18XX [Updated October 2005]

2005 WBC Report  

 2006 Status: pending 2006 GM commitment

Bruce Beard, MD

2005 Champion

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Event History
1991    Mark Giddings      34
1992    Dave Harshbarger      46
1993    Robin Barbehenn      84
1994    Todd Vander Pluym      84
1995    Mark Giddings      51
1996    Christian Goetz      45
1997    Dan Vice      50
1998    Jon Kwiatkowski      45
1999    Barrington Beavis     32
2000    Barrington Beavis     28
2001    David Fritsch     33
2002    Jon Kwiatkowski     36
2003    Paul Hakken     32
2004    Richard Fox     37
2005     Bruce Beard     29


Rank Name                 From  Last Total
  1. Jon Kwiatkowski       NC    04   104
  2. Bruce Beard           MD    05    90
  3. Barrington Beavis     UK    05    85
  4. Paul Hakken           NJ    04    83
  5. Jim McDanold          TN    05    60
  6. Richard Fox           IL    04    50
  7. Pierre LeBoeuf        MD    04    40
  8. David Fritsch         VA    01    40
  9. Dave Metheny          PA    05    25
 10. Brian Mountford       NY    99    24
 11. Mike Brophy           NC    05    20
 12. Paul Johnson          MD    03    20
 13. John Chung            CA    02    20
 14. Robin Barbehen        MD    00    18
 15. Richard Martin        MD    99    16
 16. Jason Levine          NY    01    16
 17. Lane Newbury          TX    05    15
 18. Johnny Hasay          PA    02    13
 19. Craig Reese           FL    01    12
 20. Harald Henning        CT    00    12
 21. Chuck Krueger         MA    03    12
 22. Anthony Daw           UT    02    10
 23. Mark Frueh            IL    00     9
 24. Ben Foy               MD    99     8
 25. Joe Ryshanan          MA    01     4
 26. Gerald Dudley         WI    00     3


2005 Laurelists

Jim McDanold, TN

Mike Brophy, NC

Lane Newbury, TX

Dave Metheny, PA

Barrington Beavis, UK

Past Winners

Mark Giddings, NY
1991, 1995

'92: D. Harshbarger, NC
'93: R. Barbehenn, MD

Todd Vander Pluym, CA

Christian Goetze, CA

Dan Vice, VA

Jon Kwiatkowski, NC
1998, 2002

Barrington Beavis, UK
1999, 2000

David Fritsch, VA

Paul Hakken, NJ

Richard Fox, IL


Event Inflation ... 1830 ... 1856 .... 1870

29 railroad managers turned out for this year's 18xx tournament, a drop of eight from last year. Five players were new to the tournament, joining 24 returnees. Three of the new players made the semi-finals, but none made it to the final. The tourney featured the games 1830, 1856, and 1870, with all the preliminary round winners (and enough non-winners to complete the field) advancing to a sixteen-player semi-final. 1830 remained the most popular preliminary round game (32 plays), with nine choosing 1856, and 14 playing 1870 at some point (numbers reflect that most players participated in multiple heats). Continuing the trend from 2004, the 1870 games in each round easily fit into the six-hour time limit.

The first heat Wednesday morning was designated as the 1830 round, but one five-player 1870 was played along with four four-player 1830s. Two player bankruptcies ended games in the first round, and all the winners had at least 110% margins above the second place score. Results favored tournament management, with the GM and both assistant GM qualifying with wins, as well as perennial contender Jim McDanold, and returning player Mike Brophy. GM Pierre LeBoeuf eked out a 10% win in one game over newcomer (to 1830 circles) Gary Fortenberry, in a four-player 1830 featuring last year's champ Rick Fox, and returnee Mark Neale. Jim McDanold easily won his game against three closely bunched contenders, each with about 80% of his winning score. Mike Brophy's first win came when newcomer Dave Norman went bankrupt. Barrington Beavis's win occurred on Henry Richardson's bankruptcy. In the only five-player game, Bruce Beard enjoyed an easy 1870 win over four closely grouped opponents. The results from round 1 are shown below.

1830 Games
Barrington Beavis (2338), Clifford Smith (1734), Ray Stakenas (1512), Henry Richardson (100)
Jim McDanold (10490) , Tom Sessler, (8875), Dave Fox (8737), Chip Eastman (8399)
Mike Brophy (1573), Lane Newbury (1273), Chris Hancock (1105), Dave Norman (210)
Pierre LeBoeuf (7676), Gary Fortenberry (6920), Mark Neale (6579), Rick Fox (5058)
1870 Game
Bruce Beard (6428), Dave Fritsch, (5100) Rick Dutton (4943), John Haas (4402), Herbert Gratz (4353)

The second preliminary round on Wednesday night was designated for 1856, but only five players signed up to play it. In addition to those five, 13 others split up into a five-player 1870 game and two four-player 1830 games. Bruce Beard won his second 1870 game over four other players, comfortably beating Jeff Bowers by 19%. Barrington posted a narrow (5%) win over newcomer Chris Robbins in the 1856 game, in a game which saw the Great Western run by three different players. Defending Champ Rick Fox qualified with an extremely narrow win in one 1830 game, besting Chris Hancock by only $34. The other 1830 game was also close, with Jim McDanold edging Rick Dutton by only $167 (out of nearly $10,000). In this round, all players avoided bankruptcy.

1830 Games
Richard Fox (6911), Chris Hancock (6877), Tom Sessler (5167), Henry Richardson (3350)
Jim McDanold (9854), Rick Dutton (9687), Lane Newbury (8719), Chip Eastman (4865)
1856 Game
Barrington Beavis (4572), Chris Robbins (4346), David Metheny (4338), Pierre LeBoeuf (3451), Mark Neale (2349)
1870 Game
Bruce Beard (9518), Jeff Bowers (7994), Herbert Gratz (6499), Ben Foy (5719), Gary Fortenberry (4691)

The last preliminary round on Thursday evening was designated for 1870, with a longer period (nine hours) allotted to complete the longest of the 18xx games. Once again, one four-player 1870 game, one four-player 1856, and two four-player 1830 games were played. As in the other 1870 games, Bruce Beard kept things moving quickly enough so that extra time beyond six hours was not needed. Once again, Bruce won the 1870 game, with an easy 23% win over 18xx tourney newcomer Herbert Gratz. The other assistant GM, Barrington, also completed a three-win preliminary round sweep with a win in another 1856 game, convincingly beating Dave Metheny by 27%. Rick Dutton qualified with a close 1830 win by $405 over Joe Gunderson. GM Pierre won the other 1830 contest, edging Lane Newbury by $525. Second place finishes by Herbert Gratz, Joe Gunderson, and Dave Metheny in the last preliminary round enabled them to qualify for the semi-finals as alternates.

1830 Games
Rick Dutton 10408), Joe Gunderson (10003), Johnny Hasay (9976), Henry Richardson (6283)
Pierre LeBoeuf (9812), Lane Newbury (9487), Anthony Daw (8673), Mark Neale (8602)
1856 Game
Barrington Beavis (10690), David Metheny (8408) , David Fritsch (8018), Chris Robbins (5414)
1870 Game
Bruce Beard (8936), Herbert Gratz, (7258), Jeff Bowers (6998), Frank Haskell (6548)

The 13 preliminary round games (down from 14 last year) produced two triple winners (Barrington Beavis and Bruce Beard), two double winners (Jim McDanold and Pierre LeBoeuf) and three winners of one preliminary round game (Mike Brophy, Rick Fox, and Rick Dutton), all of whom appeared for the semi-final round. This left nine other places for the semi-finals, but when several of the runner-ups failed to appear, the tournament organizers were forced to take three players who never finished better than third in the preliminaries. The semi-finals nearly were started with an open slot, but at the last minute, Rick Fox was able to locate his son David, who was able to parlay his single third place result into a seat at the semis. The players were seeded into the semi-finals based on the results of preliminary round play, with the triple winners seeded first, followed by the double winners, and then the single winners. Each grouping of winners was ranked by their largest percentage margin of victory. Alternate slots were occupied by the others who attended seeded first by best overall placement, and by percentage of the winning score within that placement. This produced the top 25 players listed by ranking with their score, and their seeding in the semi-finals. If a ranked player did not show up for the semifinals, this is shown with dashes in the seeding column and with non-boldface type in that table row.

Ranking and Player	     Preliminary Round Score	     Semifinal Seeding
1) Barrington Beavis	   3 1st places, best @ 135%	   1
2) Bruce Beard	         3 1st places, best @ 126%	   2
3) Jim McDanold	        2 1st places, best @ 118%	   3
4) Pierre LeBoeuf	      2 1st places, best @ 111%	   4
5) Mike Brophy	         1st place, 124%	             5
6) Rick Dutton	         104%	                        6
7) Rick Fox 	           101%	                        7
8) Chris Hancock 	      2nd  place, 99.5%	           -
9) Lane Newbury	        96.7%	                       8
10) Joe Gunderson	      96.1%                        -
11) Chris Robbins	      95.1%	                       9
12) Gary Fortenberry 	  90.1%	                       10 
13) Tom Sessler 	       84.6%	                       -
14) Jeff Bowers	        84%	                         -
15) Herbert Gratz	      81.2%	                       11
16) David Fritsch 	     79.3%	                       12 
17) Dave Metheny	       78.7%	                       13 
18) Clifford Smith	     74.2%	                       -
19) Johnny Hasay	       3rd place, 95.8%	            14 
20) Anthony Daw	        88.4%	                       -
21) Mark Neale	         85.7%	                       15
22) David Fox	          83.2%	                       16
23) Ray Stakenas 	      3rd place, 64.7%	            -
24) Chip Eastman 	      4th place, 80.1%	            -
25) Frank Haskell	      73.3%                       	-

 Table 4 - Player Ranking and Semifinal Seeding

A new wrinkle for 2005 was the secret ballot vote for which 18xx each person wanted to play. Allowing a vote enabled those with preference for 1856 or 1870 to have a chance to play their favorite in the semis. It was stipulated that it would take at least four votes for an alternate game to get in, and both 1870 and 1856 got only three votes, so all games used 1830. Placement in the semifinal round used the formula 1st - 8th - 9th - 16th seeds in game 1, 2nd - 7th -10th -15th in game 2, 3rd - 6th -11th -14th in game 3, and 4th - 5th - 12th- 13th in game 4. With only seven preliminary round winners, nine alternates moved up, yielding four four-player 1830 games.

Three of the semifinals ended in bankruptcies, with only Bruce's game on board 2 going until the bank broke. As a result, scores tended to be very low in the other games. On the first board, Lane won by $88 over assistant GM and top seed Barrington when Chris Robbins went bankrupt. Key to Lane's victory was a 17 to 15 share advantage and substatntial holdings in Barrington's two high priced companies. On the second board, Bruce earned a narrow 6% ($519) win over Mark in the only game to go the distance. Bruce attributed his margin of victory to dumping the C & O on Gary, freeing up $1700 to stock his Penn and Erie with trains. Mark snagged 5 trains for his B & O and CanPac lines, and kept the CP in the yellow to increase his stock holdings. Mark was able to make up some of Bruce's large cash advantage in stock value, but not enough to win. On board 3, Jim McDanold edged Rick Dutton by only $76 in another bankruptcy game. Herbert Gratz went under to end the game, at a point where several railroads had become penny stocks (Pennsylvania was $10, the B & M ended at $30, and the B & O and CP finished at $40). On board 4, GM Pierre tried to rack up big profits by putting a 3 and a 4 train in each of his railroads, while past champion Dave Fritsch took over the B & O with $100+ in the treasury and a single 4 train when he already had two railroads. Dave Fritsch tried to force Pierre into bankruptcy by consolidating his funds and trading in for a diesel, killing all of Pierre's trains, but Pierre was able to buy the last 6 train for one of his railroads, giving him a train to swap. Dave would have lost his diesel had he tried to swap his trains among his railroads, since his $30 B & O could not be protected in the upcoming stock round, so he opted for bankruptcy. Mike Brophy and Dave Metheny managed to put permanent trains in their railroads, and it was Mike that prevailed, by just $36, over Dave M.

1830 Semifinal Games
Lane Newbury (2198), Barrington Beavis (2110), David Fox (1627), Chris Robbins (250)
Bruce Beard (8814), Mark Neale (8295), Rick Fox (7914), Gary Fortenberry (6607)
Jim McDanold (906), Rick Dutton (830), Johnny Hasay (306), Herbert Gratz (140)
Mike Brophy (957), Dave Metheny (921), Pierre LeBoeuf (590), David Fritsch (300)

These four semifinal winners advanced to the 18xx final on Saturday night, a four-player 1830 game. The final matched (listed in turn order) Mike Brophy (his first final), Bruce Beard (assistant GM and 5th place Laurelist last year), Lane Newbury (also in his first final), and Jim McDanold (who finished out of the money the last two years, but was the runner-up in 2002). Bruce, Jim and Mike were undefeated to this point, with three, two, and one preliminary round wins respectively, while Lane qualified with two seconds and a third in his preliminaries.

The private company auction had Mike bidding on the Camden & Amboy, Champlain & St.Lawrence, and Delaware & Hudson, Bruce bid on the C & St. L and Mohawk & Hudson, Lane bid on the D & H and C & A, and Jim bid on the M & H. Bruce took the Schulkyll Valley, and after the auctions, Mike got the C & St.L at $50, Lane got the Delaware & Hudson for $90, Bruce took the Mohawk & Hudson for $145, Jim got the Camden & Amboy for $220 and took the Baltimore & Ohio private at cost, setting the share price at $100. With the option to buy the first public company, Mike chose the New York-New Haven at $76. Bruce bought up shares of the B & O and won the presidency from Jim. Lane started the B&M at $67. After a few rounds, Jim dumped stock to open the Pennsylvania at $90, and Lane took out the president's share only of the New York Central at $67. For his second railroad, Bruce opened the Chesapeake & Ohio at $100, followed by Mike's start of the Canadian Pacific, also at $100. Lane completed his start of the NYC, then started the Erie at $82. The opening of new railroads and selling of stock to better position players for train buying left a total of 28 shares in the bank pool at one point. Jim used the share sales to seize both the NYC and B & O, attempting to hold onto four railroads at once to slow the train purchases down, but Lane then took the Penn from him. The permanent trains fell to Jim with 5 trains in the NYC and B & M, and just $2 in the B & O, Mike with a diesel in the CanPac and a 6 in the NYNH, Bruce with a 6 in the C & O, and Lane with a 5 in the Penn, and $100 in the Erie. Unfortunately, Lane could not afford another permanent train for his Erie railroad, and his bankruptcy ended the game. With so much selling to buy diesels, ending stock values suffered, with three railroads leading the pack with a share price of only $69. Bruce held on for an $87 win over Jim.

Thanks again to all of the participants for an entertaining tournament. I hope the drop in participants was a reflection on the new location, and that we can increase our numbers again next year. There has been discussion about adding a fourth preliminary round, and opening it up to any 18xx game. I think we will keep the four-player final next year, and we may look at reducing the number of semifinalists to twelve, since we've had trouble getting 16 to contest it the last two years. If you would like to participate in the discussion on ways to improve the 18xx tournament in 2006, drop me an email at PierreMLeBoeuf@excite.com .

1830 Final
Bruce Beard (987), Jim McDanold (900), Mike Brophy (471), Lane Newbury (160)

5) Dave Metheny	2nd (96.2%) in semifinal, 2nd and 3rd in preliminaries
6) Barrington Beavis	2nd (96.0%) in semifinal, 3 1st's in preliminaries
7) Mark Neale 	2nd (94.1%) in semifinal and 3rd, 4th, & 5th in preliminaries
8) Rick Dutton	2nd (91.6%) in semifinal, and 1st, , 2nd , & 3rd , in preliminaries
9) Rick Fox	3rd (89.8%) in semifinal and 1st & 4th in preliminaries
10) David Fox	3rd (74%) in semifinal, and 3rd in preliminaries
11) Pierre LeBoeuf	3rd (66.7%) in semifinal, and 1st , 1st & 4th in preliminaries
12) Johnny Hasay	3rd (33%) in semifinal and 3rd in preliminaries
13) Gary Fortenberry 	4th (75.0%) in semifinal, and 2nd & 5th in preliminaries
14) David Fritsch	4th (31.3%) in semifinal, and 2nd & 3rd in preliminaries
15) Herbert Gratz 	4th (15.4%) in semifinal, and 2nd , 3rd , & 5th in preliminaries
16) Chris Robbins 	4th (11.4%) in semifinal, and 2nd & 4th in preliminaries
17) Chris Hancock 	2nd (99.5%) & 3rd in preliminaries, did not show for semifinal
18) Joe Gunderson	2nd (96.1%) in preliminary, did not show for semifinal
19) Tom Sessler	2nd (84.6%) & 3rd in preliminaries, did not show for semifinal
20) Jeff Bowers 	2nd (84.0%) & 3rd in preliminaries, did not show for semifinal
21) Clifford Smith	2nd (74.2%) in preliminary, did not show for semifinal
22) Anthony Daw	3rd (88.4%) in preliminaries, did not show for semifinal
23) Ray Stakenas 	3rd (64.7%) in preliminary
24) Chip Eastman 	4th (80.1%) & 4th in preliminary
25) Frank Haskell	4th (73.3%) in preliminary
26) John Haas	4th (68.5%) in preliminary
27) Henry Richardson	4th (60.3%), 4th , & 4th  in preliminaries
28) Ben Foy	4th (60.1%) in preliminaries
29) David Norman	4th (13.3%) in preliminary         

 GM      Pierre LeBoeuf  [5th Year]   3043 Telegraph Rd, Elkton, MD 21921-2333
    PierreMLeBoeuf@excite.com   (410) 392-3094

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