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2005 WBC Report     

  2006 Status: pending December Membership Century Vote

Lisa Gutermuth, TX

2005 Champion

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Event History
2003    David Wenstrup     98
2004    David Burkey     31
2005    Lisa Gutermuth     27


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  David Wenstrup     SC    03     30
  2.  Lisa Gutermuth     TX    04     22
  3.  David Burkey       PA    04     20
  4.  Brandon Bernard    PA    06     18
  5.  Eyal Mozes         NY    03     18
  6.  Alex Henning       CT    05     14
  7.  James Allaire      CT    05     12
  8.  Ted Drozd          IL    03     12
  9.  Brian Schott       MD    03      9
 10.  James Kendrick     UK    04      8
 11.  John Kratz         ID    04      6
 12.  Kathy Hitchings    DE    05      4
 13.  Andrew Bremer      NE    04      4
 14.  Gary Noe           FL    03      3
 15.  Lauren Vessey      VA    05      2

2005 Laurelists

James Allaire, CT

Alexandra Henning, CT

Brandon Bernard, PA

Katherine Hitchings, DE

Lauren Vessey, VA

Past Winners

David Wenstrup, SC

David Burkey, PA

The Gutermuth clan with their respective loot from WBC 2005. Seems someone's missing and its not because he was taking the picture, either. What was that Team Name again ... Who Needs Men?

a better whodunit ...

27 Novice (and not-so-novice!) monks joined the Monastery this year -- all attempting to discover "Who Killed Brother Adelmo" and be named the Abbey's Chief Investigator. With the game recently out of print, participation in the single qualifying round relied on the brotherly spirit of those monks who had brought their own missal.

The winner of each of the six playing tables made it to the Final this year. Among them were a couple of veterans of prior years, with the Sisters outnumbering their monacal brethren by a 2 to 1 ratio for the first time in the tournament's history.

This year's Final started off at a brisk tempo. With the full complement of six investigators on board, monks roamed the Abbey three spaces a turn, if they so desired, and Masses were called every three turns instead of the regular four. This later point was to prove crucial to the outcome.

The monks were a suspicious bunch, leading to many a brother's cell being rummaged through. In the excitement, Sister Alex was soon sent to penance. Thus chastised, Sister Alex was to raise many an eyebrow in the following rounds, repeatedly opting for silence when questioned by her brethren. The first Mass soon arrived, revealing four innocent Franciscans to the congregation, while the second Mass was to soon see Sister Lauren and Sister Lisa escorted to their cells for penance.

By the third Mass, Novices were suspects and lots of questions were being asked of the skinny monks. This led Sister Lauren to a brief visit with the Reverend Abbot, to whom she revealed in confidence the culprit to be one such skinny sinister character. Not to be outdone, Brother Jim soon paid his respects to the Abbot, professing the culprit to be fat instead!

The fourth Mass was to precipitate events to a close: Brother Brandon, who had craftily managed to keep a monk hidden amidst his things during each of the successive Masses' frensy and questioning shortly saw his hand depleted of individuals to hide when the fifth Mass was called right upon the fourth one's heels.

The individual released from Brother Brandon's grip was the final missing clue Sister Lisa needed to rush to the Chapter Hall and accuse Brother Cuthbert, a Fat Franciscan.

While this year's culprit was, just like last year, another Brother, this time the Benedictines got off the hook, proving the "Never trust a Benedictine" of earlier years to be nothing more than a myth.

The new Chief Investigator of the Abbey is Lisa Gutermuth.

 GM      Eric Hautemont  [1st Year]   NA
   NA   NA

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