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2005 WBC Report     

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Richard Curtin, NY

2005 Champion

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Event History
1991    Richard Curtin      39
1992    Duane Wagner      53
1993    Brett Mingo      91
1994    Scott Pfeiffer      73
1995    Randy Schib      69
1996    Scott Pfeiffer      55
1997    David Gantt      52
1998    Jim Jordan      49
1999    Scott Pfeiffer     46
2000    Ewan McNay     62
2001    Mark Smith     42
2002    Ewan McNay     42
2003    Nick Benedict     48
2004    Nick Benedict     34
2005    Richard Curtin     34


Rank  Name               From  Last  Total
  1.  Ewan McNay          CT    04    171
  2.  Nick Benedict       PA    05    168
  3.  James Jordan        MD    02     72
  4.  David Gantt         SC    03     70
  5.  Richard Curtin      NY    05     60
  6.  Mark Smith          KY    01     60
  7.  Scott Pfeiffer      SC    02     58
  8.  Jonathan Squibb     PA    00     40
  9.  David Yoon          NY    05     36
 10.  Bruce Young         SC    02     36
 11.  Rick Kirchner       KY    05     24
 12.  Ralph Gleaton       SC    04     24
 13.  Randy Schilb        MO    00     24
 14.  Richard Jones       UK    02     18
 15.  Jonathan Price      NJ    00     12
 16.  Llew Bardecki       ON    03     10
 17.  Mike Mullins        MD    05      8
 18.  Brett Mingo         MD    02      6
 19.  John Strand         CO    03      5
 20.  James Tyne          OH    05      4
 21.  John Emery          SC    04      4

2005 Laurelists

Nick Benedict, CA

Rick Kirchner, KY

David Yoon, NY

Mike Mullins, MD

James Tyne, OH

Past Winners

Richard Curtin, NY
1991, 2005

Duane Wagner, NJ

Brett Mingo, MD

Scott Pfeiffer, SC
1994, 1996, 1999

Randy Schilb, MD

David Gantt, SC

Jim Jordan, MD

Ewan McNay, CT
2000, 2002

Mark Smith, KY

Nick Benedict, CA

The Return of the King ...

14 years separated Rich Curtin's championships in 1991 and 2005, so perhaps we shall call this year the Return of the King. Rising as if from the mists of Avalon, Rich's squirrelly tactics brought him victory as he calmly paced himself in the Final while the other players were distracted with infighting.

Rich has a reputation for always trying something new. In one game, that meant his Brigantes weren't huddling to the north when the Romans were on the march. Instead, they decided to vacation all along the coast of England, spreading all the way down to Avalon. Kudos to Rich for always making Britannia an interesting game to play.

High score honors this year became a bit monotonous. Llew Bardecki won the Purple high score (120.5), but then Ewan McNay won Green (139), and Red (139.5), and Blue (112). At least Blue was close! Ewan just scraped by Norm Newton who scored 111 with Blue in a fine showing. Hmm, I think we'll all be working on making the high score plaques a little better distributed next year.

Also distributed this year was the Ethelred the Unready plaque for the lowest score in a game where the player was really trying but things just didn't come together. Sometimes the dice don't come together and a player gets caught between two folks just going for their points, with the player in the middle. This year there were many fine contenders for this dubious honor including the excellent Mark Smith with 66 points and Llew Bardecki with 75, but three-time champion Scott Pfeiffer was crowned as Ethelred with 51 points in a game that just didn't go right at any turn.

Next year, plaques will also be distributed each round to the winner of the closest game of the round. I've always admired the games that are incredibly tight and are just pulled out by a point (or less in some cases.)

Anyway, it was a good year, although only 34 players joined, there were many new faces and the demostration attracted a good turnout. At least a couple of the folks showing up for the demonstration also played in the tournament. As always happens, a number of veteran players ended up distracted by other tournaments. They vowed to be back next year.

Perhaps the new version of the game will bring new faces into the tournament too. This may be the last year of the Britannia version 1 tournament. Britannia 2 looks like it's on track to come out for next year, as Lew Pulsipher has word that Fantasy Flight Games has put it on a fast track. Apparently, print versions of the cover for the game showed up at GenCon this year.

So, perhaps a new game next year, and new prizes too. There's a lovely computer version of the Bayeux Tapestry that shall go to the winner. We can get Lew Pulsipher to award it, perhaps along with a signed copy or two of Britannia 2.

 GM      James M. Jordan  [7th Year]  NA   NA

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