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2005 WBC Report  

 2006 Status: pending December Membership Century Vote

Jordan Halberstadt, TN

2005 Champion

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Event History
1991    Heikki Thoen      24
1992    George Sauer III      11
1993    Chris Bodkin      28
1994    Paul Toro      24
1995    Charles Hickok      38
1996    Justin Thompson      36
1997    Jeff Clark      26
1998    Victor Guerrera      33
1999    Justin Thompson     26
2000    Sandy Wible     35
2001    George Sauer III     33
2002    Sandy Wible     24
2003    James Coomes     32
2004    Justin Thompson     28
2005    Jordan Halberstadt     18


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Justin Thompson    VA    05    117
  2.  Will Wible         VA    02     60
  3.  Kevin Brownell     ME    04     54
  4.  Bill Powers        VA    05     39
  5.  James Coomes       KY    04     36
  6.  Jordan Halberstadt TN    05     30
  7.  George Sauer       OH    01     30
  8.  Dale Long          NJ    05     18
  9.  Nick Benedict      CA    03     18
 10.  Michael Sims       IN    02     18
 11.  Fred Gosnell       VA    99     18
 12.  Scott Stewart      VA    04     12
 13.  Mike Hall          BC    02     12
 14.  Robert Kircher     MA    00     12
 15.  Heikki Thoen       QC    99     12
 16.  Michael Convoy     VA    03      9
 17.  Michael Coomes     OH    01      9
 18.  Rod Coffey         MD    05      6
 19.  Alan Witte         NJ    02      6
 20.  Ed Beach           MD    01      6
 21.  Keith Wixson       NJ    00      6
 22.  Michael Fisher     PA    99      6
 23.  Brian Jones        MD    05      3
 24.  Peter Melinn       MA    04      3
 25.  Paul Saunders      VA    01      3
 26.  Paul O'Niel        MD    99      3

2005 Laurelists

Justin Thompson, VA

Dale Long, NJ

Bill Powers, VA

Rod Coffey, MD

Brian Jones, MD

Past Winners

Heikki Thoen, QC

George Sauer III, OH
1992, 2001

Chris Bodkin, IN

Paul Toro, DE

Charles Hickok, PA

Justin Thompson, VA
'96, '99, '04

Jeff Clark, AZ

Victor Guerrera, PA

Sandy Wible, VA
2000, 2002

James Coomes, KY

War of the Horticulturalists crowns a new King

Six great noblemen met on the field (ok board) at Lancaster to determine who would be the Kingmaker! They were a mix of veterans like Dan Long, Bill Powers, Justin Thompson (in his tenth consecutive final!), and newcomers Rod Coffey, Brian L Jones, and Jordan Halberstadt.

The initial deal was fairly even. No one was particularly strong or weak. Jordan revealedthe Constable of the Tower of London, Bishop of Norwich, and Archbishop of York giving him free access to threetop Royals! On Turn 1 he picksed up two of them, including King Henry. An early target has been declared.

Turn 4 brings the Plague to Lincoln and Newark killing Margaret and Brian Jones' entire faction! He would be back.

Parliament is called on Turn 6. Jordan still has the two top royals and strengthens his position.

Turn 10 sees Jordan making his move, attacking Justin in Wales at 3-2 odds. The attack is unsuccessful, Jordan loses Stafford and a third of his army! Justin drools in anticipation of the counterattack.

Turn 11 is a big one. Bill, wallowing with only an untitled Stanley for most of the game, has marched north with Stanley and Pole. Brian has rebuilt in the north, taken Edward of the March in Bambaugh and is sitting in the royal city waiting for more strength. Bill plays the Earl of Wiltshire and Warden of the Northern Marshes on Stanley, and the Marshall of England on Pole giving him a total strength of 450! He besieges Bambaugh, and poor Brian is wiped out again. Bill takes Edward. The salivating Justin makes his counterattack on Jordan but he draws a 4-1 card on his 3-2 attack! Justin's Neville dies costing Justin much strength and many towns. Jordan's luck is beginning to show. The last play of turn 11 has Jordan attempting an assassination of Bill's newly captured Edward. He is successful and Bill is royalless again! More good luck for Jordan, and this becomes a theme for the rest of the game

Turn 12 brings another Parliament. Not much in the Chancery, but Brian gets his first office of the game! Jordan, ruling parliament, becomes stronger as the Admiral of England.

Turn 15 brings catastrophe! Jordan's large force is not so large any more. Bill's chance for revenge arrives and he attacks! Jordan's luck holds, the attack fails and Bill loses Stanley who accounted for half of Bill's strength! Bill loses about 12 towns and three bishoprics (or about 50 points!) Can anyone knock that angel off Jordan's shoulder?

Turn 16 sees another session of Parliament. Nothing in the chancery, but it does bring Dan Long's Beaufort close enough for Bill (with his last remaining archbishop) to crown Beaufort king preventing a sole king victory for Jordan.

Turn 18 brings another catastrophe and time is running out. Justin makes a brilliant move. He gets a force against Jordan at 2-1 odds. Jordan's angel seems to be napping but Justin pulls BAD WEATHER!!

GAME OVER and Jordan is named KINGMAKER!

It was an excellent Final with good play by all participants. Everyone in the game had chances to make a move against Jordan, but he took on all comers and prevailed. Hope to see you all next year for a rematch!

 GM      Bill Powers  [1st Year]   NA   NA

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