a two wide blocking maneuver while in seventh position holding up the drivers behind him. With little to worry from behind, the top six drivers started to dice it up. Valvoline switched racing lanes from the inside out with the draft move getting by Bayer and pulled up to the back bumper of the leader, Exide. Exide quickly changed lanes to the inside and immediately pulled away to create a car length of space between him and second place.

The Congo Line of cars weaving from the inside lane to the outside lane and back continued on lap 225. With Exide moving back to the high side, Seth Gunar (#72 Detroit Gasket) followed with Dupont falling in behind Detroit Gasket for the third position. This left Bayer all alone on the inside with no help so he drifted a car length back at the end of the turn.

On lap 241, Dupont tried to make his move twice, once with drafting help, to get by Detroit Gasket, but just couldn't get by. Jim Bell (#19 Cheerios) had brake trouble and had to drop out of the race. Exide, with his horsepower fading, was passed by Detroit Gasket.

With only three laps to go, on lap 247 a crash claimed Dupont and Dan Hoffman (#35 Tabacsco) ending their chance for victory.

With a one turn shootout for victory remaining, Detroit Gasket held off the field. Second place was a photo finish at the line with Keith McFarland (#23 John Deere) edging out Exide. Fourth place went to the pole sitter Valvoline. Rounding out the top five was Rex Lehmann driving the #2 Elvis car.

 GM     Michael Garton [4th year]  NA
   NA  NA 

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