elchfest [Updated October 2005]  

2005 WBC Report     

 2006 Status: pending December Membership Century Vote

Bob Runnicles, FL

2005 Champion

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Event History
2001    Jeff Paull     27
2002    Bob Runnicles     46
2003    Dan Dolan Sr     42
2004    Dan Dolan Sr     48
2005     Bob Runnicles     47


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Jeff Paull         OH    05     38
  2.  Dan Dolan Sr       NJ    04     38
  3.  Bob Runnicles      FL    05     36
  4.  Bill Edwards       VA    05     14
  5.  James Carvin       PA    05      8
  6.  Rebecca Hebner     CO    04      6
  7.  Dan Dolan Jr       NJ    03      6
  8.  Vince Frattali     WA    01      6
  9.  Lance Fogel        PA    05      4
 10.  Alex Bove          PA    04      4
 11.  Roger Taylor       VA    03      4
 12.  Lynn Ribeiro       NH    01      4
 13.  Roy Gibson         MD    02      3
 14.  Kevin Youells      FL    02      3
 15.  Phil White         MD    05      2
 16.  John Tighe         NC    04      2
 17.  Steve Cameron      PA    03      2
 18.  Robert Eastman     NV    03      1
 19.  Nicholas Kramer    PA    02      1

2005 Laurelists

Jeff Paull, OH

James Carvin, PA

Bill Edwards, VA

Lance Fogel, PA

Phil White, MD

Past Winners

Jeff Paul, OH

Bob Runnicles, FL

Dan Dolan Sr, NJ

grand strategy on a titanic scale ...

This years Elchfest saw 47 flickers attending. The room was larger and handled the crowd with no problems. The 11 PM start time was met with
general approval although next year I'd like to add a Juniors event to start cultivating the youth movement.

The battle for the most coveted plaque at WBC was a fierce one as there were three defending champions looking to reclaim the amtler wood as well as several talented newcomers.

Last years champion fell in the second round (much to the dismay of his Team Event teammates) to the eventual winner Bob "The Machine" Runnicles. Bob didn't lose a game in the entire event playing the minimum ten games over five rounds in clinching his second ELCHFEST title.

Former champion Jeff Paull, also aiming to reclaim past glory, was his opponent in the Final but was unable to slow the Runnicles tide as Bob was not to be denied.

Many of the entrants were able to purchase a copy of the game this year and that bodes well for next years event. The level of play was much better and sights are set on the champ already. Will one of the former champions reclaim the antlers or will a talented newcomer finally crack the top spot?

No moose were hurt in the making of this event ... which is more than can be said for the participants.

 GM      Dan Dolan Sr  [3rd Year]   NA
    Phlegm@Warwick.net   NA

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