ace of aces [Updated October 2005]  

2005 WBC Report  

 2006 Status: pending December Membership Century Vote

Richard Irving, CA

2005 Champion

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Event History
2004    Bruce Young     48
2005     Richard Irving     33


 Rank Name              From  Last  Total
   1. Richard Irving     CA    05     22
   2. Bruce Young        SC    05     22
   3. Chris Villeneuve   MI    05     14
   4. Phil Barcafer      PA    05     12
   5. Dan Lawall         WA    04     12
   6. Paul Weintraub     MD    04      8
   7. Ray Stakenas Sr    MI    05      6
   8. Ray Stakenas Jr    MI    05      4
   9. James Pei          TX    04      4

2005 Laurelists

Phil Barcafer, PA

Chris Villeneuve, MI

Ray Stakenas Sr, MI

Ray Stakenas, Jr, MI

Bruce Young, SC

Past Winners

Bruce Young, SC

And Now For Something Different ...

Once again, the intreped and fearless pilots took to the air to battle for control of the skies over the WBC. This year, we had fewer pilots, but those who flew had more flights, thanks to the nightly gatherings at the Hopewell aerodrome at the Lancaster Host.

Most of last year's top pilots were back at it this year, and 2004's Ace of Aces, the Baron von Richthofen of the WBC, Bruce Young, had the best record of the qualifying round. He shot down his opponents with frightening proficiency. 17 of his t23 opponents fell victim to his twin guns. He was only shot down twice, and one of those was a face-to-face double kill.

Paul Weintraub again had the most flights, but unlike last year, he was at the losing end of most of them and did not advance. He did however contribute prizes for the Final and really helped make the event special.

Scheduling the Final was a problem this year, as the original time was good for no one. We then had to pick a good time and the only time that most of the players could make it was a bad time for Young, as he had to pick between Nappy Wars or Ace of Aces (Ah, the curse of winning too much). Bruce opted for Nappy Wars, leaving things open for a new flier to pin the Blue Max to his chest.

The Final consisted of Richard Irving, the pilot with the second best score in the qualifying rounds, Phil Barcafer, Chris Villeneuve and Ray Stakenas Sr. AND Jr. None of the alternates appeared, so Bruce got 6th place by default, as the rest of the finalists flew a round robin.

Proving that his record in the qualifying round was no fluke, Irving started off by shooting down his first three opponents. Barcafer shot down his first opponent, but barely survived to make it back to base. He chased off his next and then lost sight of the third opponent before a shot was fired. Stakenas Sr. destroyed one opponent, but was shot down twice. Villeneuve was never shot down, but he was unable to finish off anyone either. Poor Starkenas Jr. must have had some harsh words for his ground crew, because it seemed like he was flying with jammed guns. He did not score a single point of damage in the final round.

By the time the last flight took off, the end result was known. Barcafer tried to crash Irving, but only managed a draw. Even if he had shot Irving down, Irving still would have won, based on his earlier success. So Richard Irving took the wood and a die cast 1:24th scale Sopwith Camel, donated by Paul Weintraub. Barcafer took second, Villenueve third, Stakenas Sr. fourth, and hapless Stakenas Jr won a die cast US Mail Plane, also donated by Paul, which is the only thing he is qualified to fly anymore.

Again, I would like to thank all the participants who made this such a success. We had a small, but incredibly enthusiastic group of participants, all of whom displayed the utmost in sportsmanship.

 GM      Phil Barcafer  [2nd Year]   NA   NA

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