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2005 WBC Report  

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Debbie Gutermuth, TX

2005 Champion

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Event History
2001    Steve Cameron     31
2002    Mike Stachowski     47
2003    Bill Place     69
2004     Lisa Gutermuth     87
2005     Debbie Gutermuth     72


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Lisa Gutermuth     TX    05     48
  2.  Bill Place         PA    03     30
  3.  Mike Stachowski    NY    04     30
  4.  Debbie Gutermuth   TX    05     30
  5.  Steve Cameron      PA    04     28
  6.  Ron Wuerth         VA    04     27
  7.  Barb Flaxington    NJ    03     18
  8.  Alan Bargender     VA    02     18
  9.  Scott Nerney       RI    05     15
 10.  James Kendrick     UK    05     12
 11.  Chris Janiec       PA    04     12
 12.  Forrest Speck      MD    02     12
 13.  Sarah Vasilakos    VA    05      9
 14.  Bert Schoose       IL    04      9
 15.  Katie McCorry      VA    02      9
 16.  Mike Nagel         NJ    03      9
 17.  Josh Ostrander     NY    05      6
 18.  Michael Coomes     OH    01      4
 19.  Bob Titran         NY    04      3
 20.  Peter Perla        VA    03      3
 21.  Steve May          MD    01      3
 22.  Jeff Mullet        OH    01      2
 23.  Greg Mayer         MO    01      1

2005 Laurelists

Lisa Gutermuth, TX

James Kendrick, UK

Sarah Vasilakos, VA

Josh Ostrander, NY

Scott Nerney, RI

Past Winners

Steve Cameron, PA

Mike Stachowski, NY

Bill Place, PA

Lisa Gutermuth, TX

Varooom ......

Family Ties might be a good nickname for Formula Motor Racing, an event which routinely draws family members with surnames of Gutermuth, Flawd and Freeman year after year. But make no mistake, as our Final proved, when it comes to going for the wood, family goes right out the window!

During heat play this year, the only noteable event occurred in the second round when Peter Stein may have broken a record by having six cars eliminated; two of which were self-inflicted. I know in the Atlantic Storm event there is a play called "The Stein Flush" in (dubious) honor of Pete, but it seems Pete's hard luck is not limited to the high seas. It may be time to add to the WBC lexicon with a Steinism for the tarmac.

This year, 16 heats were run, producing 15 qualifiers (one person qualified twice) of which12 elected to continue so the semifinals were set with two tables of six. At Table 1, Debbie Gutermuth ran away with a victory, outscoring her runner-up, Scott Nerney by 10 points, and third place opponent, former champion Steve Cameron, by 21. Chad Gormly, John Shaheen and Bob Stribula rounded out the pack in that order.

Table 2 was a bit closer, with defending champion Lisa Gutermuth winning by six points over Josh Ostrander, and nine over James Kendrick in third. Sarah Vasilakos, Katie McCorry and Devin Flawd finished out of the money in that order..

The Final was thus set with the two semifinalist winners and the top four losers by total points. Seeded in order, the finalists and their racing team's were:

Debbie Gutermuth - Sauber
Lisa Gutermuth - Jordan
Scott Neerney - Ferrari
Josh Ostrander - Jaguar
James Kendrick - Toyota
Sarah Vasilakos - Minardi

So the stage was set, for drama in the Gutermuth family. Lisa, the returning champ was looking to be the first person to successfully defend their championship, while scoring big in her team game at the same time. But after the first race, things are looking bleak for the Gutermuth's as Debbie's Saubers are both lost, one to a blown engine, and the other to a crash, tangling with none other than one of Lisa's Jordans. So much for family loyalties. With the Gutermuths out of the way, newcomer Sarah takes the early lead, placing first and fifth with her Jaguars, followed by Josh's Toyota's placing 2nd and 3rd. Scott has a Minardi place fourth while losing the other to a spin out, totaling four lost cars to this race. Lisa must settle for sixth with her other Jordan.

The second race also saw a player lose both cars, as Scott's Minardis fall victim to a spin out and a crash, that also speared one of Sarah's Jaguars. Josh lost a Ferrari bringing the casualty toll to another four cars down for the count. Seems a trend has started. James who avoided any trouble in the previous race, but also avoided scoring, charged back into the thick of things with a 1st place finish for his Toyota's. Followed by Lisa's Jordans making a statement with a second place finish. Sarah's Jaguars kept in the hunt placing 3rd, Josh's remaining Ferrari placed 4th and Debbie gets on board in a small way with her Saubers finishing 5th and 6th.

In the third race, yet again four cars head for an early exit, keeping up the trend. This time however, the pain is more equitably distributed and no one loses both cars. While Debbie suffers a blown engine on one of her Saubers, the other racks up a first place finish. Lisa loses a Jordan to a spin out but her remaining car places second. James has a Toyota place 3rd to keep him in the hunt, Scott places 4th and 6th with his Minardis and Sarah's Jaguars claim 5th but lose a car in a crash with Josh's Ferraris who are shut out of scoring this round.

The fourth race only claims two casualties. One of which belonged to Toyota in a dramatic spin out, but James other car did place1st to claim the overall lead. Debbie had a Sauber place 2nd while Lisa had a Jordan place 3rd. Fourth place belonged to Sarah who lost her three-ound lead as her other Jaguar blew an engine. Scott's Minardi and Josh's Ferrari rounded out the placing in 5th and 6th respectively.

In the fifth race, a resurgent Lisa finally makes her move and coaxes her floundering Jordans into a 1st place finish, claiming the overall point lead, while losing her other to a crash with one of Sarah's Jaguars. Josh, who had been relatively quiet since the first round ends strong with a 2nd place finish for his Ferrari team. Sarah places her other Jaguar third, with Debbie Gutermuth's Saubers 4th, James's Toyotas 5th and Scott's Minardis 6th.

Entering the final race, the stage is set for returning champ Lisa. Her Jordans enjoy a slim one point lead over James's Toyotas, and 2 points over Sarah's' Jaguars. Debbie's Saubers are in fourth only five points off the lead, and Josh's Ferraris in fifth, are only seven points out. Only Scott's Minardis are out of contention.

Debbie pulls out a first place finish for Sauber, with Josh's Ferrari's in second, Lisa's Jordan's in 3rd, James' Toyota's in 4th, Scott''s Minardi in 5th and Sarah's Jaguarssettling for 6th. Overall, the first place finish for Debbi, eeks out a 1 point victory over teammate Lisa.

 Brian Pappas bested a field of 19 underage drivers in the Juniors version of Formula Motor Racing. The other finalists were:

2nd: Thomas Strock

3rd: Andrew Wilson

4th: Evan Boone

5th: Mark Evich

6th: Mary Beth Mitchell

 GM      Ron Wuerth  [1st Year]   NA 
    NA   NA

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