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2005 WBC Report  

 2006 Status: pending December Membership Century Vote

Wade Fowble, MD

2005 Champion

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Event History
1991    Winston Forrest      17
1992    John Kilbride      32
1993    Fred Gosnell      38
1994    Larry York      37
1995    Phil Thomas      49
1996    Fred Gosnell      36
1997    Tim Evinger      64
1998    Winston Forrest      59
1999    Gordon Rodgers     42
2000    Gordon Rodgers     42
2001    Thomas Wojke     55
2002    Michael Sincavage     42
2003    Matt Evinger     50
2004     Bill Peeck     30
2005    Wade Fowble     31


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Gordon Rodgers     PA    00     60
  2.  Mike Sincavage     VA    02     48
  3.  Matt Evinger       PA    04     39
  4.  Mike Mitchell      GA    04     36
  5.  Bill Peeck         NY    04     30
  6.  Tom Wojke          PA    01     30
  7.  Alan Arvold        IL    04     27
  8.  Wade Fowble        MD    05     20
  9.  Blair Morgen       NJ    03     18
 10.  Pat Mirk           FL    02     18
 11.  Neal Schlaffer     MD    99     18
 12.  Rob Kilroy         PA    01     18
 13.  Evan Hitchings     DE    05     15
 14.  Bill Place         PA    05     12
 15.  Dave Long          NC    04     12
 16.  Jon Lockwood       VA    03     12
 17.  Forrest Speck      MD    03     12
 18.  Nick Evinger       PA    02     12
 19.  Larry York         CA    00     12
 20.  Joe Burch          MD    02      9
 21.  Robert Kirchner    MA    01      9
 22.  Kevin Coombs       GA    99      9
 23.  Ben Knight         MD    05      8
 24.  Beth Bernard       VA    03      6
 25.  Rob Navolis        OH    00      6
 26.  Steve Scott        CA    99      6
 27.  Bill Powers        VA    05      4
 28.  Robert Eastman     NV    04      3
 29.  James Pei          TX    02      3
 30.  Randall MacInnis   NJ    01      3
 31.  Todd Surgoine      OH    00      3
 32.  Mike Windle        DE    05      2

2005 Laurelists

Bill Place, PA

Ben Knight, MD

Evan Hitchings, DE

Bill Powers, VA

Mike Windle, DE

Past Winners

'91 98: Winston Forrest,VA
1995: Phil Thomas, MD

John Kilbride, PA

Fred Gosnell, VA
1993, 1996

Larry York, CA

Tim Evinger, PA

Gordon Rodgers,PA

Thomas Wojke, PA

Mike Sincavage,VA

Matt Evinger, PA

Bill Peeck, NY

Deja Vu on the Open Waves

All but one of the six Preliminary Round games was completed in the three-hour time limit. The tardy contest was adjudicated and the winner advanced to the Final. Others found the path to the Final equally contested. Evan Hitchings won by a mere VP to advance. Ben Knight won his qualifying game by a margin of only two points. One Preliminary game spread the wealth with little defense being played and saw all five players score over a hundred points, a first in the15-year history of this event.

The opening round of the Final consisted of the usual fire protection and getting rid of red cards before they did damage to one's own fleet. Mike Windle could not overcome the handicap of having the lowest rated fleet in the game and suffering three active fires on the Dreadnought. He did however remain an active player by helping other players score VPs by the strategic placement of two Break the Lines at different points during the game. In the end he managed to sink only three vessels.

Bill Powers likewise used a couple Break the Lines to assist others in scoring points. Evan had his share of bad luck with Running Aground, the other players sinking his fleet, and an Admiralty Orders which sent his only remaining ship back to port. Before this all happened however, he did manage to sink a few ships which reduced the sting of the -15 VP penalty for failing to field a fleet at sea. Eventually he went on to capture two prizes, but failed to return them to port before the game ended.

Ben advanced slowly through the ranks to capture third place. He managed to sink a number of small ships, but was hampered in his quest by a Break The Line which left him vulnerable to Powers and Fowble. Bill Place had the first successful boarding attempt versus Evan as his first attack. He added a second prize later, then successfully ran a Windle four-ship blockade to gain 22 VPs. However, it was not enough. Wade Fowble got the first prize back for 18 VPs and thereby became the leader from the very start. It was a position he did not relinquish for the remainder of the game as he sunk an additional 49 points of ships in just the first deck. He added two more prizes worth 42 points late in the second deck to win the game with 109 VPs. Bill Place took second with 79 followed by Ben Knight (72), Evan Hitchings (60), Bill Powers (53), and Mike Windle (36) respectively.

 GM      Neal Schlaffer  [15th Year]   NA 
    nschlaffer@comcast.net   NA

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