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2005 WBC Report     

 2006 Status: pending 2006 GM commitment

Ed Kendrick, UK

2005 Champion

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Event History
1991    Forrest Pafenberg      28
1992    Michael Anchors      28
1993    Steve Packwood      38
1994    Bernard Norton      49
1995    Steve Koleszar      43
1996    Al Bingamen      32
1997    Chuck Nail      56
1998    Justin Childs      48
1999    Gary Moss     40
2000    Justin Childs     41
2001   Justin Childs   45
2002   Jon Shambeda    86
2003   Phil Bradley    51
2004    David Gantt    52
2005    Ed Kendrick    67


Rank Name              From  Last  Total
  1. Justin Childs      FL    01     88
  2. David Gantt        SC    05     38
  3. Gary Moss          MD    00     36
  4. Ed Kendrick        UK    05     30
  5. Jon Shambeda       PA    02     30
  6. Bruce Reiff        OH    01     24
  7. Phil Bradley       IL    03     20
  8. Rich Atwater       WA    05     18
  9. Al Mink            VA    04     18
 10. Justin Thompson    VA    02     18
 11. Rob Flowers        NC    02     18
 12. Jason Levine       NY    01     16
 13. Steve Shambeda     PA    02     15
 14. Steve Packwood     MN    02     15
 15. Matt Calkin        VA    05     12
 16. Don Lubreski       NJ    04     12
 17. Chuck Nail         GA    02     12
 18. Arthur Field       SC    01     12
 19. Mike Wooden        NY    99     12
 20. Nick Smith         UK    03     12
 21. David Fritsch      VA    05      9
 22. Craig Moffit       NJ    04      9
 23. John Morris        MD    02      9
 24. David Brooks       TN    00      9
 25. Davyd Field        CA    03      8
 26. Will Wible         VA    01      8
 27. Steve Koleszar     VA    04      6
 28. Bruce Young        SC    03      6
 29. Jason Ley          WA    99      6
 30. Joe Bellic         NJ    03      4
 31. Steve Wolfman      WA    01      4
 32. Bill Alderman      VA    05      3
 33. Luke Koleszar      VA    04      3
 34. Charles Goodwin    OH    00      3
 35. John Zahorsky      NJ    99      3

2005 Laurelists

Rich Atwater, WA

Matt Calkins, VA

David Fritsch, VA

David Gantt. SC

Bill Alderman, VA

Past Winners

Forrest Pafenberg, VA

Michael Anchors, MD

Steve Packwood, MN

Bernard Norton, MA

Steve Koleszar, VA

Al Bingamen, PA

Chuck Nail, GA

Justin Childs, GA
1998, 2000-2001

Gary Moss, MO

Jon Shambeda, PA

Phil Bradley, IL

David Gantt, SC

Britannia Rules the Hotel Chains

Doug Mercer, Rich Atwater, defending champ Dave Gantt, and Steve Shambeda in semi-final action.

We had 12 boards on Saturday and six more Sunday morning for a total of 18 preliminary games. A full four boards comprised the semi-finals with two past champions still in the mix. The goal of being finished in time for Slapshot wasn't met, but that's a goal for the next GM.

In the first Semi, Rich Atwater was able to score early as he formed three chains and merged each of them. The bodies he ran over included last year's champion, Dave Gantt who had to settle for 5th this time, and the top seed from the prelimnaries, Steve Shambeda, who'll have to wait another year to match his son's 2002 title.

Matt Calkins survived a hotel miscount which caused an unfavorable merger to rise above Rich Meyer, Francis Spencer, and Tom Wade on board 2.

A miscue by his opponents allowed David Fristch to sneak American by and allowed him to collect a double bonus when it merged. David proceeded to cruise past Geoffrey Pounder, Bobbie Warczak and Rod Davidson on board 3.

Ed Kendrick surged past Bill Alderman who placed 6th overall, former champion Steve Packwood, and Eyal Moses on board 4.

No former champs survived to contest the final so a new champion was in the offing. Matt earned an early bullseye as he formed four chains with his first four plays. Unfortunately for Matt, this diversity made it hard to maintain control of so many assets and he was denied the first three merging bonuses. Rich Atwater and Ed were well positioned with Rich collecting two seconds and a first and Ed taking the other two firsts.

Without the merging bonuses, Matt ran out of money first and went six rounds in mid-game without being able to purchase any stock. David, too, ran into trouble shortly thereafter. It was looking like Rich and Ed would determine the winner between them.

Rich's chances took a huge blow when Matt merged Tower into Worldwide and caused Continental to merge into Worldwide instead of the other way around. Ed was then in the driver's seat and collected four of the last five premier bonuses.

In all, the British entrepreneur earned six of nine 1st place merger bonuses and shared in the end with Worldwide - netting $65,800. Rich collected four 2nds and one 1st in American, while sharing with Ed in Worldwide to achieve a total of $48,200. Matt managed two shared 1sts and two 2nds with a shared 2nd in American at game's end for $33,700. David was only able to earn one 1st,, one shared 1st, one 2nd and a shared 2nd in American for $23,400.

I want to thank all those who joined us and helped me as a first-time GM. Although I made mistakes, your support and patience were greatly appreciated and I look forward to GMing in the future when next I'm able to voyage east for WBC. A special thanks to those who accepted my invitation to be assistant GM's. Your willingness to help was very much needed and appreciated. As I will be unable to attend WBC in 2006, now is your chance to step up and run this event yourself.

 GM      Anthony Daw  [1st Year]  NA 
    NA  NA

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