Memoir '44 [Updated October 2004]  

2004 WBC Report  

  2005 Status: pending 2005 GM commitment

Steve Lollis, MD

2004 Champion

2nd: Robert Eastman, NV

3rd: Scott Sirianna, NY

4th: Bob Heinzmann, FL

5th: Scott Edwards, SC

6th: Paul Bean, MA

Event History
2004    Steve Lollis     91

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AREA Ratings


Rank Name


 1. Steve Lollis


 2. Robert Eastman


 3. Scott Sirianna


 4. Bob Heinzmann


 5. Scott Edwards


 6. Paul Bean



Conquer the world -- and beyond!

173 tournament games in three days kept us very busy, but it was Great Fun!

In Thursday's heat there were 54 players and in Friday's heat there were 48 players, for a total of 102 but actually 11 guys from Thursday played again on Friday so we were just shy of the 100 mark. One little disappointment was that on both days there was a lack of table space, which prevented some who wanted to play entrance. My apologies to those we turned away and a big thanks to all of you who stepped aside to let others get a shot.

Tournament Overview - Our WBC tournament format required that players be divided into a set of six players. A player always played the same side, Axis or Allied in his/her set. A player played three scenarios against three different opponents. The two heats featured three new scenarios: Gold, Juno and Utah Beach.

Before you get too excited, I believe Days of Wonder is creating a Tournament Kit that will include this "Four Star Scenario Pack" that will include these beach scenarios and "Operation Spring" July 25, 1944.

Victory - The three players from each side that won the most medals, in the Thursday and Friday heats, advanced into the semi-finals on Saturday. Basically all the Axis players were competing against all the other Axis players and all the Allied players were competing against all the other Allied players for the most medals.

A recap of the battles gave an edge to the Allied side.
Allies / Axis
Gold 26 25
Juno 32 19
Utah 39 12

Axis: I know now what German field commanders on the beaches must have felt, not enough men to fill all the gaps. Just hold out.
Allies: We won the beaches, but our casualty count was severe.

The Saturday semi-finals followed the same format as the heats of the prior two days.
Semi-Final Players:
Steve Lollis
Greg Wilson
Jonathan Young
Tony Musella
Robert Eastman
Rob Kircher
Ed Bielick
Paul Bean
John Vasilatos
Scott Sirianna
Scott Edwards
Bob Heinzman

Semi-Final Scenarios
Toulon - from Rule Book #10
Sword Beach - from Rule Book #3
Operation Spring - from Tournament Four Star Scenario Pack

Allies / Axis
Toulon 4 / 2
Sword Beach 5 / 1
Operation Spring 2 / 4

The final match followed the semi-final games, Robert Eastman and Steve Lollis advanced.

The finals consisted of two games. The attack on Hill 192, St-Lo, was played twice, where the players alternate sides after the first game. The player winning the most medals in these two games became the first WBC Memoir '44 champion.

Robert took the first game 6 to 4 and had fewer figures lost (tiebreaker) 24 to 25.
But Steve came back and won the second game 6 to 3.

Congratulations to Steve ... he played some very tough opponents to take his first WBC wood . Thanks again to all who participated.

 GM      Richard Borg  [1st Year]   NA
   NA   NA

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