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2005 WBC Report   

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Bill Place, PA

2005 Champion

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Event History
1992    Kenneth Shunk      30
1993    James Endness      18
1994    Jim Fleckenstein      30
1995    Greg Mayer      49
1996    Michael Hart      24
1997    Lauren Hickok      47
1998    Dan Schulman      32
1999    Tim Miller     31
2000    Susan Ellsworth     19
2001    John Ellsworth     25
2002    Jim Fleckenstein     29
2003    Robert Paul     33
2004    Tom Agostino     42
2005    Bill Place     21


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Bill Place         PA    05     32
  2.  Tom Agostino     Germany 04     30
  3.  Robert Paul        AZ    03     30
  4.  Susan Ellsworth    IL    00     30
  5.  John Ellsworth     IL    01     26
  6.  Roy Pettis         VA    01     24
  7.  Jim Fleckenstein   VA    02     20
  8.  Tim Miller         GA    99     20
  9.  David Brooks       TN    04     18
 10.  Matt Bacho         MD    03     18
 11.  Ken Good           OH    00     18
 12.  Greg Wilson        NJ    05     12
 13.  Jonathan Lockwood  VA    05     12
 14.  Josh Campbell      NY    03     12
 15.  Luke Warren        DC    02     12
 16.  Jim Bell           MD    99     12
 17.  Tim Evinger        PA    01     11
 18.  Bob Hahn           NY    04      9
 19.  Mike Destro        NJ    03      9
 20.  Martin Swenson     VA    00      9
 21.  Chad Gormly        MA    05      8
 22.  Tim Swartz         MD    02      8
 23.  Cliff Ackman       PA    99      8
 24.  James Pei          VA    05      6
 25.  Greg Crowe         VA    04      6
 26.  Ann Cornett        FL    03      6
 27.  Sean Conroy        VA    02      6
 28.  Rob Kircher        MA    99      6
 29.  Steve Scott        CA    02      4
 30.  Robert Hahn        NY    01      4
 31.  Matt Evinger       PA    99      4
 32.  Bruce Monnin       OH    04      3
 33.  Richard Moyer      MN    03      3
 34.  Alan Arvold        IL    05      2
 35.  Ben Knight         MD    02      2
 36.  Ken Rothstein      NY    01      2

2005 Laurelists

Greg Wilson, NJ

Chad Gormly, MA

James Pei, VA

Jonathan Lockwood, VA

Alan Arvold, IL

Past Winners

92: Kenneth Shunk, ON
93: James Endress, OH

Jim Fleckenstein,VA
1994, 2002

Greg Mayer, MO

Michael Hart, MD

Lauren Hickok, PA

Dan Schulman, MD

Tim Miller, GA

Susan Ellsworth, IL

John Ellsworth, IL

Robert Paul, AZ

Tom Agostino, Germany

leader off the starboard bow ...

This year's Naval War crowd numbered only 21, less than half of last year's total, reflective of the sharp competition for attention with the newer games. The GM intends to schedule next year's first round so that it does not compete directly against the major events. Nevertheless, this year's contest was as exciting as any in recent memory, as it once again exemplified the wisdom of not doing too well too early and becoming the obvious target.

The first round had four different tables with 5-6 players each, with the winner from each table automatically advancing to the Final round of seven players. In a slight change from last year, the other three players would be determined by best point finish over the required 75 points regardless of table, meaning that finishing second was no guarantee of advance to the finals. Table 1 had Alan Arvold emerging as the sole finalist after three hands with 94 points over (in order) Douglas Landon, Rob Drozd, James Fleckenstein, and Matt Evinger. Table 2's two finalists after three hands included Ron Fedin with the winning 87 points, and Greg Wilson with 81, followed by James D Long, Greg Crowe, and Phil White.

Table 3, with six players, proved to be the marathon slugfest of the Preliminaries, with GM Jonathan Lockwood riding a 43 point surge in the fourth hand to become the sole finalist with 103 points (gotta love those destroyer squadrons!), in the process weathering 35 (!) carrier strikes on the North Carolina from four different players before it was sunk by number 36. (The GM's imitation of a harried antiaircraft gunner was most entertaining.) Finishing second was Carolyn DeMarco with 75 points, followed by Geoff Allbutt, James H Long, John Sharp, and Charlie Drozd. Finally, Table 4 placed three high scoring players in the Fnal, with last year's 3rd place finisher Bill Place winning with 94 points, followed closely by Chad Gormly with 92, and reigning Caesar James Pei exercising his sea skills to become the last finalist with 87 points, edging out Nick Ervin and Jim Long (yes, there were three Jim Longs at three different tables ... thus the need for badge numbers).

The championship round was a marathon classic, lasting five hands, as all players faithfully followed the game's axiomatic strategy of ganging up on the obvious leader. Hand 1 saw GM Lockwood take the early lead with 37 points, and he promptly paid the price in Hand 2 by having his fleet sunk out from under him. This allowed Bill Place to take a narrow lead at the end of the Hand with 36 points, with only six points separating the top four players. Hand 3 saw Bill almost sew up the championship, but instead falling short with 71 points to lead the field and become the mandatory prime target of Hand 4. This was quickly accomplished, and Bill dropped back to 64 points as the rest of the field caught up, with Chad Gormly moving to within striking range at 71 points, and James Pei riding a big hand of 33 points to move up to 56. The fifth hand had six players within striking range of victory, turning the game into a free swinging melee. When the shelling stopped, Bill Place was the winner of the wood with 77 points, followed closely by Greg Wilson with 75, Chad Gormly with 74, James Pei with 73, GM Lockwood with 63, and Alan Arvold's 54, topping Rod Fedin's 41 for sixth place laurels. Clearly, this was the tightest finish in Naval War tournament history!

 GM      Jonathan Lockwood  [1st Year]   NA   NA

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