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2005 WBC Report  

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Brad Jones, FL

2005 Champion

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Event History
1998    Ric Manns      155
1999    Roy Gibson     116
2000    Bob Eastman     129
2001    John Coussis     126
2002    Robert Barnes     126
2003    Scott Buckwalter     140
2004     Rob Winslow     122
2005     Brad Jones     126


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Rob Winslow        NY    04     95
  2.  Scott Buckwalter   MD    03     90
  3.  Roy Gibson         MD    04     60
  4.  Henry Richardson   VA    01     60
  5.  Bob Eastman        OK    00     60
  6.  Robert Barnes      WV    02     50
  7.  John Coussis       IL    01     50
  8.  Pat Mirk           FL    02     45
  9.  Ben Knight         MD    03     41
 10.  Brad Jones         FL    05     40
 11.  Marty Sample       NH    04     36
 12.  Andy Gardner       VA    03     36
 13.  Carol Caler        OH    05     24
 14.  Eric Stranger      OH    99     24
 15.  John Elliott       MD    02     20
 16.  Dan Mathias        MD    03     18
 17.  Josh Gifford       MD    00     18
 18.  Peter Reese        VA    05     16
 19.  Scott Fenn         MD    04     15
 20.  Jamie Tang         MD    02     13
 21.  Tom Bissa          MI    05     12
 22.  Stan Buck          MD    03     12
 23.  Peter Busch        OH    99     12
 24.  Ross Jones         SC    04     10
 25.  Rob Mull           CO    02     10
 26.  Dwayne Curry       OH    01     10
 27.  Ron Wuerth         VA    05      8
 28.  Cliff Ackman       PA    03      6
 29.  Kevin Brownell     ME    04      5
 30.  Justin Thompson    VA    05      4
 31.  Steve Squibb       PA    99      4

2005 Laurelists

Carol Caler, OH

Peter Reese, VA

Tom Bissa, MI

Ron Wuerth, VA

Justin Thompson, VA

Past Winners

Ric Manns, IN

Roy Gibson, MD

Bob Eastman, OK

John Coussis, IL

Robert Barnes, WV

Scott Buckwalter, MD

Rob Winslow, NY

Celebrating Second ...

Another large crowd made their way into the North Atlantic in 2005 as the event drew its eighth straight three-digit attendance. Some of the highlights from the 39 Heat games played:

* Three Stein Flushes for the man whose name is now synonymous with dumping your entire hand
* Steve Cameron generously giving all the points away on the last hand of the game (keeping nothing for himself) and then losing by a point.
* Nick Evinger sweeping a 7-point convoy and three points of spoils for a 10 point hand

Six semifinal games left us with this year's Laurelists. Carol Caler, Ron Wuerth, Peter Reese, Justin Thompson, Brad Jones, and Tom Bissa ventured out for what would be an exciting Final.

SC107 was the first convoy up for grabs Cards were played on both sides and Carol had a die roll to decide it. Her roll wound up tying the battle and sending it around a second time. Brad had the lead for the second round and called a surface battle. He followed with the powerful hand of Admiral Donitz, Tirpitz, and Gneisenau. That's ??+5 folks! Despite it looking rather gloomy for the Allies, Peter couldn't resist the four points staring at him and played Bomber Command to take down the Gneisenau by fate. Despite losing the Gneisenau, Brad won the hand and took the convoy and two spoils.

Ron led Hand 5 and called a combined battle over SC122, putting out12 points for the Allies. Peter and Justin teamed up on the German side hoping the rest would follow suit. However, Brad put a stop to this by playing Raid on St. Nazaire and forcing Tom and Carol to play Allied or not at all. They both did and the Allies won the hand with Ron taking the convoy.

SC118 was the next convoy and Peter called another combined action, playing the Victorious (??+3). Justin, Brad, and Ron all played Allied as well making it a big dicefest at the end. Brads roll of 6 turned out to be the winner and he took the convoy.

Brad continued to play strong during the early game, including a big 8-point haul during the10th convoy. At the halway point, the total scores were Brad 27, Justin 16, Carol 10, Ron 10, Tom 9, and Peter 8.

The second half saw some early fireworks as Ron took Brad out of the fight for convoy SC48 with an Atlantic Storm. Ron then continued his strong play by winning the next convoy up for grabs (ONS5).

Tom saw his mighty Tirpitz go down during the fight over convoy PQ12, QP8. Carol's Battleship Rodney proved to be the deciding factor in the battle and she took five big points for herself.By the last hand it was pretty obvious that Brad had a comfortable lead. However second through sixh places were all up for grabs and the 7-point SC44 was on the table in front of Carol. She called an air battle and put out a "? for the Germans. Justin played allied, but both Ron and Tom played German, so it was up to Carol to roll for the convoy. She rolled a big 5 and took the 7 points for herself, giving Tom the 3-point spoil.

Those seven points catapulted her into second place. To see her reaction, though, you would have thought she had just won the Battle of the Atlantic all by herself. She was quite ecstatic to win her first piece of wood at WBC. However, the big prize went to Brad who won the game with a final score of 32 points. Carol finished 2nd with 27. Third through sixth place saw a four-way tie as Peter, Tom, Ron, and Justin all had 21 points. Convoy points had to decide it and Peter took 3rd, Tom 4th, Ron 5th, and Justin drew the short straw and got shut out of the wood in 6th place.

Thanks to all for playing. I hope everyone had a great time and you will all be ready to head out to sea again next year.

 GM      John Coussis  [7th Year]  NA   NA 

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