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2005 WBC Report     

 2006 Status: pending December Membership Century Vote

Gordon Rodgers, PA

2005 Champion

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Event History
1994    Kevin LeRow      40
1995    Peter Stein      36
1996    Caleb Cousins      30
1997    Gordon Rodgers      36
1998    Forrest Speck      30
1999    Rob Kilroy     28
2000    Steve Huskey     27
2001    Wade Fowble     15
2002    Gordon Rodgers     17
2003    Michael Wojke     18
2004    Michael Livingston     15
2005    Gordon Rodgers     17


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Gordon Rodgers     PA    05     46
  2.  Rob Kilroy         PA    05     32
  3.  Wade Fowble        MD    01     30
  4.  Steve Huskey       KA    00     30
  5.  Mike Mitchell      GA    01     22
  6.  Michael Wojke      NJ    03     20
  7.  Alan Arvold        IL    04     19
  8.  Steve Scott        CA    01     18
  9.  Jeff Finkeldey     OH    00     18
 10.  John Kilbride      PA    05     14
 11.  Fred Gosnell       VA    00     14
 12.  Jim Marousek       VA    04     14
 13.  John Poniske       PA    99     12
 14.  Randy MacInnis     NJ    05     10
 15.  Mike Livingston    NY    04     10
 16.  Blair Morgen       NJ    05     10
 17.  Peter Stein        OH    04      7
 18.  Kevin Burgess      NY    04      6
 19.  Chaka Benson       PA    02      6
 20.  Ray Stakenas II    MI    01      6
 21.  Scott Siriana      NY    00      6
 22.  Lane Hess          PA    05      4
 23.  Rich Shipley       MD    02      3
 24.  Tiger Von Pagel    FL    01      3
 25.  Ed Kendrick        OK    00      3
 26.  Forrest Speck      MD    02      1

2005 Laurelists

Rob Kilroy, PA

Randy MacInnis, PA

John Kilbride, PA

Lane Hess, PA

Blair Morgen, NJ

Past Winners

Kevin LeRow, PA

Peter Stein, NY

Caleb Cousins, ME

Gordon Rodgers, PA
1997, 2002

Forrest Speck, MD

Rob Kilroy, PA

Steve Huskey, KS

Wade Fowble, MD

Michael Wojke, NJ

Michael Livingston, NY

Viva la Revolution

The Rebels won three of the four Preliminary games. However, one ended in the first ever tie so Randall MacInnis and Rob Kilroy along with John Kilbride, Gordon Rodgers and Lane Hess advanced io the Final to make a five-player game.

Kilroy, Rodgers and kilbride are three members of the Philly Amish and know each other's Modus Operandi very well. MacInnis drew first blood by ambushing Kilroy's TV station and used it to eventually eliminated six units in eight propaganda attacks. This represented nearly half of Randy's scoring opportunities. He lost broadcasting control to Lane who lost it in turn to John (who went 2 for 3 in his spiels afterward) in the end game. Lane spent most of the game deploying and withdrawing targets, losing attacks due to bad die rolls, and holding the TV Station for exactly one successful turn of broadcasting before losing it to Gordon and the game ending.

John lost his first attack, but managed to account for 37 victory points for eliminating units and control of the Port by the end of the game. However, in the end he supported the losing side (rebel) and his third place VP total was halved, dropping him to fourth place. Rob used his first four turns to discard and draw cards. Obviously this strategy worked for him. He built a few strong units then went hunting for installations. By the end of the game he moved from only 5 VP to controlling 25 VPs of installations. In his last turn he deployed a 3+3, 5, 7, 6 government unit, but the game ended before he could use it when Randy rolled a 10 on the first turn of sudden death. He backed the Government so his VP total stayed at 45 which was enough for second place laurels.

After losing his initial attack with a dr of 1 to 10, Gordon used seven further attacks to move into a tie with John before sides were revealed. His last attack destroyed a small garrn and gained control of the TV station to move ahead of John (before halving) and Rob, his comrade in arms. The final VP totals were Gordon: 54, Rob: 45, Randy: 25, John: 22, and Lane: 18.

 GM      Neal Schlaffer  [12th Year]   NA   NA

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