pirate's cove [Updated October 2005]

2005 WBC Report     

2006 Status: pending 2006 GM commitment

Chris Striker, PA

2005 Champion

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Event History
2005    Chris Striker     45


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Chris Striker      PA    05    30
  2.  Tom Pavy           OH    05    18
  3.  Paul Weintraub     MD    05    12
  4.  Bob Jamelli        PA    05     9
  5.  Chris Gnech        PA    05     6
  6.  Stephen Fitchett   PA    05     3


2005 Laurelists

Tom Pavy. OH

Paul Weintraub, MD

Bob Jamelli, PA

Chris Gnech, PA

Stephen Fitchett, PA


A total of 43 swashbucklers and two bucklerettes scurvied their way through the WBC high seas for the coveted title of 'most notorious pirate' during the debut of Pirate's Cove. The first heat had 15 pirates in three 5-player games. The winners were Chris Striker, Paul Weintraub and legendary Dan Hoffman [who had the coolest pirate outfit .... not cool enough to best the GM in a mock swordfight before heat 2 though]. Denny Culhane won honors as the worst pirate, the land lubber having been sunk five times.

The second heat drew five 4-player games from which emerged victorious Jm Castonquay, Greg Gerenza, Tom Pavy, Bob Jamelli and Stephen Fitchett - a lad with a truly fetching handle for a buccaneer. Vnny Sinigaglio won hdisonor as the most sunk pirate of all, sinking seven times in 12 turns.

The third heat drew a like number of players but they were forced to play four 5-player games when only four of these worthies brought their own shipping (that's copies of the game to you landlibbers). The victors were Bill Crenshaw, Brandon Bernard, Chris Gnech and Eric Wrobel.

The semifinals were as cutthroat as one would expect from this scurvy crew of worthies. Everyone was sunk at least twice by Turn 4. Jm Castonguay went on to sink several more times just for the heck of it. Paul Weintraub had his parrot killed on the first turn, costing -2 fame. He had a golden shovel because he buried lots of chests to end up on top. Bob Jamelli sailed into[inadvertently] legendary pirate and was promptly sunk without a shot. Stephen Fitchett was a solid second until the last turn when Bob played lots of fame cards to sneak into second. The scores were Paul 35, Bob-34, Sephen 32 and Jim dead last.

The other semifinal Tom Pavy [the only worthy to sail in all three heats], against Chris Striker, Eric Wrobel and Chris Gnech. In a very close game, Striker scored 42, Pavy 41, and Gnech 35 with Wrobel fertilizing the Dead Man's chest.

The motley crew moving on to the Final were Chris Striker, Paul Weintraub, Bob Jamelli and Tom Pavy. Chris had Long John Silver's parrot and was still sunk on the first turn, as was Tom. The lead staggered back and forth until last the turn when Chris held onto a slim lead. Tension was high as tavern cards were played for that elusive last fame point. "Tastes Great" proved better than "Less filling" as Chris scored 34, Tom 32, and Paul and Bob walked the plank with 28.

In 2006, we will probably go with favorite variants. Vote by email to GM with your preferences. The best choices are: roll for location of legendary pirate every turn and unknown pirate. [Flip card when you attack them. This means 20% card will be cacafuego.] aarrrgghh!!

 GM      Larry Lingle [1st Year]   218 .Spruce St, Palmyra, PA 17078-1011 
    Napoleonll@gmail.com   717-838-8733

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