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2005 WBC Report     

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Steve Dickson, CA

2005 Champion

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Event History
1999    Rob Lightburn     30
2000    Craig Melton     14
2001    Steve Dickson     29
2002    Phil Rennert     45
2003    Rob Lightburn     33
2004    Eric Wrobel     35
2005    Steve Dickson     27


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Rob Lightburn      VA    04     78
  2.  Steve Dickson      CA    05     50
  3.  Phil Rennert       MD    02     40
  4.  Eric Wrobel        VA    04     30
  5.  Craig Melton       VA    00     30
  6.  James D. Long      PA    05     26
  7.  Robert Paul        AZ    03     24
  8.  Alan Hayes         IL    04     21
  9.  David Rynkowski    NY    05     20
 10.  Matt Mason         FL    04     18
 11.  Frank Easton       ON    03     18
 12.  Ken Samuel         VA    01     18
 13.  William Place      PA    00     18
 14.  Tito Lightburn     VA    99     18
 15.  Scott Fenn         MD    02     16
 16.  James H. Long      PA    05     12
 17.  Matt Evinger       PA    01     12
 18.  Marion Hazel       SC    99     12
 19.  Bill O'Neal        NY    02     11
 20.  Tom Agostino       CA    04      9
 21.  Keith Butler       CA    03      9
 22.  Scott Bowling      IN    01      9
 23.  Stephane Dorais    QC    99      9
 24.  James Allaire      CT    05      6
 25.  Greg Berry         VA    01      6
 26.  John Rinko         VA    00      6
 27.  Rod Morris         MD    99      6
 28.  Brandon Bernard    PA    05      4
 29.  Tom Stokes         NJ    02      4
 30.  Rebecca Hebner     CO    03      3
 31.  Carl Olson         CT    99      3

2005 Laurelists

James H. Long, PA

David Rynkowski, NY

James Allaire, CT

Brandon Bernard, PA

James D. Long, PA

Past Winners

Robert Lightburn, VA
1999, 2003

Craig Melton, VA

Steve Dickson, CA

Phil Rennert, MD

Eric Wrobel, VA

Almost Everyone's First Wargame ...

It is the seventh year for Risk at WBC and 27 players compete for the title. There are five-4-, two 5- and one six-player games. Seven finalists from previous Risk forays returned for another shot at the title: Steve Dickson, Matt Evinger, Alan Hayes, Rob Lightburn, Tito Lightburn, James Long, and David Ryokowski. Five players: Brandon Bernard, Alan Hayes, James D Long, James H Long, and David Ryokowski, attempt both preliminary Swiss heats, but only Brandon wins twice. The six finalists in advancement order are Brandon Bernard, David Rykowski, James H Long, James D Long, Steve Dickson, and James Allaire.

Set Up

James Alliare places the grey armies with a large number of forces in South America. Steve takes green and sets up a large base of forces in the Middle East. Brandon divides the majority of his black forces evenly between Indonesia and Siam. David places his startup red armies in the Congo. James H. focuses on North America by placing his Blue units in the Western US and Quebec. James D. elects to focus his yellow troops in Mongolia.

Round 1

James A. starts off the war by taking over the South American Continent. Steve moves his forces from Siam to India. Brandon captures the Australian continent. David takes his large army from the Congo into South Africa. James H moves his two large forces northward into Alberta and Greenland and James D moves his Mongolian army into Japan.

Round 2

James A. moves his large force from Brazil into North Africa making it extremely difficult for David to take over the continent. Steve captures Egypt with two tunitss. Brandon takes China with four units and India with ten, leaving three in Siam. David moves his large African forces into Madagascar. James H takes the Northwest Territory leaving his large force in Greenland. James D. takes Kamchatka with 12 armies and Siberia with six.

Round 3

James A. takes Northern Europe to get a card. Steve takes the Ukraine with nine armies leaving three in the Middle East. Brandon continues to pull away from his Australian base by taking Afghanistan with three and pulling his three armies from Siam to India. Steve discusses with Brandon what his immediate territorial goals are, trying to ensure that he is not the target. David continues to move through the African Continent by taking his forces to East Africa. James H. moves his large Greenland force into Iceland. James D moves against Steve in Irkutsk and takes the first sizable loss of the game in one attack of four armies. James D consolidates all his forces into Yakutsk.

Round 4

James A. takes Central America and free moves his North African troops back to Brazil. Continuing to focus on Asia, Steve takes Mongolia with three and free moves his Ukrainian Troops into Ural. Brandon moves to take the Middle East from Steve. Brandon captures the Middle East but not until he loses eight to Steve, whose defensive troops continue to sell themselves dearly. David takes Northern Europe, James H Great Britain and James D Irkutsk.

Round 5

James A turns in the first set of cards for four armies. He places his extra forces in Brazil and takes the Western US for a card. Steve takes Japan with three armies and free moves a few forces to Southern Europe. Brandon turns in the second set for six armies. Brandon places his reinforcements in China and moves the large force into Siberia in order to attack James D's large force in Irkutsk. Brandon takes plenty of losses, but manages to whittle James D down to two. This leaves James D with four Risk Cards just ripe for the taking after Brandon's failed attempt to eliminate him. David remains steadfast in Africa taking North Africa from James A. James H turns in the third set for eight armies. Placing all his reinforcements with his already large force in Alberta he plans to finish what Brandon started. James H moves through Alaska and Kamchatka and finishes off his father's remaining forces in Irkutsk. Having committed patricide, James takes his dad's four cards and stops with his large force in Irkutsk and a total of six cards.

Round 6

James A takes the Eastern US for a card. Steve trades his first set for ten armies. He places all reinforcements with his large force in Ural. Taking one territory for a card, Steve moves all his troops to Afghanistan. Brandon takes Yakutsk for a card. David now turns in his set for 12 armies and places them all in East Africa. David takes Egypt with his large force, leaving three in East Africa and now holds the African continent. James H now armed with six cards at the beginning of his turn, has two match sets and turns in for 35 armies. James H starts with his new mass of troops in Irkutsk and focuses on the now weakened Brandon, to extract vengeance for his father's early demise. James H moves through the few forces Brandon has in Asia. James H encounters some resistance at Siam, but continues into the Australian continent and awards Brandon fifth place, relieving him of three cards, and ends up with 30 armies to spare, free moving them to Indonesia.

Round 7

James A. encroaches further into North America by taking Ontario. Steve turns in a set for 25 armies. Steve takes Scandinavia with four Armies, but leaves the rest of his forces in Afghanistan. David takes Great Britain for a card, but James H. wants Great Britain and takes it back with ten troops on his turn. James H. free moves his Indonesian forces to Siam.

Round 8

James A. Now turns in his Risk cards for a dangerous 30 troops. James A. reinforces Ontario and Eastern US. He moves in to take the rest of North America from James H. who conveniently moved the bulk of his forces to Australia in Round 5. James A. now holds North and South America. Steve attacks Iceland with his Scandinavian forces, but stops short of breaking into Greenland to break James Allaire's hold on North America. David turns in the next set for 35 armies and places them in Southern Europe. David first liberates Great Britain from the clutches of the evil Blue empire (James H). David continues to Iceland threatening James A's hold on North America. But James A's evil taunts seem to chase his enemies away, as David turns East to Scandinavia. David removes Steve's remaining forces in Europe. David free moves his remaining 18 troops into Southern Europe and now holds two Continents, Africa and Europe. James H. turns in the round's third set for 40 armies. With an additional six armies for territories, James H places his 46 armies in Kamchatka. ames H now has to break James A's hold on North America. James H moves through Alaska and the Northwest Territories deciding to go for James A's large force of 19 armies in Greenland. James H does not encounter too much resistance, but decides to hold in Greenland thus not breaking the hold of the European continent from David.

Round 9

James A. takes Alaska back for a card. David tries to convince Steve to go after James H in Australia in order to establish a base of operations and to keep Steve from attacking him. Steve ignores this advise, taking the Ukraine from David to keep him from getting five extra armies for holding Europe. David, not having enough troops to take back the Ukraine, settles for taking the Middle East to get a card. James H. decides he wants to remove Alliare from the game and heads through Asia moving back towards North America through Kamchatka. James H. assaults and removes JAllaire's forces in North and South America, but runs out of ammunition on the last battle in Brazil where Allaire is left with two armies . But never fear, James H never gives up his cause. He decides to use his large remaining force in Greenland to move through Europe and finish the job. He does just that by attacking from North Africa with about seven units to spare. James H gets Allaire's three cards giving him a total of six. He turns in a set of cards immediately for 45 armies and places them in North Africa, deciding to turn his attention to David residing in the rest of the African continent. James H moves through the few opposing forces in Africa easily, stopping in the middle East while he ponders whether or not he should continue the assault on David, not sure if he has enough armies to finish him off. Discussion ensues among the three remaining players. Steve admits that the three cards he holds in his hand is a matched set. James H concludes that if he weakens David enough, that Steve will pick David as a target instead of himself. Despite warnings of impending doom from David, James H presses home the attack. James H fails to remove David, but weakens them both in the process.

Round 10

Steve turns in his set of cards for 50 armies. He places all his reinforcements with his already sizable army in the Ukraine. Steve goes for David first, easily removing him from Europe and trades him third place for his three cards. Steve continues attacking into Africa, South and North America. Stopping in Greenland, he uses about 15 armies to remove James from the rest of Europe. Steve then takes the rest of his forces through the Northwest Territory and Alaska. Steve's last opposition falls in Australia.

Steve Dickson is the WBC Risk Champion for a second time. He was glad I had not informed anyone of his previous accomplishment while the game was in progress, although two of the players admitted they had known he won previously. In addition to their coveted WBC plaques, the top three players receive free admission to the 17th International RISK Championship October 14th-16th, 2005 in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. In addition the winner, Steve Dickson, receives free Room accommodations.

After a decade of GMing Risk at WBC and elsewhere I have decided to move on to new challenges. I am looking for a new GM to take over Risk at WBC next year. Please contact me at the address below for any assistance. I would like to thank the players for all their support throughout the years. Your enthusiasm and good sportsmanship has made it all worthwhile. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the gaming table.

For a dedicated weekend of RISK play, check out the official RISK championships at http://www.risktoc.org

 GM      Keith Levy  [7th Year]   9 Augusta Wood Court, Reisterstown, MD 21136
    gcom@gamesclubofmd.org   410-833-4395

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