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2005 WBC Report   

 2006 Status: pending December Membership Century Vote

Jeff Martin, CT

2005 Champion

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Event History
1991    Randy Schilb        8
1992    Michael Newman      22
1993    Michael Newman      16
1994    Michael Newman      12
1995    Trevor Bender      12
1996    Randy Heller      12
1997    Randy Schilb      10
1998    Paul Koenig      14
1999    Bruno Sinigaglio     13
2000    Robert Frisby     16
2001    Brad Frisby     16
2002    Brad Frisby     16
2003    Robert Frisby     16
2004    Brad Frisby     15
2005     Jeff Martin     10


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Robert Frisby      VA    05     94
  2.  Brad Frisby        MD    04     94
  3.  Bruno Sinigaglio   AK    05     29
  4.  Paul Koenig        CA    02     27
  5.  Chris Godfrey      MA    04     24
  6.  Jeff Martin        CT    05     20
  7.  Kevin Hacker       PA    03     16
  8.  Bill Riggs         VA    04     16
  9.  Randy Schilb       MO    00     10
 10.  James Terry        OH    02      9
 11.  Doug Porterfield   VA    05      8
 12.  Alan Hayes         IL    05      6
 13.  Robert Ryan        MI    04      5
 14.  John Grant Jr      CT    01      3
 15.  Randy Heller       MD    00      1

2005 Laurelists

Robert Frisby, VA

Doug Porterfield, VA

Alan Hayes, IL

Bruno Sinigaglio, AK

Phil Rodrigues

Past Winners

Randy Schilb, MO
1991, 1997

Michael Newman, MA

Trevor Bender, CA

Randy Heller, MD

Paul Koenig, CA

Bruno Sinigaglio, AK

Robert Frisby, VA
2000, 2003

Brad Frisby, MD
2001-2002, 2004

A Veteran Returns

Jeff Martin showed no rust in racking up a championship after returning to the convention after a long absence. .Staying with a free-form format this year, the tourney had 10 players. The free-form rounds showed that, even with rule modifications, the Germans held an advantage over the Allies with nine wins in 11 games.

Jeff was the top seed for the semifinal round. With the perceived German advantage, all four semifinalists agreed to a bidding system. If both players wanted the same side, then they would bid for air power. For the Germans, they bid the number of planes they would reduce from their starting total - to be taken one from July, then one from June, then alternating thereafter.

In the first semifinal, bidding was unnecessary as Jeff selected the Germans and Alan Hayes the Allies. Alan invaded in the 15th District at Dieppe. Continuing to blow the bridges surrounding the area, Alan claimed Dieppe, Le Havre, Rouen, and Amiens. Next up was St. Quentin and a paratroop drop for the sixth city and victory. Alan was unable to capture St. Quentin and Jeff moved on to the Final.

In the second semifinal, Robert Frisby bid 2 to play the Germans. Doug Porterfield invaded at St. Malo. But in trying to grab Brest and Lorient on the same turn, his attacks failed and the units attacking Lorient were eliminated, leaving a counterattack opening. Robert eliminated the only Allied Headquarters on the mainland. On turn 4, the storm arrived and left the Allies with too little to take and hold their remaining objectives, so Doug resigned.

In the Final, both players bid for the Germans. Robert's bidding reached 5 before Jeff accepted, so Robert's German air support for June and July was 4 planes each month. Jeff invaded in the 19th District. Jeff pushed out from the Cannes area. With a well-coordinated attack at the Rhone delta, he pushed Robert into a defensive position. Retreating, Robert prepared for the final battles at Perpignan and Toulouse (Jeff having taken all of the other cities in the district). Jeff's paratroop drop took Toulouse, but he was unable to take Perpignan. The French partisans blocked the rail that Robert had planned to use to deploy six divisions for the counterattack on Toulouse. Without the railed-in troops, Robert counterattacked Toulouse unsuccessfully on second impulse at 1-2 odds and the victory went to Jeff.

 GM      Douglas Porterfield [1st Year]   NA    NA

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